What Was Your “Moment” at Nationals?

RWA Nationals is over for another year, but I’m betting most attendees are still vibrating with the incredible energy of spending the week in the company of 2000 other romance writers.

I’m bribing you with more pictures today, but am hoping you stay long enough to leave a comment about one “moment” that helped define Nationals 2013 for you. Maybe it was meeting Eloisa James in the elevator, maybe it was having a fabulous lunch with that brilliant CP you only see in person once a year, maybe it was winning a Golden Heart, maybe it was hearing that ONE magical piece of advice in a workshop that somehow whisked all the cobwebs away and got your mojo working. (Hey, maybe it was spilling your salad dressing on Susan Elizabeth Phillips or realizing you had your skirt tucked into your underwear the entire time you were talking to your dream agent. I wanna hear about that too!!)

C’mon, Nationals attendees, share, share, share!!!!

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32 responses to “What Was Your “Moment” at Nationals?”

  1. Kim Law says:

    I was walking through the lobby and a very well-known author, one I love and read often, casually said “Hi Kim” as we passed. 🙂 It just made me smile. Of course, I had previously introduced myself to her (prior to last week) and I’d had a tiny run-in with her earlier in the week, but it was just such a “Hi, I recognize you as an author and even see you in my playing field” kind of moment for me.

    I attribute that green RITA ribbon I was wearing. It actually got me several casual greetings/conversations different than I’ve gotten before.

    Very cool.


  2. Hope Ramsay says:

    I had two moments that happened on Friday. First, of course, was the opportunity to present a Golden Heart award. That was pretty cool — to be introduced by the Voice of God and then to get to open the envelope and say, “The Golden Heart for …”

    But, actually my biggest moment happened an hour before that. I was sitting in the bar (of course), and a complete stranger walks up to me.

    STRANGER: You won’t remember me but I wrote you an email about your books and how inspiring I found them.

    ME: Oh, I remember, you’re the one who wanted to write contemporary stories set in a community where the church is important. (Thinking, she has no idea how few emails I get…)

    STRANGER: You remember?

    ME: (Nods)

    STRANGER: You wrote me a 5 paragraph email.

    ME: (Smiles while thinking that I really have a problem with self-editing.)

    STRANGER: You don’t understand. I printed out that letter and taped it to my computer. You told me to write the book of my heart and forget the rules. So I did. (She points to a woman wearing a black dress across the bar) She her?

    ME: (Nods)

    STRANGER: That’s my editor. I sold my book to her. It comes out in December.

    At that point it was all I could do to keep from crying.


  3. I had several MOMENTS at the conference. It started with the The Golden Network Retreat, which was just plain awesome this year, featuring Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nora Roberts, and several speaker panels. Next came the Literacy signing where numerous people stopped and told me how much they love my books, which felt great.

    As far as the workshops went, there were a bundle of classes for Self-publishing, with the highlight being talks by several super stars in Indie publishing like, Belle Andre, Barbara Freethy, Lilliana Hart, etc. Kudos RWA. I learned that although I’m doing a lot better than the average self-pubbed author, I could be earning even more. I definitely need to change one of my covers and write faster.


  4. For me, it was having people come up to me at the literacy signing and telling me they’d loved my book. Not all my reviews have been the best, so it just felt really good to hear someone had liked it and took the time to come up and tell me.


  5. Jenn! says:

    Meeting non-writer FANS at the literacy signing was amazing. 😀


  6. Tamara Hogan says:

    Of course presenting the paranormal Golden Heart Saturday night was amazing – there were so many Rubies on that stage, as presenters and nominees! But one of my most interesting RWA “moments” didn’t actually have anything to do with the conference: I received a voice mail message from Georgia Romance Writers’ Maxine Davis informing me that CHASE ME had been nominated for a Maggie! 😉


  7. Elizabeth Langston says:

    For me, it was all about finally “getting it” about promoting my own career.

    I’m really introverted, and the idea of promotion, social media, etc just scares me to death.

    Then I was sitting in a PAN session, listening to a book buyer say that she liked to help debut authors get onto a best-seller list. I sat there, hyperventilating in my seat, wondering if I could act on that. After the session was over, I walked up to her and said: I’m a debut author and I would love for you to get me on a best-seller list. She laughed and handed me her card.

    Then I went promptly upstairs to my hotel room and collapsed on the bed.


  8. June Love says:

    Other than seeing my Ruby sisters and having our Ruby dinner, what stood out the most to me was Kristan Higgins’ luncheon address on Friday. She had me laughing, crying, and silently thanking my mother for passing to me her love of books. More than that, I left that room feeling confident and energized. The workshops were great, but Kristan’s speech really lit a fire under me.


  9. Rita Henuber says:

    Thanks for sharing guys. These are all great stories.


  10. Liz Talley says:

    Where to start? Where to start?

    I had lots of wonderful moments and this year for the first time in forever, I had lots of doubts. Maybe it was because I am thinking of wading into the murky waters of self-publishing or maybe it’s a bit of a slide backwards in my career in some ways. Or maybe it was the sheer awesomeness of being part of something bigger than myself and realizing that no matter all my doubts, I do indeed have a career.

    This year I had many people come up to me and tell me they like my books….and it wasn’t even people I knew! That’s pretty cool. And SEP called me a bitch at the TGN retreat which was wonderful. I think I will always cherish that moment. And when I later saw her and told her that, she deadpanned and said, “I meant it. You are a bitch.” And then she died laughing, explaining to her assistant she was jealous because I write so fast. Yeah, that’s a pretty good memory.

    And then there was meeting Jude Devereaux. I looked at her, sitting, smiling and signing those books and realized she had no idea what she created in me when I was in high school. She gifted me with a love for romance and the faith I had my own Knight in Shining Armor waiting in the wings.

    Ruby dinner was awesome. I sold out of my books at the literacy signing (LOL. I only brought 8). Had a good heart to heart with both my editor and agent. AND while I sat in the Rita/GH Awards basking in the delight of seeing my sisters up there on the screen and stage, I got the most delightful email from a reader about my newest book. It was sort of magical, sitting there listening to those women who had succeeded on one level while I succeeded on another.

    So, it was good, and I missed all of you who weren’t there. Hope to see you next year.


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Oh, sigh! You’re making me tear up again!

      I LOVE that SEP is jealous of your writing speed!!! Man, that’s an asset no one can take away. A HUGE accomplishment, getting as many books out as you have in the last couple years.


  11. For me, as an aspiring author who is knee deep in trying to get my first manuscript polished so I can begin submitting it out to editors and agents, my biggest “moment” of the conference was just being at the conference itself. For the first time, I actually felt like a writer/author. Everyone I met asked me, “so, what do you write?” I answered them with pride as the writer that I know I am! It felt wonderful!


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