Week Two Check-In for the Winter Writing Festival!

The Eighth Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is going strong, with the Ruby Sisters and dozens of writing cohorts writing their fingers to the bone!

As of yesterday we have officially completed our SECOND FULL WEEK, so today it’s check in time!

If you’re reading this on the Festival website (the blue site), jump on over to the regular Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog ( the ruby-colored site, at and leave a quick comment about your experience with the Festival and your progress so far. That will put you in the running to win some of today’s Check-In prizes!!!! (See info on SWAG you could win, below!!)

As we move into week three, remember…


If you haven’t joined the writing sprints yet, it’s never to late to start.  The Chat Room is open over at the site. Stop by during the scheduled hours or meet a writing buddy for your own sprints in between.  There’s great creative energy in there to keep you fired up and moving forward.  


(That’s where you should be at the end of the day today if you earned all the points so far. You would have 16 points if you got the bonus for signing in on the first day! And some of you have been heaping up extra points–so if you’re ahead of that already, good for you!)

If you earned all your points for the week, please add a line in your comment in all caps saying I MADE MY GOAL!!! You will hear us cheering loudly!!!

And if you’ve fallen a bit behind, don’t lose heart!  You can still double up on later dates, OR revise your point-earning system if your original was a tad too ambitious.  We want to motivate, not discourage, so keep looking forward and refining your system for what works best for you!

And it’s NEVER TOO LATE TO JOIN!!!  If you’re just jumping in today, WELCOME!  We’re happy to have you!  


Any participant who leaves a comment today will be entered in a random drawing for prizes, which include:

  • Autumn Jordon – Twenty page/first chapter/2500 word Critique of contemporary or romantic suspense

  • Hope Ramsay – first three books in the Chapel of Love series

  • Laurie Kellogg –  PRIZE BUNDLE: an electronic version of any Laurie Kellogg books PLUS a $10 Amazon gift card

And now, let us know – How did your week go?  Did you stay on target?  How’s your momentum?  Going strong?  Keeping it steady?  Burning out?  Check in and let us know how the festival is treating you – and don’t forget to tell us if you MADE YOUR GOAL!

112 responses to “Week Two Check-In for the Winter Writing Festival!”

  1. Jo Jackson says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!! (Just!)

    This week has been a tough week in the ‘real world’ away from the writing desk so words have been tricky to get down but I’ve managed to make time every day to do just that and am slowly topping up my word count and even managed some editing in there too!

    No sprints for me this week but am going to make sure I get some in this weekend. I am!

    Happy writing everyone!

  2. Rebekah Simmers says:

    Hey Jo (waving! 🙂 ) I just barely made my goal, but I did it! 🙂 Managed some chat room time and rocked out some hours in the chair. Making progress and my characters have been extra chatty – woohoo! Hope everyone else is doing well 🙂 Let’s do this!!

  3. Lenee Anderson says:

    I’ve managed to reach my goal with amazing success!! I didn’t check in last week because we were out of town but I even managed to write a good deal in the hotel room. I’m very excited about this story and I regret having to put it aside to go to work in the morning!

  4. Lille says:


    I finished my first-ever first draft! Thanks to my Ruby Slippered Sisters and those sprints! Whew!!! Now on to revising, rewriting and all that other stuff to get this baby done!

  5. I made my goal! This is a great opportunity to see that, even on days that I can’t spend 2 or 3 hours writing, I can still make progress on my novel!

  6. Diane Mayer says:

    I joined yesterday so I’m a little behind meeting my goals, but here my weekly goals for my first novel, a contemporary romance:

    1. write 3000-4000 words
    2. 5 plus sprints
    3. 2-4 hours on plotting book two of the series
    4. 2-5 hours on editing/revision

    Yesterday evening I joined a sprint that was great fun, plus I wrote quite a bit for the hour I was on.

    So glad that I found this group.

  7. I’ll chime in and add that I MADE MY GOAL! Woot! 🙂 And I really, really, REALLY want to finish this first draft this week. Driving hard and keeping my fingers crossed. Go, team!

  8. Alyssa Henderson says:

    I made my goal – barely and not well, but I made it. Whew! Now starting fresh for week 3 🙂

  9. PennyH says:

    I made my goal.
    I would like to be getting more word count, but considering I just started this fest with a seed of an idea… I now have more than half of an outline. Wed night brainstorming last week and further reflection shows 2 good story seeds. So I think I’ll get both of them outlines while things are flowing. If you haven’t been to the chat rooms – or for chat room brainstorm night (PS tonight – Wed – is the night). You should swing by. Rubies are getting stuff done there! 😀

  10. Diane Mayer says:

    Congratulations everbody, for either meeting your goals, or working toward them!!! 👏👏👏

  11. I did better this week, and had my butt in chair 6 out of 7 days. Since I give myself points for everything, including reading and exercise, I met my goal. 😀 So, go me!

  12. Melanie Macek says:

    I did not make my goal of 3500 words but I did get one contest entry judged.

    It’s a quiet weekend ahead so I’m hoping to get words on virtual paper and hit a few sprints.

  13. I made my goals–despite being on the road more than at my desk. 😀

    I made it into several sprints, and the energy and comraderie helped me draft a new query, finish a couple of overdue critiques, and get new words down.

  14. Geena Gallardo says:

    While I made my goal, (16 points in) I am starting to lose steam and think I need to re-imagine my point system.

    I will only focus on one manuscript – so I will be deep revising daily, hopefully 1 page each day for 1 point.
    I will still keep my free day, where I watch hallmark and draw inspiration for a point.
    And any writing I add to the manuscript with a goal to reach 500 words weekly (instead of daily), will be 1 point.
    Also continuously doing research to further along my charters still garners 1 point.
    1 point for any writing sprints I do (i’m still hoping I can get in on that, though with my schedule it makes it hard!)

    Whew i think that is it!

    I did much better this week than last week, but think I put to much on my shoulders! As much as I wish I was Wonder Woman, I’m just a mom and my day-job has been requiring more of my time.

    • Geena, this sounds like a great time to adjust your goals to make them more sustainable. Congrats on meeting your goals so far and I hope this coming week is less stressful and a better balance. Happy writing!

    • Vivi is right. Stress will show in your work. Do what you can at your own speed. Putting your heart and soul into the story is what matters, not how fast you get it done.

  15. I made my goal and got an extra point to make up for the one I missed last week! Ping-ponging between new words and revisions on a partial, but forward progress all the same.

  16. Cynthia Huscroft says:


    Haven’t made it to the chat room lately but didn’t preclude outlining and writing on my own.

  17. Dana Britt says:


    It’s been a good, focused week of writing for this gal. Thanks so much to everyone in the chat room–a lot of fun and progress happening in there xoxo

  18. Debbie says:

    Made my editing goal and then some – even though I had to take a day off for appointments and things I couldn’t put off any longer. BUT – I wanted to get 500 words a day on something new as well. That didn’t happen. It was harder than I’d thought it would be to work on two different projects. I think next week I’ll just stick with the rewrite. Still managing to get something done almost every day so I’ll take this week as a win (maybe a

  19. Laurie Kellogg says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!!! In fact, I’m a little ahead, which makes me ecstatic. I’ve been trying to finish this book for the last three months. Two surgeries and lots of DR and PT appointments have slowed me down, but I’m back to writing regularly.

  20. Meghan Bennett says:

    I made my goal editing what I have so far, but I’m a little behind word count goals. Good thing there’s still time! I’m staying on track with my points.

  21. Ruby2 says:

    Ugh. Why didn’t anyone tell me that retirement would be twice as busy as working full time? Needless to say, I did not make my goal, but I will re-adjust the goalposts and try again this week.

  22. Darynda Jones says:

    CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! We’ve had some amazing progress this year. Even if you didn’t hit your goal like, for example, moi, progress is still progress. Way to stick in there, writers!

  23. Jaycee says:

    I’m so grateful to this festival for keeping me motivated! It’s been awesome to keep making measurable progress even if it doesn’t always happen as fast as I want.

    This week I made 6 points (4 for editing chapters and 2 for participating in sprints) giving me a total of 17 points–still on target!!

  24. Jolie Mohn says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!!! I currently have 16 points in total and have written about 4,000 words this past week, which is amazing! I usually write 0 words in January, so this is wonderful!

  25. Panthera says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!!! For the second week. Then I got busy looking for a client to edit for and lost track of time. I didn’t realize what day it was.

    When I met with my new nuero, I was told my MS is at the point of slowly progressing which isn’t helping my fight with depression a lot. However, I am a warrior and I won’t stop fighting no matter what they tell me. I just have to take a step back to absorb the shock first then push through.

    He did say the medicine will continue to slow the progression down for a while. Which is good news and something I can hold onto.

    The best thing I can do for my peace of mind is get my mind busy, keep it busy so the disease has less of a chance of winning.

    Sorry for sounding off. Although there is still time, there is a good chance I won’t make the 50 points and I am ok with that. I will do what I can.

    Congrats to all who made their goal!

  26. Nicole Terry says:

    No goal this week for me. It was my release week and I discovered all the work involved in that. 🙃 But its okay, I’ve still got time.

  27. delia says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I came down with an upper respiratory infection last week so I had to use my “easy” points this week to make my goals. I was able to read some books on craft and use them to rethink/rework my WIP. I didn’t get any new words written, but I’ve made my old words stronger. I can live with that 🙂

  28. Patricia Mohn says:

    I MADE MY GOAL!!! I’ve been writing every day and it feels great! Thank you for the encouragement and support.

  29. Paula Huffman says:

    Thanks to the festival, I’ve been writing, rewriting and/or editing every day! I count that as a major success. Even though I haven’t done everything in my overly complicated point system, I’ve done enough to say… I MADE MY GOAL! Thanks, Rubies, for the inspiration and the support!

  30. Liz Jakes says:

    I’m up to 15 points, and figure I can catch that extra one this weekend–this has been great so far! Congrats to all–xoxo

  31. Betsy Gray says:

    Once again, I’ve failed to meet my goal. I’m not giving up, though.

    This might be a dumb question, but I’m new here…Where do I find my total points? I don’t remember how many I’ve submitted (only that it’s less than 1 per day, so I know I’m not yet at goal).

    • I think there is a place to keep track of them on the site, but honestly I don’t know because I’ve always just kept a physical tally myself next to my computer. So um… anyone else able to answer this?

      Also.. you can do it! You’ll get ’em next week!

  32. Phyllis Mohn says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I wrote over four thousand words this month and until now I never wrote anything in January.

  33. Stephanie Baassler says:

    I haven’t hit the goal yet, am at 7 points so far. But I’ve been working nearly every night. And I can’t remember the last time I was this consistent. Right now I’ve been going through a craft book (Story Genius) and trying to work on that before I pick back up with the writing itself.

  34. Jennifer Brodie says:

    Chiming in late but I MADE MY GOAL! Is there a way to check my progress on the rsswwf website? I’m logged in as a member and I can record my progress, but I can’t see how many points I have and can’t remember when I last updated them. Thanks and I hope everyone has a good Friday!

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I think the progress bar got updated, but I’m not sure that it’s working quite right.

      I’ll try to get an answer from our technical Sisters!

      • Jennifer Brodie says:

        Thanks, Elisa, for looking into the progress bar! And congratulations on making your goal and writing amidst the chaos!

  35. Sonja Brow says:

    I am so far behind that I haven’t even gotten in to comment!

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      No worries about the time that’s past.

      Try setting some new, more do-able goals for the coming weeks, and I bet we’ll see you back here with a happy check-in soon!

  36. Elisa Beatty says:

    I totally forgot to check in!!!


    Granted, I set my bar very low this year–an average of 30 minutes a day–and I’ve generally been completing it on weekends, but I’m making forward progress with my WIP despite all the demands of day job and family right now, and that’s a small (and very welcome!!) miracle!


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