Welcome the Year of the Snake!

snakeyearI know we all just got finished celebrating the turn of a New Year, but it’s time for another one: Asian Lunar New Year.

Here in the San Francisco area, people are stocking up roast duck and long noodles (for long life, naturally), and bright red paper envelopes to give money to children (for good fortune…or for buying candy and Pokemon cards, depending on your viewpoint). This Sunday is the big parade with lion dancers and firecrackers and finally the rainbow-scaled dragon winding its way down the city streets.

Last year I was extra excited because 2012 was the Year of the Dragon—the sign under which I was born. Dragons are known for their intensity, fiery passion, creativity, and charisma; they’re sort of like living fireworks. And 2012 was indeed an intense roller-coast of a year, at least in my household. Lots of wonderful ups (finishing my second novel, winning a Golden Heart), and also some unexpected and rather scary downs (like landing in the ER with severe anemia that left me too exhausted to write for weeks).

I’m kinda sad to see the Dragon year go, but part of me is relieved to welcome in the Snake. The Snake is sometimes  called the Little Dragon, and shares some of the same characteristics (intelligence, ambition, a strong aesthetic sense and powers of intuition, and an instinct for good fortune), but without all the exhausting fireworks and drama.

Snakes are less impulsive than dragons (though they can certainly sneak up on you), and they’re more inclined to discipline and planning. They make good money-managers (a snake in the house is thought to mean your family will never go hungry!), and they have a talent for steady progress and attention to detail.

Hmm. Not as exciting as the Dragon approach to life, but maybe it’s just what I need to focus on for this coming year. (I won’t mention that 2013 is specifically the year of the Black Water Snake, which makes this snake a bit more unpredictable and volatile than usual. Nope. Not going there. I need to focus on the slow-and-steady progress thing. Also on the second Hobbit movie coming out in December.)

Anyhow, I’m taking a deep breath now, making some sensible plans, and looking forward to a productive, sane, sensible, money-savvy New Year.

How about you? What are your plans for the Year of the Snake?

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  1. elliemurasaki says:

    Get published. By which I might mean published through Amazon’s self-publishing arm, but first I have to have something substantial enough and GOOD enough to publish.


  2. My plans are to just keep writing. As much as I wish otherwise, I think I’m finally learning that the writing is all I can control. So, I will write and be happy. 🙂


  3. I’m just keeping on the road I started last year. Hopefully, the Snake will be as good to me as the Dragon was. My traditional horoscope says this year will be a good one for my career, so any help the Snake can give me will be greatly appreciated. 🙂


  4. Tamara Hogan says:

    I have a prequel novella and a new Underbelly Chronicles book coming out later in the year. (Neither has a final title yet.) Equally important to me, I’ve just started writing my 4th full-length manuscript – Tia and Wyland’s story – and I’m really, REALLY excited. 😉


  5. Fascinating info, Elisa. I wish I’d known about the whole Dragon thing a year ago – certainly WAS a year of ups and downs. Then again, maybe it was better not knowing.

    But 2013 is a brand new year, and I’m looking forward to a new book releasing in July, and (hopefully) writing two new books.


  6. Rita Henuber says:

    I am determined to reduce the observation in my life and increase the achievement.
    I mean- reduce the time I spend on the net reading about what others are doing and get tons of writing done.


  7. Amanda Brice says:

    Gung how fat choy!

    Or, since my in-laws speak Mandarin instead of Cantonese, I guess I should say “gong xi fa cai” (congratulations, may you be prosperous).

    Anyway, I was born under the sign of the Snake, so I’m hoping this should be a good year for me.

    I have 6 (count ’em, SIX!) new releases coming out this year. Go big or go home, right?


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      WOW!!! Six new releases!! This is definitely going to be your year!!


      • Amanda Brice says:

        LOL, I should stress that I’m not writing them all this year.

        At least one novel was written years ago, one novel was a little more than halfway writen in 2012, one is a short story, one is a novella, and one is a repackaging (releasing Codename in a multi-author bundle with 3 other YA mystery authors).

        So that means only one novel that I’m fully writing this year, and I’m co-authoring it, actually. So I’m not writing the entire thing.

        But 6 releases sounds really impressive, huh? 😀 😀

        (I’m either efficient or insane. I’m not sure which. Watch I can’t manage a single new release in 2013 after this crazy year. LOL)


  8. Man, was 2012 ever a year of ups and downs! For me, it’ll forever be one of Those Years, the ones underlined and surrounded with exclamation points. My Golden Heart win followed THE SAME WEEK by my son’s Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis… yeah. I’m ready for some slow and steady wins the race time.

    At a friend’s urging, I wrote out a list of writing related goals for 2013. It’s solid and very doable, and I appreciate that tangible reminder. She’s now pushing me to give myself specific deadlines, but I’m not good at figuring out how long editing takes. I mean, how do you know in advance how many drafts you’ll need?

    I have a few goals/plans on the personal front as well. First up: getting my kid up to a healthy weight post-treatment. This is more of a project than you’d think, but I see progress there too.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta, Elisa! (Um, you *are* going, yes?)


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Lordie, yes–you’ve had a Year of Years…and thankfully all good in the long run!!!

      Solid and doable is a good theme for the coming months.

      And, yes, I’m HOPING to be in Atlanta!!


  9. Kathy aka C. K. Crouch says:

    OH I am a dragon also. A 1952 year baby. Last year I stumbled through my life as a widow. Since my husband died on 30 Nov 2011, I have to admit 2012 was a bit of a blur. I’ll see if 2013 moves better. I started January off with an online pitch session, which led to a request for a partial. Let’s hope the year of the Snake brings me a contract. 🙂


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Hugs, Kathy!!

      That’s a huge transition to go through. Sounds like you’re finding your forward momentum again….I’m betting good things are in the works!!


  10. JL Mealer says:

    Someone please send Cynthia a tazer so she can work without my interruptions… She deserves better (from me anyway).

    Is this the year we finally crawl out of the hole and begin living?


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