The September Hour a Day Challenge Starts TODAY!!!

I need this challenge so badly!!!!!

As always, the start of the school year already has me buried me under a mountain of grading, bureaucratic paperwork, and class prep work. On top of that, my little guy came down with a nasty flu this week (in AUGUST!!! seriously!!!) that’s kept me up half the night for the past two nights in a row.

The temptation is to spend as much time as possible asleep on the couch.

But if I let that happen, I may not write another word until June.

Luckily, the September Hour a Day Challenge has taught me that carving out just ONE HOUR A DAY for my writing can work miracles. In fact, for the past three years, working one hour a day in September has set me up to finish and publish a new book each spring.

I just have to get started.

Are you with me? Can you commit to finding ONE HOUR A DAY for your writing?

It can be fast-drafting, or slow-drafting, or editing, or plot-brainstorming or whatever part of the writing process you’re in. As long as you commit at least an hour to it each day. 

If you care to join me in the Challenge and you haven’t spoken up yet, all you need to do is declare your intention in the comments today to WRITE A MINIMUM OF ONE FULL HOUR A DAY every day in September!!!!! Woot!!! (Signing your name in blood is purely optional. As is joining me in a slug of whiskey, which, frankly, I find much more appealing).

If you want a place to do daily check-ins and have other folks cheering wildly for you, you can also join the Facebook Accountability Group I’ve set up. (Just send me a message on Facebook: I’m there as Elisa Beatty, and I’ll send you an invite.)

We’ll all check back in here on the Ruby blog mid-month (September 15) and just after the end of the month to report in as well.

Easy-peasy. And before you know it, you’ll be trucking along, with momentum to spare. Are you with me??

Get writing, September Challengers!!! We can DO this!!!

4 responses to “The September Hour a Day Challenge Starts TODAY!!!”

  1. Thanks for organizing this challenge, Elisa!

  2. Nicole Terry says:

    I’m going to do this. I’m behind on several projects I wanted to complete this year and NaNoWriMo is around the corner (and I have a special project I’d like to complete for that).


    Let’s do this!!

  3. Darynda Jones says:

    Yay!!!!! I love this. And I need it. Desperately. It’s crazy how fast time gets away from you. Or is that just me?


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