The Ruby Prophecy: 2013 Edition

That’s right, boys and girls! It’s time for the Third Annual Ruby Prophecy! (Okay, technically it’s past time, but it’s always a good time for a prophecy!) This is when we dust off our crystal balls, peer into the future, and make (wild and incomprehensible) predictions for the coming year. You can check out our full predictions for 2012 HERE, but here’s a sampling of some of the predictions that actually came true:

In 2012:
The Ruby Writing Festival was hugely productive for all involved (though I don’t know how we would actually calculate whether we wrote 300,000 combined words!).

We DID have at least two Rubies, two regular commenters and four faithful lurkers final in the Golden Heart again this year. And we DID have our second year running of Ruby Rita nominees (and a winner!) and our first Ruby appearing on the NYT & USA Today Bestseller lists – HUGE Congrats to Darynda!

Hope successfully predicted the Nationals would win the NL East Pennant, and that there were at least five new Rubies venturing into self-publishing. She was on fire with the predictions last year!

Tammy successfully predicted a Will & Kate baby and Elisa predicted she would “bump” into Nora at Nationals, but I do believe it was Jenn who boogied down with the lady herself. 😉

Now on to 2013! I’ll start us off, but don’t forget to chime in with your own predictions for a wild and wonderful 2013!

  • The Ruby Winter Writing Festival will be a crucible of creative energy again this year, sparking at least a dozen new book ideas that will go on to be published in the next two years.
  • At least 8 members of the Ruby Community will get a call on Golden Heart & Rita Day.  (And the Ruby blog will once again be THE place to be as the calls go out to squeal and wring hands and guzzle cyber champagne together!)
  • My Mariners will finish the season with a winning record (and this time I mean it).
  • At least a dozen new contracts will be signed for Rubies and the Ruby Community, including three big deals that open up a whole new avenue of possibility for the author.
  • At least one Ruby will announce a film or television deal for one of her books.
  • One member of the Ruby Community will meet an actual member of the British nobility, or perhaps a European royal family, be swept off her feet and whisked off to live on a Mediterranean Isle where she will pen a tell-all true-life-fairy-tale which will go on to be THE next big thing.

All right, darlings!  Those are mine.  Go forth and prognosticate!  Show us what you’ve got!

15 responses to “The Ruby Prophecy: 2013 Edition”

  1. Well, my 2012 prediction came true.

    I didn’t earn what most would call a LOT, however, I earned twice as much as I ever have in one year. So it’s a LOT to me.

    Now for 2013. I predict that Laurie will release at least three more books (one this coming week)and that she’ll make at least two trips to Austin to see her Sammy.

    Gee, like there’s much chance of that last one NOT happening. 🙂


  2. Elisa Beatty says:

    Love this, Vivi!!

    I can’t speak for anyone else this year, but I’m bound and determined to make THIS one come true: Elisa finally completes revision on her two Golden Heart winning books and gets them submitted!!


  3. I love doing this. I don’t have a crystal ball so I turn a crystal bowl over and VaLa.

    1) I predict Prince Harry will announce his engagement to a kick-ass heroine who he met in the trenches.
    2) YES! I’m going with you Vivi. At least a combo of 8 Rubies & Ruby followers will final in the GH. And I believe at least three Rubies will be RITA finalists.
    3) The NCAA will have to lift their totally UNFAIR ruling against the current Penn State staff and team.
    4) The world will see at least another two dozen Ruby books.
    5) Three more Rubies will jump into the indie pool.
    6) The WHITE HOUSE will serve dishes from EAT, READ, LOVE, the free cookbook from the Rubies.

    Oh, one more. James Patterson will release 12 more novels.


  4. Rita Henuber says:

    Vivi the Magnificent! Love your predictions. I predict there will be many changes in the publishing industry.
    Kim K will come out with an expensive line of baby clothes.
    Channing Tatum will be named sexiest dad alive.
    Triskaidekaphobics will consume 10 times the national average of chocolate to help cope with their fear.


  5. I love all the predictions, Vivi – and I think you covered all the bases. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings. 🙂


  6. Kate Parker says:

    Ah, Vivi, I like your predictions.

    I’m going to say in 2013, Will and Kate will have a girl who will be a future Queen of England.

    I’m going to say 10 Rubies will be rocking Golden Heart and Rita nominations this year.

    Doctors will discover chocolate and peanut butter is the fountain of youth.

    And there will be 30 books out by Ruby authors this year!


  7. Liz Talley says:

    Oh, these are such fun and totally make me think of how I can help. I’m not good at predictions but it IS fun to see how many came true. Thanks for this, Vivi 🙂


  8. JL Mealer says:

    Hey ladies… I assume you realize I am technically not part of the red shoe group (in fact and to be honest, I’d never wear red shoes)- But my dear wife is.
    MY PREDICTIONS ARE: Cynthia Justlin will sell at least three books and I will come out (finally) with my true book on the sinking of the Titanic with a lot of help on the gushy stuff from you gushy writers…. Got to throw in some romance and such to keep certain people reading. Although it has not been written, I truly believe a pub company will pick it up -with or without an agent- simply because I’ll be bold enough to just send it out and not care for the repercussions of sending non-agent backed material (like I know the difference– See? I’m drowning already!). Self pub the idiotic romantic spoof series of “Slongin’ MacDongin’ Scottish Highlander Gone Rogue” and 50 Shades O’ Slongin’ MacDongin’ et al… under a pen name of course.

    I dunno, my wife hates it when I butt into conversations like this. I might be a bit of an ass, but over-all, I’m a nice guy with a killer body and according to my wife, “an old man’s head”.

    Go ahead and stab me if I’m standing in your flower garden.


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