I know this is OT from our normal writing themes. But here it is February and the winter blahs are upon us. I know several places around the country and world have been socked with cold, snow and ice.  As a treat for doing well in the Winter Writing Festival of for those pouring their  hearts into judging Golden Heart, RITA entries I’m offering a you a respite. A lovely way to relax.

 A trip to The Poor Writers Spa.

poor writers spa

 Items Needed:

Two hours with no one home. (You CAN do it. You deserve this.)

Device to listen to soothing music.

Book or magazine.

Plain oatmeal.

Paper towels.

Witch hazel.

Lavender bath salts, or lavender or rosemary sprigs.

Favorite body oil or cream.

Lawn chair.

Lots of towels.


Space heater if you have one.


Mix oatmeal with warm water making a paste and set in bathroom

Turn on music.

Turn space heater to high and close bathroom door. If you can lock it!

Fill tub with hot water. Put in lavender or rosemary.

While tub is filling set up lawn chair and cover with towels.

Bathroom should be getting toasty by now.

Get nekked and soak in tub until water begins to cool.

Climb out and slather body with oil or favorite lotion. Drain tub.

Wrap in a couple of towels or heavy robe.

Cover face and neck with oatmeal paste.

Sit in the chair, prop your feet on the edge of the tub and chill. Listen to calming music or read for 30 to 45 minutes.

Use damp paper towels to remove oatmeal.

Take a long hot shower until the water runs cold.

Use witch hazel on your face (toner).

Re-oil or lotion your body.

Turn heater off.

You should feel like a cooked noodle. Limp and relaxed, ready to get back to writing, reading and dealing. Enjoy.

Rita writes Romantic Suspense. To find out more visit her web home

43 responses to “THE POOR WRITERS SPA”

  1. Kathy aka C. K. Crouch says:

    Oh that sounds like fun. Wish I had read this earlier today. After I had unloaded my car with the last of the stuff from Saturday when we emptied the final storage unit. I was down to some loose-as in not boxed-college text books and curio cabinet glass when the energy and oomph wore out. I was going to leave them and move them to a rental car when I put my car in the body shop tomorrow but the nephew came to the rescue after he got off work and helped me get those last things into the house. I was beat.


  2. This is a fabulous idea 🙂 My five-year old has been making me paint our toenails matching shades and we call it our “spa.” There is something spring like of having purple toenails under heavy socks 🙂


  3. Tamara Hogan says:

    Oh, bless you, Rita. As I write this, it’s -16′ F. without the wind chill in southern MN, -30′ F. with. Under my Sorel boots and heavy socks, I have Caribbean turquoise toenails. 😉


  4. Kelley Bowen says:

    Great ideas, Rita! Isn’t the scent of lavender one of the most relaxing things on the world? I rub a bit of lavender oil on the back of my neck before I go to sleep – love it.

    Have a relaxing day.


  5. Lyn says:

    Ooh this sounds wonderful. Only problem is we only have a shower in our little bungalow – no tub!


    • Rita Henuber says:

      Heat water in a kettle and fill the bathroom sink. Put the lavender or rosemary in. Get into the shower and use a sugar scrub all over your body except your face. See recipe below. Take a long shower- until the hot water runs out. Let the cool water run over you a moment before you get out.
      Homemade sugar scrub
      ½ cup raw sugar is best but granulated sugar will work also.
      ½ cup of you favorite unscented oil. You can even use olive oil.
      If you have it you can add a couple drops of aloe vera
      Mix together and let sit five minutes and you essentially have the same thing shops charge big bucks for.


  6. Hellion says:

    I’m so totally doing this. *LOL* Only I don’t have a space heater…or a lawn chair, but I can work on this.


  7. Elise Hayes says:

    Oh, what a treat, Rita! My poor hubby woke up today, glanced out the window, and flopped face-first back into bed groaning, “snow!” (Yes, more had fallen overnight). The winter blahs are definitely upon us.

    I’m curious about the oatmeal facial. What’s it do? (sounds cool)


    • Rita Henuber says:

      Oatmeal is a soothing facial. If you want something to tone the face, try this. Take the white of one egg (don’t pitch the shell) beat it to a froth and apply to the face. After this dries leave on at least five minutes. Carefully remove the thin membrane from the egg shell. You want a large piece. Put this on the area under your eye.
      Remove with a warm wet paper towel or cloth.


  8. I definitely need this after the morning I had! 🙂 Thanks, Rita!


  9. Anita Hayes says:

    Oh I like this idea, but two hours in the small bathroom alone in this house. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I have 81 year old lady with dementia living here with us (my mother in law and my kids grandmother) that thinks she has to pee every 20 minutes. I get in the bathroom to just soak for a 1/2 hr and sure enough, she is pounding on the door once I get in there, even though I have her go just before I do get in there..sighhhhhhhhh


  10. JL Mealer says:

    I hereby offer my services as the cabana-man. Of course, this will probably only go over for my wife. Oh, and I refuse to shave my chest hairs.


  11. Oh, man. This sounds so inviting and exactly what I need. I’m doing this. I’m definitely doing this. Bless you.

    Can I throw in fresh strawberries and a diet coke?


  12. Kim Law says:

    Sounds wonderful, Rita!!! If I survive my deadlines (3 of them) between now and March 30, I think come April 1, I might just have to do this. Maybe twice.


    • Rita Henuber says:

      Sounds like you need to do this once a week. LOL!


      • Kim Law says:

        Yes, along with a weekly massage. But part of the deal (my personal promise to myself) with quitting my job was that I would work like a mad woman the first six months or so to get several books out ASAP. If I hadn’t fallen down on the job in January, I wouldn’t be in quite as bad a position as I now currently am. So it’s all my fault. I’ll survive it. And the I will have a spa day and relax!


  13. Saving this!
    And even with someone home, I now have a second BR so no one should be knocking on the door while I soak, excpet maybe one of the cats who finds the BR tres interesting. In fact DH better be home, I may need help getting out of the tub. 😉
    Thanks for the great idea!


  14. Becky Holl says:

    This is wonderful. I need to try this. It is soooo cold here


  15. Oh, nice!!! This sounds so wonderful right now. I would love to be a cooked noodle right now. LOL


    • Rita Henuber says:

      I know! I’m dealing with workmen all day and this is looking like it’s gonna happen for me tonight. Wish I knew someone who came to the house to do massages.


  16. This is FABULOUS. As we entered 2013, I told myself I was going to set aside 2 hours every Friday to have “home spa” time – which may include a nap or reading time, if I choose. Of course, that only seems to happen every other week, but that means next Friday I’ll be digging out this recipe! Thanks!


  17. I could go for a hot bath right about now, Rita. I’m freezing. I don’t have time for the whole treatment, but I’m definitely taking the bath. 🙂


  18. Oh Rita, this sounds positively decadent. I’m bookmarking and saving this idea for one of those much-needed “me” days (hmmm…I think I’m about due for one of those). Thanks for the ideas and the recipe for the oatmeal facial!


    • Rita Henuber says:

      Oatmeal facial is messy but feels so good after. A nice exfoliate/peel is lime juice. Leave it on for about a minute after it dries then rinse with cold water.


  19. Vivi Andrews says:

    Great instructions, Rita! Right now my lungs can’t handle any kind of steam (since I appear to have come down with a mild case of plague) but I’ll be saving this post for when I’m healthy enough to enjoy it! Thanks!


  20. Addison Fox says:

    Rita – this is WONDERFUL!!!!! I’m so going to do this!!!

    “A Future Cooked Noodle” – Addison


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