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Welcome Teen Author Spencer Brokaw!

When the Rubies heard about this amazing young man, we simply had to know more! Spencer Brokaw published his first book when he was twelve. Today, he is 13 and working on his next novel. Think about that, what were you doing at 12 and 13? As a homeschooling mom of six kids, I love to see creative young men and women. Spencer definitely falls into that category. He is an awesome young man, and I predict a bright, successful future for him. The following are some questions we Rubies came up with so grab your morning brew and learn more about the fascinating Spencer Brokaw.

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  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: The first cut is the deepest, but I barely feel them now – it’s just so good...
  • Bev Pettersen: The first rejection always seems to be the hardest. In anything. Great post, Vivi.
  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: Thank you, Joan! And the same to you!
  • joan ramirez: One thing I’ve learned about being an author: Keep on. I wish all of you courage to do the same...
  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: Congrats on your new series, Darynda! I’ll be sad to see Charley end, because I love...