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Ruby Release: Scandal in the Night by Elizabeth Essex

Since her 2009 Golden Heart final, Ruby Sister Elizabeth Essex has pretty much been a (Historical) Girl on Fire, publishing six books in two different series, garnering nominations for a Rita and an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, winning the Readers’ Crown for Best Historical of 2013, and piling up heaps of gushing reviews full of words like “dazzling,” “fast-paced,” “sophisticated,” and “smoldering.” As one Romantic Times reviewer put it, “Essex brings a breath of fresh and funny air to the Regency while her stylish writing and intelligent characters appeal to heart and minds. Pure, delicious, sexy pleasure awaits readers.”

All that is certainly true of her latest release, SCANDAL IN THE NIGHT, which I gobbled up in less than a day (not even stopping for chocolate!!) It’s got a fabulous setting, a terrific hero and heroine, and very passionate romance. Here’s the blurb:

scandalAssuming a false identity as a prim and proper governess, the bold and beautiful Cat Rowan thinks she has finally escaped the wild misadventures of her past—and the wickedly handsome spy who seduced her in India. Imagine her surprise when her employer introduces his brother: the very same cad who destroyed her heart!

The Honorable Thomas Jellicoe cannot believe his eyes when he sees his beloved Cat—the Scottish beauty who nearly jeopardized his mission in India. Disguised as a horse trader from the bazaars of the Punjab, the British spy risked his life for one night of passion in her arms. But here and now—breaking all rules of decorum—one heated kiss ignites a flurry of gunfire. For their enemies have followed them home. And love is the greatest danger of all…

It is indeed a delicious read!! Here’s where you can find a copy at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

I had a chance to talk with Elizabeth recently—the first part of our interview follows. The second part will appear on the Dashing Duchesses blog on July 8.


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