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What Was Your “Moment” at Nationals?

RWA Nationals is over for another year, but I’m betting most attendees are still vibrating with the incredible energy of spending the week in the company of 2000 other romance writers.

I’m bribing you with more pictures today, but am hoping you stay long enough to leave a comment about one “moment” that helped define Nationals 2013 for you. Maybe it was meeting Eloisa James in the elevator, maybe it was having a fabulous lunch with that brilliant CP you only see in person once a year, maybe it was winning a Golden Heart, maybe it was hearing that ONE magical piece of advice in a workshop that somehow whisked all the cobwebs away and got your mojo working. (Hey, maybe it was spilling your salad dressing on Susan Elizabeth Phillips or realizing you had your skirt tucked into your underwear the entire time you were talking to your dream agent. I wanna hear about that too!!)

C’mon, Nationals attendees, share, share, share!!!!

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More from RWA Nationals 2013

Another quick taste of what’s going on down in Atlanta!!

Sounds like Cathy Maxwell gave a passionate, inspiring luncheon speech about how “self-doubt kills creativity.” And fabulous workshops, like Ruby Sister Hope Ramsay’s on Seven Secrets to Writing a Synopsis, have been lighting fires under everyone. There are also more pictures here of Rubies at the Literacy Signing, which raised more than $50,000!!

Keep taking pictures, Rubies!!

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