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RWA Nationals 2013 Recap for July 17

Hi, folks, welcome from Atlanta.  This posting will be brief and photo-heavy. So enjoy this quick look at Wednesday, July 17, from RWA Nationals 2013.

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  • Elisa Beatty: WElcome, Kathryn! So glad you’ve joined us!
  • Elisa Beatty: As a teacher, I can 100% confirm that everyone’s brain works a little differently, and a...
  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: Do you edit as you go? I have to resist the urge to do that or I never get to the end....
  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: Sounds like the characters lead you through the story. I love that. 🙂
  • Vivi Andrews/Lizzie Shane: I am in awe of those who can write out of order and patch it together in a way that makes...