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RWA Nationals 2013 Recap for July 17

Hi, folks, welcome from Atlanta.  This posting will be brief and photo-heavy. So enjoy this quick look at Wednesday, July 17, from RWA Nationals 2013.

The Latest Comments

  • Jill Q.: I MADE MY GOAL. barely :-)
  • katie Graykowski: HOLY CANNOLI! Look at all of these “I MADE MY GOALS” I’m so proud of everyone!...
  • Sonja: I MET MY GOAL!!! :) I have loved all the sprints and am so glad you’re adding an early section!
  • Michelle: I made my goals – oh yeah, feeling the groove – things coming together – luv it!
  • Karen McCoy: I made my goals, but barely. Sinus infection decided to come back for a visit.