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The Magnificent Thirty (Days): NaNoWriMo’s A-Comin’, and I’m Madder’n a Scorpion with a Sunburn

See the tumbleweeds rollin’ down the street, and the sun glintin’ off my spurs?

All the decent folks done run indoors and locked their shutters, Clint Eastwood’s whistlin’ the theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and my writin’ hand’s twitchin’ by my holster, ready to draw in the wink of an eye.

‘Cause NaNoWriMo’s about to blow into town, and it’s showdown time.

Those of you’ve met NaNo yourselves know it’s one loco critter, intoxicatin’ as moonshine one minute, mean as a rattlesnake the next. It comes looking for writers, gets up toe to toe with ‘em, spits in the dirt by their boot-heels, and says, “Hey, there, cowboy, bet ya can’t write 50,000 words of a novel in just 30 days, starting November 1 and ending at midnight on November 30th.”

And you know it’s just the most damned fool idea anybody’s ever had, but there’s somethin’ in the crazy glint in NaNo’s eyes gets you thinkin’, “Hell, yeah, I can. I’m gonna write me them 50,000 new words in one month. Or I’m a-gonna die tryin’.”

And after that, there’s no turnin’ back.

Me and NaNo met three times before, in the Novembers of 2009, 2010, and 2011. First two times, I showed NaNo who’s boss, wrote my fifty-one thousand words, and they carried NaNoWriMo outta town on a stretcher. I got pretty cocky, I’ll admit it. Even wrote a couple blog posts givin’ people advice (here and here)  on how to beat NaNo for theirselves.

But last year, that loco critter got the better of me.

I got hit with a bad case of anemia, and the day-job had me pullin’ all-nighters, and though I made it to 44,479 words by November 29 and thought I saw my way clear to another victory on that last evenin’….I just plain fell asleep on November 30 instead of stayin’ up and writin’ them final 5,000-somethin’ words.  (Yeah, it was humiliatin’. You can read all about it here.)

Well, dagnabit.

But now I’m fightin’ mad, and NaNoWriMo better watch its back. Ain’t gonna be no unauthorized sleepin’ on my watch this time. 50,000 words in 30 days, you’re mine. My laptop’s primed and loaded and I’m brewin’ a pot o’ coffee big as the Rio Grande.

Who’s with me? I say that NaNo sucker’s going down in 2012. (Sign yerself up at An’ grab yer coffee mug, ’cause if ya leave a comment sayin’ yer gonna sign up, I’ll put ya in a random drawin’ to win a $10 Starbucks gift card.)

Are You Ready for NaNo?

It’s that season of the year again—the days are shorter and colder, the leaves are turning colors, that exhilarating, restless harvest energy is in the air. Our deepest primal instincts are telling us one thing and one thing only: it’s almost time to NaNo!!!!

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