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Ruby Cookie Exchange Hop


Happy Holidays Everyone! Thank you so much for joining us for our Ruby Cookie Exchange. Sixteen Ruby Sisters are sharing their fabulous, homemade cookie recipes with you. Try some out and become the star of the next neighborhood cookie exchange, holiday open house or festive party. And while you are having fun with the cookies, one lucky hopper will win a $150 gift card to Amazon! Just in time for last minute holiday shopping.

Follow these four easy steps:

1. Hop to each link below, which will take you to a Ruby Slippered Sister’s FB page, web site or blog. While you’re there please like, follow or sign up for a newsletter if you would like to stay up to date on new releases and Ruby author happenings.

2. Discover a new cookie recipe on each site.

3. Collect the name of the cookies from each Ruby sister, and e-mail the total list to when you are complete. Please use the subject line “COOKIE LIST.” The list must be turned in by midnight EST on December 12th.

4. A grand prize winner of a $150 gift card to Amazon will be selected randomly from those who collected and turned in the name of all the cookies. The winner must respond within 24 hours to claim prize and we will announce the winner hopefully by December 14th.

Easy, delicious and fun! Thanks so much for hopping along!


Readers start your ovens. Three … two … one … start cookie collecting! And have a fantastic holiday!

Hugs, Ruby Slippered Sisters


Ruby Cookie Exchange

Autumn Jordon –

Lizzie Shane  –

Rita Henuber –

Elizabeth Langston –

Heather McCollum –

Shelley Coriell –

Laurie Kellogg – 

Liz Talley –

AnneMarie Becker –,_Author/Home.html

Jeannie Lin –

Diana Layne –…-cookie-exchange/ 

Lara Archer –

Jennifer Bray-Weber –

Kate Parker –

Katie Graykowski –

Jacie Floyd – 

Ruby Halloween Hop!


Bwahahaha! It’s almost Halloween, and the Rubies are feeling a little witchy!

To celebrate, we’re starting the trick-or-treating early! Don’t worry, no costumes are required. This trick-or-treating can be done right from your computer with zero calorie input. It’s easy and fun! Here’s what to do:

1. “Knock” on the Ruby doors by clicking each link below and hopping to Ruby FB pages, web sites or blogs.

2. While you’re enjoying the trick or treat on each Ruby post, look for the candy name or picture listed in the post. Keep a list of each one for each Ruby. 

3. When you’ve collected all the candy, send your list to Lara Archer for a chance to win a huge gift basket of swag and HIDDEN GIFT CARDS from all the Rubies! Now that’s a lot of SWEET! 

And while you’re visiting each link, if you haven’t already, remember to Like the FB page or sign up for newsletters to stay informed about your favorite Ruby authors’ releases and adventures. We’re keeping this party going for four days, through Oct. 31.trick-or-treat-bag

Thanks so much for playing along! Time to start trick-or-treating! And don’t forget to keep track of your candy! 

Heather McCollum – 

Lara Archer – 

Kate Parker – 

Laurie Kellogg – 

Lizzie Shane – 

Darynda Jones – 

Katie Graykowski – 

Kim Law – 

Jamie Michele – 

Jackie Floyd –

Autumn Jordon –

Anne Marie Becker –,_Author/Home.html 

Diana Layne – – 

Jennifer Bray-Weber – 

Jeannie Lin – 

Liz Talley – 

Hope Ramsay –


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