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Book promo…author promo…just jab a needle in my eye and make it stop :)

OK, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but promo is a necessary evil, right? We all have to do it! And who of use really likes it? I would venture to guess, very few of us. So…since it’s likely very few people’s favorite part of the job (possibly NO ONE’S favorite part of the job), I would like to know What Really Works?

I’m sure you would, too! :)

The Latest Comments

  • Elisa Beatty: An excellent reminder! Thanks, Jackie! (I’m still pushing to win, though!)
  • Jacqueline Floyd: I’m si inspired by all of you. Good luck and be proud of yourselves no matter how it ends!
  • Elisa Beatty: YES YES YES YES YES, Darynda!!!! YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!!
  • Elisa Beatty: Good luck on finishing the novella! You can do it! I have to be careful with the rewards…my two...
  • Elisa Beatty: Thanks, Tammy! It’s amazing how fast utter crap can be revised into something really good…a...