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Book promo…author promo…just jab a needle in my eye and make it stop 🙂

OK, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but promo is a necessary evil, right? We all have to do it! And who of use really likes it? I would venture to guess, very few of us. So…since it’s likely very few people’s favorite part of the job (possibly NO ONE’S favorite part of the job), I would like to know What Really Works?

I’m sure you would, too! 🙂

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  • Mary McCoy: This was a lot of fun, I have gained 10 virtual pounds already just reading these recipes!
  • Shelley Coriell: Just checked out all of the recipes. So much goodness! My youngest daughter will be home from...
  • Anne Marie Becker: Looking forward to collecting some new recipes! Happy holidays, everyone!
  • Marin McGinnis: What fun! Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can start baking?
  • Tamara Hogan: Awesome recipes, Rubies! I feel my butt getting bigger already, but sometimes sacrifices must be made....