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Freelance Editor Etiquette

Yesterday’s post showcased freelance editors who are either Rubies or recommended by one of us. Today, I’ll build on that information by discussing some rules I follow in my business relationship with my freelance editor.

Honestly, I cannot write a book without my freelance editor. She’s been the developmental editor (and serious brainstorming partner) for every book I’ve published. Because I appreciate her and the excellent work she does for me, I am motivated to keep Laura happy.  Here are the informal guidelines–Editor Etiquette–that I use with my freelancer.

The Latest Comments

  • McCall Hoyle: Huge congrats, Gabrielle! So glad you got the call! <3
  • Gabrielle: I know! I was just about convinced I hadn’t made the cut.
  • Jacie Floyd: Another great year for an outstanding talent! Congratulations!
  • Jacie Floyd: Hurray! So excited for you! Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition,
  • Jacie Floyd: The Ruby greatness continues! Congratulations, Kay! So happy for you.