Sword and Lute by

When a cursed sword slashed the god Taso, his immortality gushed into the grass along with his blood. He escaped death—barely—by transforming into stone. Centuries later, the aspiring musician Amara stumbles across the stone and inadvertently morphs Taso back into his dying body. To save him, she must sacrifice her precious lute and her life-long dream. But in return, she might find her heart’s desire…

Sword and Lute is a 16,000-word novelette about the immortal twin founders of verdant Teganne and desert Kad, two rival realms divided by magic—yet bound by blood, mistrust, and love.

The Alaia Chronicles series begins with the historical fantasy short story SWORDS AND SCIMITARS and continues in the fantasy romance novels THE SOURCE OF MAGIC and KISMET’S KISS. Cate Rowan’s stories have won more than thirty awards.