SPOTLIGHT: Boudreaux’s Bookworms

bookwormLast year I was invited to participate in an online Facebook book club by my sassy Cajun friend Karla Boudreaux. As thrilling as it was to be invited (because I LOVE to talk about books) I had reservations as a published author. I didn’t want anyone in the group to feel as though she HAD to read my books or feel uncomfortable by the fact someone who has a vested interest in books would be entering the fray. But because these ladies weren’t going to be dissecting and ripping apart literary works but instead squeeing and oh-my-goshing at fun, fabulous books, I put out a disclaimer and waded in. And I’m so very glad I did – it’s been a fun year of discovering new books and celebrating the ones I love. And as an author, because I live in the industry daily, I constantly share Dear Author and SBTB links for the kindle sales. I’m pulling my weight as a member and love being part of these fun gals.

So last week, one of our members posted this:

Why do you read books?….I do because I like to get in the sack with vampires…oh and Jamie Frashier!!! Hahaha just saying 😉

And after I giggled a little, it got me thinking about why my book club members picked certain books to read. So I asked. But before we get too far into discussing the wherefores and whys, I asked Karla Boudreaux to talk about why she put the book club together.

Karla: I started this group because I enjoy reading so much and wanted to share it with other people who do as well. When I read a series, I COMPLETELY emerge myself in the characters, the story, the emotions and the journey. Because of my vivid imagination, I love reading the stories (as opposed to watching movies) because I get to picture it “my way”. Last year, I was frustrated because I didn’t have many people to discuss the books I was reading with. I wanted people to squeal with me when we found out how Hunger Games ended, cry with me when they find out what happens at the end of The Host & laugh hysterically when they read the picnic scene in A Touch of Scarlet! After I finished a book, I didn’t know what to read next and I was overwhelmed at the choices available. So the idea for Boudreaux’s Bookworms originated from my frustration and “loneliness” in my reading. It’s been such a refreshing change to get book recommendations from others and to discuss the stories and characters! The characters that I love are truly like friends to me, which is probably why I read and re-read the series’ that I love so much over and over again.

This group has been a huge blessing to me.

I love readers crave the need to discuss books with one another, and an online FB group is a terrific way to do it. As opposed to say….Amazon where everything you say about a book and author is on blast.

So back to the why. Why do you love to read?

Karla:  Soooo many reasons, but mostly I love being able to have a easy, fun escape from the daily “to- do lists”. When I read, I can travel, have magical powers, fall in love (and in the sac k like Christy said) and have adventures with amazing characters. It relaxes me, entertains me and is a  great stress reliever!



Holly: That’s a very good question. Until May of last year, I didn’t read… at all! I had read maybe 12 books my entire life up until that point. I was getting a Kindle and the Shades of Grey books opened my eyes to the joy of reading. I LOVE to read now. Much like Karla said, reading allows me to travel to foreign worlds, smell exotic fragrances, taste exquisite foods, wear stunning cloths, and explore the unimaginable. We journey with some of the most amazing people and experience things that words can only attempt to describe. We get swept away with love and passion, danger and fear. I love meeting these new people and embrace the excitement and imagination they spark in me. I can’t wait to read the next story and go on the next journey… I love hearing the music that plays in my head when I read. And… I love that I can carry my favorites around with me – our beloved Matthew, Jericho, Gideon, Dufrene brothers, Reyes, Wallbanger, and on and on. But honestly, I read for a selfish reason – it’s MY time. It’s my break from my reality, my quiet time, my time to escape. And I love sharing my new finds with others that love to read. Thank you Christian Grey for turning me into a reader and for wanting more! Since May of last year, I’ve logged hundreds of hours on over 120 books

I particularly love a book that caused such controversy within the writing community brought one person on a new journey. How cool is that?  I think every one of us wants to be able to deliver a story that hooks a reader so well, she (or he) must read on, devouring new authors, new series and new characters because the first taste was so sweet.

So next I asked how the members choose the books they choose.

HOLLY: I’ve learned over these last 8 months that I very much enjoy series. There’s something about the continuation of the journey that I find so very appealing, almost like I don’t want it to end. That feeling of anticipation is the BEST! I can’t wait for the release of the next one in line. I guess my first official series was Harry Potter – what’s to say about that other than remarkable? I’ve done all the big ones out right now (Twilight, Hunger Games, SOG, etc) and they were all good. However, with such a short time reading behind me, my favorite books are: #1 Discovery of Witches because it was my first real “adult” book. I loved everything about it. How can you not love Matthew and Diana? #2: Wallbanger because it was just a fantastic read. Karla has turned me on to some amazing other series too. (Charley Davidson, Married to a Billionaire, your Bayou Bridge series, and on and on) My favorite big series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Like I’ve always said, what’s not to like about a 6’5″, stunningly gorgeous, leather-clad, sex god, trained killer trapped in a vampire’s body, I mean really… Shades of Grey,  although good, was not my favorite. I liked the Crossfire series SO much more and would take a messed up Gideon Cross any day. He’s so vulnerable and I really loved seeing his relationship with Eva evolve. Hmmm…I have so many “WOW, I loved that book” it’s hard to narrow it down. More than anything, I think finding that “something” in each book that makes you love it is the most important element. That’s happened to me, on some kind of level, with just about every book I’ve read. I search for it and wait patiently for it to happen and rejoice when it does! If you want to call it my “ah-ha moment”… my love for that something is found. There have been only been a small handful of books that I didn’t get that connection from and I realized that it wasn’t the lack of writing skill, it was just something missing, something that I was looking for but didn’t find. It happens, with everything in life. I’m just glad that I’ve found the magic of reading. My biggest regret, not finding it before now. All the books that I’ve missed out on – just waiting to find them. I’m glad there is this group and Goodreads to keep me going in the right direction!

I do a combination of everything: recs from friends, Goodreads, Amazon, Top 10(100), something I’ve heard about from someone, feeds from current books reading. I’m always searching for a new read and reading reviews or samples. Best ones typically come from friends and here.

Karla: I prefer a series of books better than a “stand alone” one because it allows me to see the conitinuation of my favorite character’s lives. I love to dive into the story of a secondary character from a previous book; to me it makes the series come alive. Even little novella stories like your (Liz Talley)” The Nerd Who Loved Me” adds A LOT to a series. The anticipation of what will happen next and what paths the characters will take gets me super excited & ensures that I pre-order all the new releases on my Kindle. Sometimes I even get lucky and the book is released on Kindle a day early! Also – I think that the handy inventions of Kindles & Nooks have made it so much easier to read. Although I still enjoy holding a traditional book sometimes, it is wonderful to have so many books at my fingertips from Amazon. There’s no way that I would be able to get to the bookstore that frequently!

I cherish the friend & fellow readers recs the most, especially when they know what types of stories I like. This group has been wonderful for me. There were only a few people I knew who loved reading as much as I do, so the recommendations I received were few & far between. Now that we have this group, my “to be read” list is as long as my arm!

One more thing – if I find an author that I like, I will read everything they’ve written and pre-order their new releases!😉

Christy:  Occasionally I’ll read books from recommendations. But my favorite way is to browse book stores or web sites and read the back of the book. If I like it I buy it….it’s like a wrapped present….I have no clue if it’s something I’ll like or not. But if it is good then it’s a winner for me!!!

Out of the mouth of readers. Gotta love the real feedback from the people who matter most to us. So I invited the Boudreaux’s Bookworm book club to visit throughout the day and comment on your questions and comments. So if there is something you are dying to ask a group of 30+ something, professional women who love to read, throw it out there.




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  1. Liz Talley says:

    Thanks for joining us today, Boudreaux’s Bookworms and for being honest with what you look for in a book. I’m off to zumba (gotta fight that writer’s rump you know) and I’ll be back in a few hours. Let’s get some conversation going. I know it’s daylight’s savings and you’re sleeepy and the mind hasn’t kickstarted yet, but spring is around the corner (at least in this hemisphere :)) and people will be hitting the beaches and lakes with books in hand. What will they want to read most????


  2. Elisa Beatty says:

    This is so fun!! I love the energy and passion of this group…and Holly’s story about discovering the joys of reading just makes my day!!!

    What’s up next for you guys to read?


    • Liz Talley says:

      Some of the ladies work day jobs and won’t be able to comment until later, but I can answer this one.

      We’re not a traditional book club in the sense we choose one book a month to read. Although we often read the same books. It has more of a forum feel where we recommend, squeal, bemoan and share links to books on sale. So it’s a hybrid cyber book club for busy ladies. What’s really cool is that we are all over and so though it would be fun to meet for coffee real time, we can pop in whenever we feel like raving or ranting.


      • Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

        Amy is completely correct! I created the page as a place to “dish” about our favorite books without any set agenda or book list. Many of us are busy Mommas with full time jobs and to-do lists a mile long so it would be difficult for us to meet up once a month, etc. Plus, we live in different cities & states, so I thought it would be much more useful and productive to do it “forum” style. It’s interesting to note that we do follow each other’s recommendations a lot. Once someone else has read the book or series, we get all excited about it again & a new discussion is launched. It’s super fun and constantly fuels my love for reading!

        Hmmmnnn…LIGHTBULB!…maybe we should have an anual Boudreaux’s Bookworm girls weekend somewhere that we can get pampered at a spa and have quiet time to read, then discuss the books we love over meals!


        • Emily Staggs says:

          I love love love being part of this facebook book club. I literally get 90% of my book suggestions from this page!! I love how honest everyone is with their reviews and how there is such a wide variety of recommendations! Like I said, I just love it! And by the way, I am totally down with the Boudreaux’s Bookworm girls weekend!!


        • Elisa Beatty says:

          Oh, I get it now!! That’s a really cool idea.

          After all, surveys always show that’s how most avid readers get their next reading suggestion…by hearing what readers they’re in tune with are squeeing about.


  3. This is so eye-opening and interesting to see what readers like and why they choose it. I’m also a big fan of series (both writing them and reading them)– it makes me feel like I’m part of the “family” when I get to see everyone’s journey to happily ever after!

    I’m curious– what are some things you look for on a writer’s website or Facebook fan page? Do you like to see the “extras” (about the writer) or do you prefer to read more book-centered stuff, like what’s coming next or out-take scenes or character interviews? And what’s most likely to make you share a book title with friends/the group and say, “Let’s read THIS!” Is it the characters? The steamy scenes? The writer’s voice? All three?

    I love seeing how this group ticks! And I really love the enthusiasm for writing. So much fun!


  4. Amanda Brice says:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

    I have some questions…

    1. We keep reading that authors need to be available to readers through social media. Do you agree? What level of interaction do you look for?

    2. When visiting an author’s website, what do you look for? Info about the books? Deleted scenes? Info about settings? Videos? Upcoming books? Info about the author?

    3. How do you discover new books/authors?


  5. Addison Fox says:

    This is such a fun post. I love hearing how people find books and I absolutely love that enthusiasm that comes through when someone talks about a book they love.

    I say often I’m a “reader first, a writer second.” I love everything about being a writer, but I know I’d never have traveled this path if I didn’t love reading so much.

    It sounds like you’re having a blast with Boudreaux’s Bookworms!



  6. Tamara Hogan says:

    Welcome, Bookworms! I’m so glad you you enjoy getting lost in a book, because we sure enjoy creating these characters and worlds for you to get lost in. You’re the reason we do this.

    Liz, what an awesome picture! My TASTE ME is in very fine company indeed. 😉


  7. Thanks for sharing your book club with us, Liz. I’d like to know how the group chooses a book to read together.


  8. Holly Radinsky says:

    I’m the “Holly” from Liz’s article! Karla & I went to high school together, like most of the ladies in the group. When she invited me into the Bookworms I was very apprehensive, since I wasn’t really, in my mind and heart, a reader at that point. I was just beginning my journey and would go to her for a recommendation here and there. Now, I can’t wait to share with them my latest “you’ve got to read this!” I’ve read several authors from the Sisterhood and have loved them all. Adding more of you to my ever growing list to read is something I look forward to.

    To answers some of your questions… I follow very few authors on social media. Most of the time, I go to their websites. What I’m typically looking for is upcoming release dates and the reading order for the series I’m about the begin. However, I’ve always enjoyed ALL the “extras” – whether it’s deleted content, Q & A with the writer, character interviews, author information, music that inspired certain elements of the book, etc.. I guess I’m the “I want more” kinda girl. I love all the extras because it helps me love the story so much more. Every little detail gets stuck in my mind and helps me develop that love for the people I’m reading about.

    How do I find new authors? Typically from the recommendations I’ve gotten from other readers/friends/Bookworms or from Amazon and Goodreads, which helps me keep track of all my crazy books lists! I’m always searching for my next great read. I don’t think I will ever have a favorite because you all are remarkable in my eyes. You create things that we, non-writers, could only imagine doing and have the gratitude and awe of thousands of people.

    As far as your guys being available to the reader on social media, I’d say that’s probably a catch 22. Ultimately, it would have to be your call. I read threads on FB from the few that I follow and think “this is on their website” or “why are you bothering her with that ridiculous question”. However, every now and then something sparks an interest or it’s something I’m curious about too. I don’t think I’m the kind of person that would attempt to communicate directly with a writer on FB other than Liz and that’s only because she’s Karla’s friend and I feel like “I know her”. I say if you want to put yourself out there for us to interact with, great. If not, that’s fine too because you have awesomeness to create and a life outside of the writing world to live. Whatever works…

    What makes me recommend a book or author? The whole package – writing style, the characters, the details, the story. Ultimately, it’s my connection with that something that makes me love it. I’ve tried to read this one book so many time, because “it’s amazing”, and have chucked it each time. For some reason I just can’t get into it. I guess that happens.

    Since I started reading last Summer, I’ve realized that I had denied myself something remarkable – the written word. Shame on me. Never again will I not read, not have my Kindle, not be in search of your next book out or my new “You have to read this!!!”


    • Kim Law says:

      Holly, I completely love your attitude and am so glad you found reading. My husband told me recently that the majority of the questions he gets from people he works with when they are asking about me, his author wife, is “Do people really read?” It floored me!!! Yes, people read! And I feel very sad for those who don’t, because there are just so many places you can escape to when reading! I can’t imagine a world without it.

      I wish I could take your enthusiasm and somehow have him impart that to his co-workers. 🙂

      Thanks for being here today! It’s great to see what readers think and how they choose their books!


    • Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

      As always, I agree with you on everything Holly!


    • Thanks for this, Holly! And thanks for being here!


  9. Kim Law says:

    Liz, thanks so much for inviting the bookworms here today. Their enthusiasm is terrific, and I love reading about how they choose books. I also just love reading about the FB group. Now I want to be part of one! It’s so refreshing to read about a group who is together for the purpose of celebrating books! (As opposed to just looking for something bad to say about them.)

    Ladies…thank you for being here! 😀

    I have no additional questions at the moment. My biggest have already been asked. But if I come up with something later in the day, I’ll be sure to pop back in and ask it because it’s truly wonderful to have a readers point of view! Thanks!


  10. Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

    What a fun way to chase off the Monday blues with the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood! Thank you, Liz, for highlighting my Bookworm group. It’s been such a fun and entertaining venue for all of us readers, I’m elated to be able to share it with the Rubys!

    As far as what I look for in an author’s website or FB page, the answer is simple: info! Hearing how you got the inspiration for the story or a specific character just adds inside depth to your books and gives us readers extra reasons to love them. Outtake & deleted scenes are always fun to read. My absolute favorite is reading a chapter or scene from a different POV. When I love a book or series, I can’t get enough of it, so hearing it from another POV is as wonderful as calorie-free cheesecake! Stephanie Meyer did this with her Midnight Sun manuscript by telling Twilight from Edward’s POV. Of course the rough draft was leaked to the press and was a huge mess for her, but everyone I know who read it (legally after she posted it to her site) loved it. Cassandra Clare does this well, too. She posts scenes from her Mortal Instrument series from Jace’s POV, a letter Jace wrote Clary before the huge battle in book 4, extra scenes with Alex & Magnus, and character interviews on her websites and blog. As a fan, I eat them up & share them with everyone I know who enjoys the books. 🙂 In addition, getting “sneak peeks” about upcoming books or releases is always fun. I immediately write the release date on my calendar and pre-order the book in sweet anticipation!

    When I am choosing new books, I value friend recommendations and reviews the most (especially when they know what type of books I like). I also check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Plus, since I buy all my books on Amazon for my Kindle, I actually pay attention to the books they recommend for me & the list of “customers who bought this book also liked”. The “daily deals” are great, too. I’m sure y’all will be happy to know that once I find an author that I love, I will read EVERYTHING that they have ever written and pre-order their new releases. And since I’m such a nerd, I will re-read the entire series before each new release comes out! Ironically, I notice more and more details each time I re-read them & I fall in love with the characters all over again. 🙂

    I have to catch up on some work, then I will post again answering the rest of your questions ladies! Hope y’all are having a great day so far.


  11. Rebecca Rankin says:

    I really enjoy reading. I am always looking for new author and/or books to read. I like that the author’s post their new books and other authors books on Facebook. This way you can check out the author and the books. I am an avid reader so I always looking more to read.
    My husband is avid reader also but he enjoys adventure and mystery stories. Do you have any authors that write mystery stories?

    Thanks for having this website where I can browse.

    Have a good day! 🙂


    • Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

      If you are on FB and would like to be part of our Bookworm page, send me a FB request & I will add you to our group! You’ll never be short of recommendations again. I read A LOT and can’t keep up with all the fabulous recs we get on our page!


  12. Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

    **FAN ALERT** – Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I’m *star struck* and can’t help myself:

    Darynda, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Charley Davidson series!!!!!! I’m a HUGE fan!! I have read the entire series twice and listened to all of them on Audible. It has been a the top of my recommended “you HAVE to read these books” list for anyone who will listen to me! Charley’s sarcasm, wit and ADD crack me up. Sexy and mysterious Reyes melts my heart and raises my blood pressure. Cookie makes me laugh out loud. Uncle Bob & Aunt Lillian are hilarious, too. I’m dying to know the story behind Mr. Wong (it would be hilarious to hear a chapter from his point of view!). When her Dad shot at her in the last book I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but I’m excited that he is now fully realizing how special Charley really is. I CAN NOT WAIT to see what happens in the next one! Thank you so much for creating such an entertaining and interesting series!

    I’ve purchased a lot of the other author’s books from recommendations I received, and I eagerly await diving into them. Thank you all for sharing your imagination with us readers! If any of you ever want us to read, review and give feedback on your books, I know many of us would be happy to do that.


  13. Wow – just reading this post got my adrenaline going. I love books! 🙂

    Just wanted to thank Liz, Karla, Holly, and Christy for sharing your thoughts and reading journeys. The Bookworms sound like a fabulous group.

    I’m particularly thankful for your thoughts on series as well as how much social media you use to seek out authors. Very helpful – and I LOVE reading series, so when I started writing, that’s what I naturally gravitated toward.


  14. Rita Henuber says:

    Thank you lovely Boudreaux Bookworms. Your insight is valuable to us.


  15. Liz Talley says:

    I’m thinking I need to add more bonus content to my website after reading this. I rarely think about my website, but it seems that many avid readers do visit to find out what is new and coming down the pipeline.


  16. Welcome, Bookworms! What a great group. I love the energy and the passion. Thank you for allowing us this chance to get inside your heads. LOL. And thanks so much for being here! ~D~


  17. Jeannie Lin says:

    Thanks for visiting Bookworms! I loved hearing about your favorites (which are some of my favorites as well!) I too prefer reading books to movies, especially because movies have to condense so many things. It’s definitely an art to remove so much and still keep the feel and emotional punch of the story, but I always like to read the book first so I know all the different nuances of the original tale first.

    I’m hoping the second Hunger Games movie will be more successful than the first. I felt they stuck to the narrative, but lost so much in the characterizations and relationships of the book. The first Harry Potter movie felt the same, true, but flat. But look how those movies evolved!


  18. Diana Layne says:

    Great information! thank you bookworms for joining us today, I’m definitely printing this info out!


  19. Maddy says:

    I definitely prefer series if I’m ‘into an author’ and then I’m voracious and can’t wait for the next one. I’ve even gone as far as to ‘pre-order’ on some authors. There’s nothing like that kind of escapism, and it’s relatively cheap and so addictive.


    • Liz Talley says:

      I always wonder about people who complain about book prices but then plop down $9 for a movie. Or $5 for a coffee at Starbucks. Reading is about the cheapest hobby there is, especially if you go to the library. And even if you don’t, they still aren’t anything compared to other forms of entertainment.

      Thanks for popping by today, Maddy 🙂


  20. Hi Everyone, I heard about Ruby Slippered Sisterhood today on Twitter from Darynda Jones.
    Sooo came to the site, only to find out about Boudreaux’s Bookworms!
    I’ve been avidly reading comments and feeling connected to all of them.

    I used to be a go to bed early and read, and have to read to fall asleep gal.
    Reading is now my best coping strategy for everything life throws at me.

    Every once in a while a women who works in my library.where I pick up holds reads some of the same books and we gush.

    I get most of my tips for what to read next from Authors I love.
    I also experimentally read a couple of new authors every month.

    Or will go to goodreads, author websites/blogs and Twitter of course.

    Karla the idea of your Bookworms Page has fired my imagination.
    Imagine sharing how I feel about my books with likeminded individuals.
    I have sent a request to join Boudreaux’s Bookworms.

    Some of my favorite authors are Lauell K. Hamilton, Anita was my first foray into this world since Tolkien, Stephen R. Macdonald’s Illearth Wars/Thomas Covenant. It’s been a dozen years now that I voraciously devour all and sundry. Ilona Andrews, Kate Daniels Series, and The Curran POV’s. Mann when Kate says” Here Kitty Kitty Kitty” to the Beast Lord I was-You Go Girl.
    When I read Currans POV I laughed out loud. I think I ‘ve read it 5 times.

    Linda Howards ‘To Die For’ is another book I read at least once a year.
    Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters, My favorite book is Vane/Bridget’s story.
    Patricia Briggs, Mercy Series-Cassandra Clare everything she writes.
    Amanda Stevens-Deborah Harkness-Melissa Marr- Suzanne Brockmann- Carla Neggers-Sharon Sala-Susan Mallery- Jill Shalvis- Kat Martin- Kristan Hannah…..

    The list is endless. I read Fantasy- Historical Fiction- Romantic Suspense-
    Romance- Regency and otherwise.
    I could wax rhapsodic, but I’ll Spare You.

    Let me Say Thank-You to Darynda Jones for posting this link and of course for Charlie. Charlie Rocks, Brainy-Witty-Sarcastic-Black Humour Rules-Warm-Sassy-infinitely loveable.
    Thanks everyone, this has made my Day.


    • Liz Talley says:

      Oh, wow, Mar. You have some great authors in that list. The Bookworms are going to love you 🙂

      The thing I hate about being an author (beside that spreading behind thing :)) is not being able to read as much as I once read. Before I actually became a writer, books were my crack. I couldn’t live without a hit (I think you smoke crack?) but you get me, huh? So that’s what I love about being part of a group like Bookworms. The passion for the books sparks in me the desire to carve out time for reading. I think part of every author’s job is reading other works, immersing oneself into other worlds and characters. I know quite often what I read inspires me to be a better writer myself.

      And who doesn’t love Charley? You know, she’s sort of like your BFF when you’re reading her…uh, if your BFF got to have hot sex with the son of satan. Thanks for coming by today and I hope you come again soon. The RSS is a fun place of ladies who LOVE reading and writing 😉


      • Liz, Yup, Reading is my addiction. No Doubt about it. I have a couple of them, Deep Water Aquafit is another. I also love to cook creating with food is another form of therapy. I found pork riblets on sale last week and I’ve always loved those black bean/garlic spareribs you get at dimsum. I didn’t have any fermented black bean paste soooo I used a can of regual black beans, fish sauce, lotsa garlic, less salt soy and threw it all in my Vitamix. Yummm, I could have eaten a bowl of the marinade it was so tasty.

        I just looked you up, my library has 2 books -Water Runs Deep- Under the Autumn Sky. I’ll put a hold on them to read them. There is always time to find a new author and read a new story.

        I like your personal style of communication.

        I find my brain works differently when I write things rather than just thinking things. That’s why I journal, I won’t even know something is circling my brain and when I put pen to paper out it comes.
        Nice to have met you, or whatever cyber equivalent this is.


        • Liz Talley says:

          Where do you live because I need to stop by at supperime? Sounds like two hobbies that offset each other nicely. You eat and work it off.

          I’m glad your library had two of my books. Just a small warning Waters Run Deep is a bit of a departure for me in my writing because it has a suspense element. But Under the Autumn Sky is a good sample of my writing style.

          Thanks, D, for lending us Mar today. She’s brought a nice spark to the conversation – we love hearing from readers on what tickles their fancy…or doesn’t.


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Welcome, Mar!!

      I love the social media chain that brought you to the Bookworms! Sounds like a perfect match.

      And what a great comment: “Reading is now my best coping strategy for everything life throws at me.” Amen!!!


      • Elisa, Hmmm How do you pronounce your name.
        Is it Eleesa???
        You know that brings up a pet peeve of mine. Characters with names I’m not sure how to pronounce.
        There oughta be a website that tells you how to pronounce the characters names, or have it included in the story.
        What about old fashioned glossaries?
        I digress.
        I am on twitter solely for the opportunity to follow and dish with the authors I read and love.
        And then something like today happens and a whole new world opens up.
        I am so the least tech person I know, but I’m learning.


    • June Love says:

      Mar, just wanted to say that I rarely hear people mentioning LH’s To Die For as a fav, but Blair is one of my favorite characters. Love the humor.


      • June, I hear that. I love that Blair shares those little insights into her motivation and character. And the family traits she inherited from her Mom.

        I feel comforted and normal when I read her intricate inner thought patterns.



    • You are so very welcome, Mar! Thanks so much for stopping by. What a great list!


  21. Elizabeth Langston says:

    I’m curious about how people use reviews on goodreads or amazon.

    Do you read only the 5-star reviews? Or do you sample some of the 1-star or 3-star?

    I struggle to trust the opinions of people I don’t know. I’ve started using DearAuthor a little–but they can be a bit harsher than I am.


    • Hey Elizabeth, When I surf Amazon for my favorite authors next books I click on the book in question and on the page that comes up there is a series of books marked ‘people who bought this also bought and there are about 50 books that you can scan. I will see one that appeals by a new author and go to goodreads and see what is being said about that book/author.

      I don’t pay much attention to the star system. I trust my instincts and every book doesn’t have to have the world’s 5 star rating for me to love it.
      It’s the characters crafted, the story telling itself that draws me.
      I also find a reading a new author is exciting because it brings me into a whole new world of people,events and surroundings.

      Often when I find a new author I read everything they’ve written.
      I bought a Joan Johnston book Texas Bride and it was fabulous. I started to read all of her older books and eargerly await Wyoming Bride.
      I have just discovered Diana Palmer and she has been a prolific author and I have been reading as fast as I can. She crafts such compelling characters I want to go on the ride with them.

      I’m gonna have to google DearAuthor I don’t know what that is.


  22. Karla Boudreaux Horton says:

    Y’all are very, very welcome! I’m enjoying reading everyone’s responses. Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to finish my answer on what makes me think, “I’ve got to read this”. I promise I will either post tonight if I have time or first thing in the am. It’s been a manic Monday!


  23. June Love says:

    Thank you, BB’s, for visiting us today. What a fun and informative blog this has been. Before I began writing, I read all the time. How wonderful it would’ve been to have had a group of readers to squeal with about favorite characters.

    Liz, thank you for inviting your book club. This was a great pick-me-up Monday blog!


  24. What a wonderful wealth of reader information! Thank you all for visiting with us today and thank you Liz for putting it all together.

    : ) Heather


  25. Kate Parker says:

    Hey, Bookworms. So glad you came by today. This has been very informative. Thank you, Liz, for bringing them here for us to meet.

    I love series, too. There’s something in them that captures the heart of every reader. That “what happens next” seed that travels from book to book.


  26. Vivi Andrews says:

    I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to say WELCOME! to the Bookworms, always such fun to meet fellow book junkies. 😀


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