Reminder: Last Chance to Complete a Where Are They Now Survey!

Coming this October and November, the Rubies will be running a series of blogs about previous Golden Heart finalists and where they are now – but we can’t do that without input from the finalists themselves!  So if you’re a Golden Heart finalist and you’d like to be included, please remember to fill out your survey by midnight October 1st.  Then watch the Ruby blog in the next two months to hear from Golden Heart finalists of years past, leading up to the opening of this year’s Golden Heart contest.

Where Are They Now (click on the link for your year):

2003 – The Wet Noodle Posse 
Prior to 2002 

2 responses to “Reminder: Last Chance to Complete a Where Are They Now Survey!”

  1. Kari W. Cole says:

    I’d be happy to contribute.


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