Self Publishing- Promotion-Let’s Get Down and Dirty

PROMO–HELLO WORLD, I HAVE A BOOK I WANT YOU TO BUY!!!! So you’ve written the book, edited it to within an inch of its life (BTW—I have a fantastic new editor who edits for content and grammar, her name is Jessica—check her out, your manuscript is formatted, you posted it on Amazon, Kobo, and […]

SELLING 101- Blurbs

Your book is written, polished and edited. Now comes the moment when you need to hook an agent, editor or buyers on your book in a few short lines.  After spending months writing your story, you might be knocking your head against the wall trying to decide how to condense everything wonderful about your work […]

The True Cost of Self-Publishing

The True Cost of Self-Publishing When it comes to self-publishing a novel, I don’t claim to know it all. But I have learned a thing or two from my other indie-pubbed Ruby Sisters and then there’s all of that stumbling around I did when I published my first book, Place Your Betts. Everyone thinks there’s […]

Plotting with your Characters

I don’t know about you, but I find plotting to be the most difficult thing about writing fiction. But now that I write for a living, I’m required to submit a synopsis and/or detailed outline to my publisher well before I ever start a book.  And since my publisher pays me to do this, I […]

Clueless-The Rule of Six

For those of you who know me, you know that I spend most of my life in the state known as clueless.  For example I’m mystified by the need for daylight savings time and pantyhose and signs that say, “hand dipped ice cream” because what else are you going to dip it with?  But I […]

A Writer’s World

Have you ever gone for a walk in the early morning when no one is awake yet? The birds are quiet, no airplanes streak overhead, even the hum of the distant highway is muted? And for an instant you wonder if civilization has faded away somehow. What would happen if suddenly every animal and human […]

Happy Holidays from The Story Masters!

In early November, I gave myself an early holiday gift: a four-day writing workshop with The Story Masters! I mean, COME ON. Look at this instructor lineup! And within a 50 mile drive of where I live?! I was SO there. Though I highly recommend everyone experience this awesome workshop for themselves – the next […]

Down But Not Out

How the heck do you write when you’re down? Yes, it’s the happiest time of year, so why have I asked this question? Not to bring you down. I asked because the Rubies are all about helping other writers and because while the holidays are pumped up by the advertising industry as being the happiest […]

Ruby Reprise – First Page Reads

It’s well past midnight and my post for the day isn’t done. Therefore, I’m bringing out an oldie but goodie. This post was originally published in 2010, but is still just as relevant today. I hope you enjoy… ********* Recently I had the pleasure of sitting in a session of first page reads, hearing feedback […]

Ruby Reprise: Deep Third, Demonstrated

I have a confession to make. I keep a red pen on my bedside table. Oh, I don’t actually USE it. It’s strictly a prop. When I find the occasional typo, grammar error,  misspelling or the like while I’m reading in bed, I glance at the pen. I imagine picking it up, circling the error, […]

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