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Have you ever gone for a walk in the early morning when no one is awake yet? The birds are quiet, no airplanes streak overhead, even the hum of the distant highway is muted? And for an instant you wonder if civilization has faded away somehow. What would happen if suddenly every animal and human […]

Happy Holidays from The Story Masters!

In early November, I gave myself an early holiday gift: a four-day writing workshop with The Story Masters! I mean, COME ON. Look at this instructor lineup! And within a 50 mile drive of where I live?! I was SO there. Though I highly recommend everyone experience this awesome workshop for themselves – the next […]

Down But Not Out

How the heck do you write when you’re down? Yes, it’s the happiest time of year, so why have I asked this question? Not to bring you down. I asked because the Rubies are all about helping other writers and because while the holidays are pumped up by the advertising industry as being the happiest […]

Ruby Reprise – First Page Reads

It’s well past midnight and my post for the day isn’t done. Therefore, I’m bringing out an oldie but goodie. This post was originally published in 2010, but is still just as relevant today. I hope you enjoy… ********* Recently I had the pleasure of sitting in a session of first page reads, hearing feedback […]

Ruby Reprise: Deep Third, Demonstrated

I have a confession to make. I keep a red pen on my bedside table. Oh, I don’t actually USE it. It’s strictly a prop. When I find the occasional typo, grammar error,  misspelling or the like while I’m reading in bed, I glance at the pen. I imagine picking it up, circling the error, […]

Seriously? They did what?

I’m all about the character. I write character driven stories, so I’m always looking at people and wondering what makes them tick. Why do they do the things they do? What drives them? I especially wonder this when one of my characters, like the one in my current WIP, is being somewhat uncooperative. I began […]

Finding my Muse – in England?

Hopefully you are all logging on to read this fabulous ruby slippered sisterhood blog because of the constantly helpful tips and inspiration and not because your muse is still snuggled in bed. I must admit that earlier this summer, when I began the third book in my Scottish historical romance series, my muse was rebelling […]

Around the Block

True confession time. I’m old enough to be the mother of most of our Rubies. But with age comes wisdom, and the knowledge that crooked paths can lead to publication. I began with Romantic Suspense, switched to Historical Romance, and now write Romantic Historical Mysteries. My biggest revelation was I can’t write past chapter five […]

Building Paranormal People

I’ve recently become interested in writing about ghosts. I’ve been reading stories about all sorts of paranormal folk, and up to this time I’d been taking the “rules” by which these characters live in the book pretty much for granted. Now I had to create not only my characters, but also the rules by which […]

Snow in May

I recently attended the RT conference and in addition to having an amazing time with both my fellow Rubies who attended as well as all the awesome readers I met, I had another rather unique thing happen. I saw snow. In May.

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