Stop the (Negative) Insanity!

Happy Monday everyone! Okay, so you may not feel like celebrating the start of the work week, but I bet you can find something to smile about if you look. Perhaps the traffic lights were green or a butterfly landed on your arm. These might seem like little things, but they’re important. Often times we […]

Fangirl Friday

There’s a Ruby sister sale! (Say that 5 times fast.) All three of these Ruby sister books are only FREE for a day or two, so grab them while you can! First up, TODAY ONLY Bev Pettersen’s Fillies and Females is free. She’d rather die than be the center of attention…that may happen. Becky Rivers […]

Brainstorming Unusual Character

    Oops. The Ruby calendar had a few holes, so I thought we’d talk weather today. Not what it’s like in your area (however, you certainly can share), but how weather is used in our novels to trigger change in our characters’ lives. We know the well-worn cliché of the hero and heroine trapped […]

Is Your Book Already Out There?

Do you ever notice when you’re working on a book that you think is brilliant (or when you just finished one and you’re about to start shopping it around) that all of a sudden you start seeing books exactly like yours everywhere you look?  I know there is no such thing as a purely original […]

Fangirl Friday

There’s nothing special going on in Ruby land this week, which is good news for all you readers! You have this week to get caught up on all the wonderful Ruby stories out there before more stories come your way in the next few weeks. And there is a treasure trove! Between about fifty Ruby […]

Demystifying HTML – part 2 : Lists

In September, I posted the first article in a series to demystify HTML, which is the language we use to format web content. The goal of the series is to make it easier for you to read and (perhaps) correct the HTML you have in web pages. A quick recap: Part 1 included terminology and […]

Accidental Hitchhiker: The Story Behind the Story

People often ask writers where we get our ideas. Mine come from anywhere and everywhere—a dream, a snippet of conversation overheard in a bar, a walk with my husband. After that initial burst of inspiration, I build on the idea. Expand and improve it as only a romance writer can, making it more. More exciting. […]

Fangirl Friday

Ruby sister Kim Law has books on sale this week, no matter where you live! In the U.S. Sweet Nothings is on sale this month. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the cupcake story with the 235 wonderful ratings. A lot of people LOVE that story. http://www,           If […]

What First Dates Taught Me About Character Development

As a single writer on a quest for her own happily-ever-after, I’ve kissed my fair share of frogs.  My parents were college sweethearts, my sister met her husband in chemistry class, but I didn’t find my person in school – and working from home in a predominantly female industry doesn’t exactly give me a lot […]

The Accidental Series

When I started writing Marriage: Impossible, it wasn’t supposed to be the first book in my Voretti family series. It wasn’t supposed to be the first book in any series. It was a one-off experiment to see what would happen if I threw all my favorite romance tropes into a single novella. It never occurred […]

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