Fangirl Friday

Welcome to Fangirl Friday where Rubies share their sales, releases and reveals! This is also the place for you to share info on your sales, releases and reveal. : ) A long weekend means more time to lose yourself in an awesome read. We Rubies also want to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day […]

Archetypes and Storybeats Part III: The Sinner’s Redemption

Over the last two weeks, I’ve discussed the story beats that make up the Hero’s Journey and the Virgin’s Promise.  Today, I’m going to introduce some original work on an archetypal story structure that I call The Sinner’s Redemption. I don’t believe anyone has laid out the beat sheet for a redemption story, but I […]

What you see….what they see….

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I was a kindergarten room mom. Yes. That. And as the room mother, when the annual silent auction came around, I was in charge of gathering up donations. Oh, and making a class art project to sell at the auction. Yeah, making an art object […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Diana Belchase!

Diana Belchase grew up dreaming of castles, damsels in distress, and the gallant princes who rescued them—except sometimes it was the damsels who did the rescuing. 😉 She loves action, women who take charge, and the men who tame them. In her spare time, Diana blogs about her life in Washington, D.C. and interviews authors for […]

Get to Know Your RWA PRO Liaison, Priscilla Oliveras!!

Since we’re in our annual season of welcoming Golden Heart Finalists, I wanted to ask another special guest to join us: Priscilla Oliveras, RWA’s wonderful Pro Liaison (not to mention four-time Golden Heart nominee and soon-to-be-published Kensington author!!) The PRO Liaison represents all those RWA members (like our Golden Heart nominees) who aren’t published quite […]

Happy Fangirl Friday!

Yay! It’s the weekend! With it warming up, my thoughts start to drift toward sitting on the beach or by the lake or at the pool. And in all three daydreams I’m reading, of course.   This week Ruby Sister, Kim Law, has three great beach reads (or lake/pool reads) on sale for $0.99 each! […]

Archetypes and Storybeats Part II: The Virgin’s Promise

In last week’s blog  I discussed the Hero’s journey and the nexus between certain character archetypes that are so well-recognized that they come ready-made with their own set of story beats.  The Hero’s Journey as interpreted by Chris Vogler in his book on screenwriting (The Writer’s Journey), has been so widely read that it’s often […]

Prom – the Perfect Venue for Drama

Do you remember prom? I attended three during my high school years in the 80’s. Big hair, voluminous shoulders, and Stairway to Heaven slow dancing. Now I’m all grown up (sort of) and have a darling daughter (DD) who went to prom this past weekend. Some things have changed while other prom rituals have stood […]

Meet 2016 Golden Heart Finalist Tracey Amey!

Today we’re welcoming another Mermaid, Tracey Amey, a finalist in the Historical Romance category with MY LORD MERCENARY. Tracey comes by her knowledge of Regency life honestly. Growing up, she spent many sunny afternoons in her Nan’s front parlor in the Regency town of Cheltenham, England. With her summer visits often came trips to the […]

Meet 2016 Golden Heart Finalist Rayn Ellis!!

It’s been so much fun meeting the Mermaids so far! Today we’re welcoming Rayn Ellis, a 2016 finalist in Contemporary Romance with her manuscript SOUL SONG. After surviving 25 years as a CPA in the Corporate World, a dare to complete The 3-day Novel Contest had Rayn packing up her calculator and accounting briefs (think legal briefs, not […]

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