Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Jeanne Oates Estridge!

Today we’re welcoming another Persister, Jeanne Oates Estridge, who is a finalist for Best Paranormal Romance with her manuscript THE DEMON’S IN THE DETAILS. Jeanne lives in Riverside, Ohio with her husband of 21 years and a geriatric Australian shepherd. Her house resounds with the sounds with the sounds of keys clicking, the occasional bark, […]

Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Alexandria Bellefleur

Today we’re welcoming another Persister, 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Alexandria Bellefleur, whose manuscript WELL-PLAYED is nominated for Best Contemporary Romance! Alexandria grew up in the Pacific Northwest and still considers it home, despite now living on the opposite side of the country. When she’s not writing or reading, she can be found shipping fictional characters […]

Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Gabrielle Luthy

Today we’re welcoming another Persister, a member of the Golden Heart Class of 2018, the lovely Gabrielle Luthy!  Gabrielle is a three-time Golden Heart Finalist who took home the golden necklace in 2016 for her Contemporary Romance, SHELTER ME. This year, she has finaled in Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance with MIDNIGHT ON TOPANGA […]

Are You GDPR Ready?

Next Friday a new data-protection law goes into effect in the EU.  Why should you care?  Because all EU citizens are protected under it and if you collect data (read as: have the email address on your author mailing list) of an EU citizen, you need to make sure you are GDPR compliant.  Now, whenever […]

Travel Inspiration

Do you travel for inspiration? I love travel.  In recent years, in the interest of frugality and my starving-artist state, I’ve cut back on a lot of my more adventurous (read as: expensive) trips, but I recently came to the apex of that pendulum swing toward penny pinching and started swinging back toward the center […]

Friday Motivation

I’m a huge fan of quotes. Perhaps it’s trite, but I often find that the right mix of words can provide the perfect motivation at a certain point in time. I also had a donut this morning so I’m feeling particularly inspired! With that in mind, here’s a bit of Friday motivation to kickstart your […]

Meet 2018 Golden Heart Finalist Scarlett Peckham

Today we’re starting back up with one of our favorite Ruby Traditions: inviting members of the new class of Golden Heart Finalists to join us here on the blog! The Rubies first got together as 2009 Golden Heart Finalists, an experience which changed all of our lives for the better. And we love celebrating with […]


I’m celebrating today, because today is the release day for LOVED BY DARKNESS.  Picture me dancing nervously, waiting to see what readers of romance, mysteries, suspense think of Loved By Darkness.  Often readers ask where I get my ideas for stories.  This is how the plot came about for Loved By Darkness.  It was a […]

Not A Blue Bird In Sight

A blank page sits in front of you. The sharpened point of your pencil taps against the lined paper, or that black cursor blinks at you, mocking your muse to write something readers will find entertaining. What you envision scrawled across that page and every page afterwards may be a full-length novel, a short story […]

Words of gratitude

Writing the acknowledgments to my books has always been one of my favorite things to do, because it lets me thank all of the people who help me write a story. So I’m taking an opportunity today to tell them again just how very grateful I am for the contributions they’ve made to my writing […]

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