A Visit From My Muse

‘Twas the night before deadline, and all through the placeThe dust bunnies were mating and taking up space.The dishes were stacked in the kitchen in piles,While crumpled up notes filled the circular file. My lovers were nestled all snug in the bed, With nary a conflict to mess with their heads. And the villain in […]

Self Publishing and the Flu

Yeaph! Self publishing on flu brain. I was beyond nervous to self publish to begin with. But coming down with the flu as I’m ready to up load to retailers? Eeep. For weeks, months, I’d made notes, come to conclusions and decisions, about what I felt was right for me. I had the book edited […]

It’s Never Too Late

As 2014 draws to a close, I wanted to remind everyone that it’s not too late to follow your dreams. I know that sounds flowery and new agey and okay, a little stupid, but it’s true. Get a cup of coffee and settle back in your chair, because I have a story to tell you. […]

The End… And What to Do When It’s “Over”

  Because I enjoy things with layers, like onions and ogres, this post about “the end” has many meanings for me. First, some insight into why I’m thinking about “the end”…   Yesterday was the official release day for my romantic suspense novel, END GAME. I wrote “The End” on that book a few weeks […]

Announcing the 2015 Ruby Winter Writing Festival!!!

Caught up in the holiday frenzy? Remember to pencil in a little post-holiday gift for yourself: THE FIFTH ANNUAL RUBY SLIPPERED SISTERHOOD WINTER WRITING FESTIVAL STARTS JANUARY 12, 2015!!! If you’ve joined us for the Winter Writing Festival any time during the past four years, you know it can be a tremendously productive time, with […]

Creative Minds: Trent Reznor

This is the second post in an occasional series about how I find inspiration in other artists’ creative processes. Read the first, about Trey Parker and Matt Stone.     *** Everyone here at the Ruby Blog probably knows that I’m a complete and utter hoor for former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters’ founder and front […]

The Joy of Ritual

As we move through the holiday season, ritual seems to be on the top of everyone’s mind. From ornaments that have been in your family for years, to specific foods passed down through generations, to someone’s annual party, ritual abounds this time of year.

Holiday Travel Tips or I Hate Flying Who’s With Me

Here is the original blog that I meant to post last year, but ended up filtering out some of the rage. Here it is uncensored version. Holiday travel is stressful enough, but here are 10 things that make it even worse.   FYI—I was planning on doing a blog about nothing (think Seinfeld), but it […]

These Are A Few of My Favorite Holiday Recipes.

These days I always make my favorite thing –Reservations. My best recipes require calling up and ordering what I want then driving to pick it up. But I’m going to share a few very old favorites.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pecan (pronounced pee-can) Pie Beat 1 cup sugar, 1 1/3  cups corn syrup and ¼ cup plus […]

A Writer’s Little Helpers

Twenty years ago, the only tools I needed for a productive writing session were a sharp pencil and a fresh notepad. But that was before the internet. Now my already short attention span gets pulled in every direction. So to increase my word count or to even get a single word on the page, I […]

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