Fangirl Friday: 5.29.2015

Welcome everyone to another Fangirl Friday! The day where we gab about books…books we’ve read, books we’ve just released, books that are on sale, books that are free! I’m at Awesome Con today, our local Comic Con. I know…Amanda at a Comic Con? So not my scene. But let’s just say it’s research for a […]

This or that – Chronological order?

Today’s “this or that” question is: Do you write a book in chronological order or do you jump around? I’m in the latter group. I write scenes as they come to me. The first scene is usually first, but I nearly always write the last scene next. This process may go back to a conversation […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Cake Wrecks

Note: The four lucky winners have been chosen for the This Wedding is Doomed “Let Them Eat Cake” contest. I’ll be busy making the tiramisus in a jar to ship out. I received a lot of compliments about the giveaway, so I thought I’d give you a peek of how the idea came about. First […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Tracy Poole!

Today we’re delighted to welcome Tracy Poole, a Golden Heart Finalist in Romantic Suspense for 2015 with her manuscript A SHOT WORTH TAKING. And I get to announce some breaking news: the 2015 Golden Heart Finalists have chosen a name!!! I’ll let you know what it is right after the jump!!! Now on to our […]

The Validation Addiction

I love that pat on the back. I can’t help it. And I’m betting I’m not the only one.  Being told we’re good at something can feel like a drug, the rush is so good. Who doesn’t love being praised for a job well done? Being told how awesome and valuable we are? Personally, I […]

Fangirl Friday 5.22.15

Welcome, everyone, to another edition of Fangirl Friday! This is the day we gush about books…books we love, books we’ve read, books we’ve written, books that are on sale! We have some great Ruby releases and discounts this week, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Go fill up that e-reader! Now you […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Caroline Bradley!

Today, we’re thrilled to be introducing the first of our guests from the newly-minted Class of 2015 Golden Heart Finalists. Caroline Bradley is a nominee in the Erotic Romance category with her manuscript INDULGE MY FANTASY. It’s especially delightful to welcome her here to celebrate her Golden Heart nomination because (under another name…ssshhhh!!!) she’s been […]

Get a Room, Part II: Advanced Priceline Bidding Strategy

My first Priceline bidding tutorial gave you a couple of key cheats to master the system: how to tell which hotels you’re bidding on, understanding which zones/star levels to select, and a general strategy of deciding how much to bid. But you’re still left bidding just once every two hours, which gets old. Now you’re […]

This Wedding is Doomed: Release Day Celebration + Giveaway

I’m happy to announce that today is the release day for This Wedding is Doomed, a collaboration between four author buddies hatched up during a fun conversation over dinner and drinks. Amanda Berry, Shawntelle Madison, Stephanie Draven and myself (Jeannie Lin) thought it would be fun to write a series of stories that followed the […]

Manic Monday

As writers we’re constantly pulled in different directions. Family. Work. Marketing of our work. Health maintenance and management. Oh, and don’t forget sleep! With all the things we have to do in a day, it’s often difficult to find the time to simply write. The challenge is recognizing that all of those things are important. […]

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