Updated Golden Heart & RITA Rules!

Every year prior to conference the RWA National Board meets and makes changes to the contests.  This is the ONLY time such changes can be made because it is the only board meeting when the contest is not actively in session.  The new rules were released following the meeting and I’m sure will soon be […]

Welcome Back!!

Hope you all made it home safe and sound from RWA Nationals, everybody!!! We know most of you are in a state of combined jet-lag and emotional exhaustion and are probably soaking your feet to recover from your gorgeous-but-painful conference footwear, but we’re hoping you can take a moment to share just ONE detail that […]

Follow the Rubies at RWA National

Many of the ruby sisters will be attending the Romance Writers of America’s national conference in San Antonio this week. And we thought, instead of daily blogs about the event, it might be way more fun to post the live Twitter feed from the authors who are attending.  So here it is.  This feed will […]

Safe Travels!!

To all our wonderful friends traveling to San Antonio for the Romance Writers of America National Conference, we wish you open roads, fair skies, friendly faces everywhere, tons of inspiration, and a terrific boost to your writing career!  (An occasional cocktail with an umbrella in it wouldn’t hurt either.) During the conference, the Rubies will […]

Meet 2014 Golden Heart Finalist Ellen Lindseth!

Hard to believe, but today we’re welcoming the last of our 2014 Golden Heart Finalist guests!! (Well, conference IS next week.) Ellen Lindseth, who finaled in the Historical Romance category with her book A SOLDIER’S SERENADE, is here to share some wonderful thoughts about what turned her into a writer. But first some background: After […]

What keeps YOU sane in this crazy world of writing?

Have we talked about this here before? Probably. My mind stays so scattered these days that I have no idea, but I was just emailing the rubies last night about how I’ve had to take a bit of a step back from writing to kind of reset myself, and it got me to wondering what […]

Working titles

  I was communicating with my amazing Ruby Sister Vivi the other day, mentioning that I was having a hard time with my browser opening our blog site. She suggested that I clean my cookies. And there it was–the perfect book title. Clean My Cookies. Has that ever happened to you?  You hear a phrase […]

Spin a story in thirty words or less.

Okay I had this really nice craft post all planned and —yawn— it was boring. So now, this is what you get. A writing exercise. In my weird writing world, I take a picture and attempt to tell the story about it in as few words as possible. Why? Crafting a story in as few […]

Meet 2014 Golden Heart Finalist Jillian Lark!

Today we’re welcoming the second to last of our guests from the class of 2014 Golden Heart Finalists: Jillian Lark, whose book MUCH ADO ABOUT SCANDAL is nominated in the Historical Romance category. Jillian’s passion for the past, England, and writing began at age eight when her family moved to a late Victorian era home […]

Art, Music, and Emotion

As a stoic, unsentimental Scandinavian, it takes a LOT to make me cry in real life , but when I’m listening to music? Or experiencing some kind of art combined with music? OMG, someone pass the Kleenex. Music alone reliably opens my emotional floodgates, but combining great music with another type of art can tip […]

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