It’s Golden Heart / RITA Announcement Day!! And We’re Throwing a Cyber-Party!!

LET THE ANNOUNCEMENTS BEGIN… Those amazing Golden Heart and RITA nomination phone calls are going out today, and thousands of hopeful romance authors are trembling with anticipation as they wait to see if their phone will ring!! We’re here to cheer, commiserate, celebrate, hold hands with other nervous hopefuls, give you good company to gnaw […]

10 Ways to Kill Time Until the Call

Warning: The following post is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It’s a Ruby Reprise from a few years ago (with some minor updates), but the tips are still valid…especially the chocolate one. 😉 10 Ways to Kill Time Until the Call… GH, RITA, or THE Call It’s almost here! The day calls go out to the Golden […]

Art & Business – You Can Blend Both

I’ve had some great conversations recently with several different people in my life (writer friends, non-writer friends, extended family) and inevitably conversation swings through a variety of topics. Amazingly, if you dig under the discussion, what we’re really bubbles up is the effort it takes to combine art with business.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun – Make a Little Magic

Tomorrow is a day of magic! Leprechaun magic! Although St. Patrick’s Day is anchored in Ireland, many people off the green isle celebrate the magic of this fun day. Even though I have reddish hair and some freckles, and my dad looks like a Leprechaun, I’m not Irish. But ever since I was a wee […]

National Write Your Story Day.

Today is National Write Your Story Day. This is something dear to me so, I thought I’d do a quick drive by blog. Many, many stories are lost because they were never written down or even shared verbally. People think their stories aren’t important. I feel they all are. Every single one. Please do this […]

Finishing the Damn Book

Do you know that feeling when unfinished tasks plague you and you feel like you’re haunted by the things you haven’t completed?  Turns out there’s a scientific reason for that.  It’s called the Zeigarnik effect.  Psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik noted that waiters could remember orders in incredible detail, but as soon as they completed the task […]

My Muse is an Angsty Teenager – How to Handle Writer’s Block

As writers, at one time or another, we experience writer’s block, that hair-pulling, empty-brained void filled with silent characters, standing around doing nothing. They wait, and you wait for inspiration. Oh, wherefore art thou, muse?!   I envision my muse as a teenager (maybe because I live with some of those taciturn creatures). When my […]

The Great CP Search (Reprisal from April 2017)

If you’ve been a Ruby blog follower for a long time, you may recall my March 10th, 2011 article on critique partners — AKA cattle prods.   If you didn’t  read it, you might want to now as it’s relevant to this post. During the RWA national conference we heard from many writers looking for a CP.  I won’t […]

Coastal Magic Reconnaissance!!

Over the years, I’ve heard great things about the Coastal Magic Convention. As it says at their website, Coastal Magic is “a super casual, urban fantasy, paranormal, and romance focused convention in Daytona Beach, Florida.” Casual? Great. Super casual? Even better. Florida, during the winter? Please, tell me more! As The Most Introverted Author on […]

Closing Ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Writing Festival!!

Just like the Olympic torch, the flames of creativity have burned brightly during the WWF. But once again, we’ve reached DAY FIFTY! That means this is our final Check-In Wednesday, and time to extinguish the famous Writing Festival torch for another year.  You still have ALL DAY today to work towards your goals–nothing ends until midnight your […]

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