The September Hour-a-Day Challenge Starts Today!!

It’s here! It’s here! September is here! Most years, that hasn’t been good news for my writing productivity–I’m a teacher, and the start of each new school year is like falling down a well. (A good and noble well, to be sure, but one that swallows my time and energy whole.) For many of you, […]

Exit, Stage Left!

No, this post isn’t about the Hanna-Barbera animated  character Snagglepuss. (Yeah, I’m definitely aging myself here.) Instead, it’s about stage direction – you know, those descriptions, tags and ‘beats’ we writers use to move our characters around within the setting we’ve created. To be even more precise, this post is about UNNECESSARY stage direction. Too […]

Fangirl Friday

We have a new Ruby release this week from Vivi Andrews writing as Lizzie Shane. PLANNING ON PRINCE CHARMING by Lizzie Shane What would Cinderella do? Wedding planner Sidney Dewitt is always the fairy godmother, never the heroine of her own love story–until she’s selected for the reality dating show Marrying Mister Perfect. It might […]

In Case You Missed It – Nationals Videos Online

Were you unable to make it to the RWA National Conference in New York this year?  Did you get caught in a meeting or sleeping in after a fancy publisher party or running out to catch a Broadway show and you missed some parts?  This year, whether you were there in the ballroom or not, […]

Lessons from the Giants

I started writing when my son was eleven months old. He graduates from Junior High this coming May. I wrote my first book in under a year, at least I count it as my first book, because the other two before it weren’t fit to be coasters for the coffee table. So I wrote this […]

Creativity and The Author

Lately, in writers groups, there has been some discussion about keeping the joy in our writing. There are a bazillion answers. I think one is by indulging our other creative talents.  Yeaph. OTHER creative talents. Authors are very creative people. Think about all the other talents you have and how those creative outlets can nourish […]

Back to School=Back to Writing

Happy Monday! Why am I so happy this morning? Because my kids are all back in school today! Woot! Usually people talk about goals and new plans for productivity around January 1st, but as a mom, my “New Year” starts when the kids go back to school. So in celebration of a quiet house and […]

Fangirl Friday

We have one new Ruby release this week, and it is number 25 for our Vivi Andrews. And her tag line is perfect for so many marriages! TANGLING WITH THE TIGER It might be love. If they don’t kill each other first. Siberian tiger-shifter Dominec Giroux doesn’t play well with others. Horribly scarred by the […]

Announcing the 2015 September Hour-a-Day Challenge!

Hard to believe, but another summer’s winding to a close. For many writers, summer’s a slow time, what with family vacations and bored, housebound kids chipping away at their focus. For me, though, summer’s by far the most productive time of the year…because I’m a teacher, and the second I step back into the classroom […]

Show and Tell – Back to School

Apologies: The originally scheduled “Star Wars” edition post had to be pulled back due to me not yet having permissions for the images I wanted to post. I present to you instead a topic that is on many of our minds this week: Back To School And the twinsies already have their first assignment before […]

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