Write On 2017! – Your Vision

Every Monday I volunteer at a house of hospitality for pregnant and newly parenting women. Essentially, it’s a homeless shelter. Many of our moms have no family support or are newly released from jail or battling addiction. One of the first things our moms do once they arrive at the house is put together a […]

It’s Time for the Week One Check-In for the Winter Writing Festival!!

The Seventh Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is really rocking, with the Ruby Sisters and dozens of their always-talented friends writing their hearts out! Today we complete our FIRST FULL WEEK, and it’s time to officially check in! If you’re reading this on the Festival website (the blue site), jump on over to […]

What’s Your Process?

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you need detailed outlines and character sketches as a road map or do too many details paralyze you, making you feel like the book has already been written? Currently in the RWR, there are a series of articles about how your Myers-Briggs designation can influence your writing […]

Guy Speak

Guy Speak  – Keeping the dialogue real. This is not about a man saying one thing and meaning another. I’m discussing male dialogue in romance books. It drives me bonkers to read dialogue that has a man speaking like a woman. Male and female brains are hardwired different. While the male and female of the species have […]

Write On 2017! Your Mission

Have you heard the phrase, Eat the frog first? It references Mark Twain’s famous quote, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” When  I worked in the corporate world, this phrase essentially meant do your toughest work first, and the rest of […]

Opening Ceremonies for the 2017 Winter Writing Festival!!!!

*Joining us after Jan 10? YES, you can still be part of the Festival!! Just give yourself whatever bonus points you need to for FINDING us, and jump right in!!* And here come some of our favorite words of the year: We now declare the Seventh Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival OPEN! Let […]

Writing Regency Romance in a 21st Century World

You know when you have to throw together a dinner party at the last minute because you forgot it was your turn? (One of these days you really need to figure out that calendar thing on your phone that tells you stuff like this ahead of time.) Or your husband forgot to tell you? (Plan […]

GMC For The Author

Like successful books, successful writers have  Goals, Motivation, and Conflict. Think about it. We use GMC to build our books. As writers we are no different from the characters we set up in stories. Writers have Goals just as our characters have. We have the Motivation as to why we want to achieve our goals as do […]

Write On 2017! Prioritize Your Writing

Say it with me, writer friends: It’s time to stop clowning around and get serious about my writing! Maybe you’re a new writer hankering to finish your first novel. Or maybe you’ve been in the writing trenches a while and need to take that next BIG STEP. Get an agent. Self-publish. Quit your day job. […]

Goal-Setting Advice for the 2017 Winter Writing Festival!

The Festival starts next week! The Festival starts next week!! (Tuesday, January 10, to be exact.) I hope you’re as excited as I am, and ready for some BIG PRODUCTIVITY through what could otherwise be the dreariest part of winter.  To help you get ready, I’m re-posting a blog from previous years about how to […]

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  • Elisa Beatty: Fabulous, Catherine!! We love the make-your-own-list model. It works well for all us multi-tasking,...
  • Elisa Beatty: OMG–you made your goal with bronchitis?!!! You’re truly a star!!!! Hope you’re...
  • donnas: I MADE MY GOAL!!! It was a great first week. I hope it continues. Around 5000 new words and just though the...