Fangirl Friday (3.6.15)

Welcome to another edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now. New Ruby Releases This Week: This weeks we have a new paranormal release by Shea Berkley and we’re also featuring the previous book in the […]

Reflections on the Fifth Winter Writing Festival

Wow, the Fifth Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival went by like a microsecond blip…. or it feels that way. But I know lots of us got huge amounts of writing done, despite a brutal winter that probably had many of us longing to crawl under blankets and hide. YAY to everyone who participated, […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: The International Edible Book Festival

Calling all bakers and food artists! Have you heard of the International Edible Book Festival? It’s a worldwide phenomenon that happens on or around April 1st this year. The concept is simple: Make bookish creations that are edible. The official event is hosted by a French organization that looks rather intimidating: Local libraries host […]

Guest Annabeth Albert Talks About How the WWF Changed Her Writing Career!

Today the Rubies are welcoming a special guest, Annabeth Albert, a longtime Friend of the Rubies who first found her true writing groove during a Winter Writing Festival a few years ago. She’s here today to share some important writing lessons she’s learned that launched her professional career. Annabeth grew up sneaking romance novels under […]

2015 Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival Closing Ceremonies

It’s always hard to believe, but DAY FIFTY of the Winter Writing Festival has arrived! This is our Final Check-In Monday and Closing Ceremonies rolled into one. You still have ALL DAY today to work towards your goals–nothing ends until midnight your time. (As always, the Festival is always about YOU.) After that, though, the great Writing […]

Fangirl Friday (2.27.15)

Welcome to the last FANGIRL FRIDAY of February! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now. New Ruby Releases This Week: This weeks I’m thrilled to announce the release of the third book in Shelley Coriell’s romantic suspense series, The […]

A Sure-Fire Formula For Falling in Love?

In a recent, much ballyhooed article in the New York Times, writer Mandy Len Catron shared the story of how she fell in love—by following a formula laid out more than 20 years ago by the psychologist Arthur Aron. In the writer’s view, Aron’s method was powerful enough to make two strangers fall in love […]

Show and Tell: Lucky Money

Last Thursday (February 19) was Chinese New Year, so first off: Happy New Year! What I’ve brought for Show and Tell today are lucky money envelopes. I think most people are familiar with these pretty red things that are ubiquitous every year around late January and late February. For a bit of background, red envelopes […]

Share ANOTHER Snippet Day!!

Back on the 17th Day of the 2015 WWF I revived a tradition from previous years of asking Festival participants to share a little snippet of something they’d written during the process. As usual, the results were wonderful, diverse, funny, moving, and inspiring in all sorts of ways. Quite a few others who enjoyed the […]

Winter Writing Festival Check-In #6

Hard to believe, but we’re down to ONE FINAL WEEK in the 2015 Winter Writing Festival!! Just before the Festival started, I offered advice about goal-setting by comparing the Festival to running track and knowing how to pace yourself for a race. Some folks who started out strong in this writing mini-marathon may have come […]

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  • jbrayweber: Man… so many great books! Very proud of my Ruby sisters! Jenn!
  • katie Graykowski: Elisa, Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this together. You rock!
  • Elisa Beatty: *blushes* Thanks! It’s always a pleasure, and I got lots of back-up from Rubies like you guys!!
  • Steefsel: Officially I didn’t make my goal, I’m not even close to 50 points (again, thanks RL :( ) but to...
  • Anne Marie Becker: It did go by in a microsecond, didn’t it?! Yikes. But I got a lot done, mainly due to the...