Welcome 2015 Golden Heart and Rita Finalists!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, FINALISTS!!! Finalist call day is always a crazy, wild roller-coaster ride where nothing is certain until 2 p.m. Texas time. If your name made it onto the list of RWA finalists (see the full slate of 2015 nominees here), you accomplished something truly remarkable: you finished a manuscript, sent it out into the hands […]

Fangirl Friday (3.27.15)

Today we have two posts because we didn’t want to skip our tradition of celebrating the newest class of RITA and Golden Heart nominees, but we also didn’t want to miss a week of FANGIRL FRIDAY!  There aren’t any new Ruby Releases or discounts this week, but if you have a new book out, we’d […]

Live Blogging the 2015 Golden Heart / Rita Announcements!!!!

LET THE ANNOUNCEMENTS BEGIN… It’s time for our annual live blogging event of the 2015 Golden Heart/Rita announcements! If you entered RWA®’s Golden Heart or RITA contest, then you’re likely hovering over your phone today as you await THE CALL. So why not hang out with all the other hopefuls (many of the Rubies included) […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: RITA & Golden Heart Edition

Hold all calls, tomorrow is RITA/GH Announcement day! This of course begs for a special edition of Show and Tell Wednesday. Are you hoping for a nomination for one of these pretties? Or perhaps a chance at one of these little ladies? (The statue, not Darynda!) Announcement day is such an exciting time for us, […]

Why YA?

Yesterday I celebrated a birthday that puts me ever further away from my books’ target audience: teens. (There’s a ‘two’ in my age, and let’s leave it at that, shall we? ) Despite this, I’m in no way ready to leave high school behind me. Nor am I quite ready to see Young Adult, the […]

The Kill Shot

During the Winter Writing Festival I was in the chat room one night and we got to talking about our works in progress. While there, I mentioned that I hit a point in every single manuscript where I want to kill both my characters. Give ‘em both a big ‘ole Thelma and Louise over a […]

Fangirl Friday (3.20.13)

Welcome, ladies and gents, to another edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! The day when we Rubies gather to gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now. (And encourage you to post your book news as well!) New Ruby Releases This Week: This week we have […]

Finding the Aha Moments

Last week, for about the twelfth time, I found myself befuddled up to my eyeballs over a romantic suspense work in progress. Whether you’re a panster, like myself, or a plotter, at some point you could find fresh ideas hiding in the deepest, darkness recesses of your mind amongst a pile of crappy overused ideas. […]

Show & Tell Wednesday: Foreign Covers

Got foreign editions? The Rubies do! When I put out a call for foreign covers, I was struck by the diversity. Sometimes the publisher kept the same cover. Sometimes it was completely different. Sometimes the title was a literal translation from English, and sometimes it’s completely new. I hired translators for Spanish and Portuguese editions […]

Catch Your Muse & Win a Pot of Gold

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Do you have your green on? This fun holiday has a number of myths associated with it, one being the elusive Leprechaun. Considered a fairy who likes to cause mischief, yet also brings luck and riches, this little fellow has the makings of a great literary muse. Originally a Muse […]

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