RWA Nationals Recap – workshop highlights

We’ve been back from RWA Nationals for a week now. As always, the advice is beginning to sift into I can use that or Not for me. I’d like to recap some of my favorite (or most memorable) bits of advice from conference workshops.   If you attended, please share your favorite advice in the comments. […]

Who Are the Nice Girls Writing Naughty?

We all know writing can be a solitary profession, and it can feel even more lonely trying to get discovered in the vast sea of published writers. So two years ago this month, Ruby Sister Dani Wade pulled together a group of erotic romance writers–including her twin Ella Sheridan and Ruby Sister Lara Archer, plus […]


FANGIRL FRIDAY   It’s time for another installment of FANGIRL FRIDAY! This is where we talk about new releases, discounted books, TV shows, movies, and whatever you’re fangirling on today.   This week in binge-watching belongs to Sister Wives. Okay, I get why the ladies are in plural marriage, but I don’t get why Kody’s […]


Last week, you may have heard it was the Romance Writers of America annual conference in San Diego.  Two thousand writers converged on the Marina Marriott Marquis and discussed all things romance (sometimes while lingering by the gorgeous pool and getting sunburned over mojitos).  The workshops were informative, “imposter syndrome” became the catch-phrase of the […]

BEFORE SHE WAKES release and giveaway!

Today I’m very pleased to be celebrating my fourth release since my Ruby Golden Heart final for GHOST PLANET back in 2009. In some ways this book represents a change for me—it’s my first release of an erotica title. But BEFORE SHE WAKES is full of romance, fantasy, and sci-fi (in other words, plenty of geeky […]

RWA Nationals Recap – fangirl moments

We’re back from RWA Nationals in San Diego. As always, it was a wonderful, exhausting, inspiring place to be! I’d like to recap some of my favorite things about the conference. But there is too much to say in one post. So we’ll be making several posts–about workshops, keynotes, “data”, and–first up–fangirl moments.  If you […]


Look, it’s FANGIRL FRIDAY again! This is the place where we talk about new releases, discounted books, binge worthy TV shows, books you love, and movies. This week I’ve added stalking to Fangirl Friday because it’s the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference. Romance readers come from all over to stalk their favorite romance writers. […]

We’re at Nationals!!!

I haven’t been to the RWA National Conference since 2012, so I’m really, really excited to finally be back for San Diego!!! My little sister, Eileen Emerson, is a Golden Heart Finalist, so that gave me the excuse I needed to justify the expense. We got here yesterday as the hotel was busy transitioning from […]

Getting to Know Your Characters Through Audio

I’ve been an avid reader ever since I learned to decode strings of printed letters into words, but it’s only now that I have a smartphone that I’ve really gotten into audiobooks and podcasts. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of listening to fiction—it takes me way longer to listen to a […]


Hey y’all, I’ve taken over Fangirl Friday for the month of July! Now most of you know that I’m a little different (my mom says I was born this way) so I thought I’d change up FGF. We’ll get to the books on sale and new releases, but first, I’d like to know what you’re […]

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