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A few days ago the new Star Wars trailer released. The internet blew up immediately and by this past weekend a ton of memes, shout outs and general excitement pervaded any discussion of the film online.

Show and Tell Wednesday: Conference Swag

With RT just around the corner and the Barbara Vey luncheon coming up this weekend, conference season is officially upon us. (Well, it’s officially upon me, at least.) So it’s time for a Show and Tell about conference swag. S.W.A.G. = “Stuff we all get” I’ve scoured the internets to catch a few interesting items. […]

Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to real estate prices, it’s all about location, location, location. But in your novel location becomes all about details, details, details and which ones you choose to focus on. Can your readers imagine the locale of your story, smell the flowers, or hear the birds chirping? As many of you know, my […]

Words in the Refrigerator

It’s no secret that I enjoy food. Different food groups, different cuisines, I love it all. So when Susan Elizabeth Phillips said in a speech that it’s an all too common problem to “look for the next line of our stories in the refrigerator,” it touched my taste buds. There are many authors who deal […]

Fangirl Friday! (4.17.15)

Welcome, welcome, to a new edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! We’re changing things up this week, and our fearless leader, the lovely and talented Vivi Andrews is no longer hosting this weekly segment so she can focus on some deadlines. So you’re stuck with me for the next several weeks. New Ruby Releases This Week: There […]

It’s All About the Data!

As authors experiencing the wild world of both Indie and Traditional publishing, as well as working with authors in the capacity of Bemis Promotions, we (Liz Bemis and Jenn Stark [aka Jennifer McGowan/Jennifer Chance]) find ourselves consumed with idea of needing more data. Quick chats online or at conferences lead to more confusion than clarity, […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Cover Photo Shoots

Romance novel covers are an entity, an institution, icons in and of themselves. So let’s take a look inside cover photo shoots for this week’s Show and Tell. I followed historical author Michelle Willingham‘s series on a Viking photo shoot at the Harlequin office with great interest. Watch how they take a regular looking Joe […]

I Got Nothing…

Which is exactly what I had when I volunteered to post today. When I began typing this, I still had nothing. Oh, I could ramble. I’m very good at rambling. I can ramble with the best of them. I can ramble about rambling. See what I’m doing here? Then, I had a thought. Why don’t I […]

Simple Steps to Organization

Happy Monday! Okay, so we don’t always celebrate Mondays (unless it’s a holiday). But often Mondays are beginnings. The beginning of a new job, or a new project or even a new healthy way of life. There are many avenues to a healthy life. Today I’m going to touch on the mental health that comes […]

Fangirl Friday (4.10.15)

Welcome, ladies and gents, to another edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! The day when we Rubies gather to gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now. (And encourage you to post your book news as well!) New Ruby Releases This Week: This weeks I am […]

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