Ruby Cookie Exchange Hop

Happy Holidays Everyone! Thank you so much for joining us for our Ruby Cookie Exchange. Sixteen Ruby Sisters are sharing their fabulous, homemade cookie recipes with you. Try some out and become the star of the next neighborhood cookie exchange, holiday open house or festive party. And while you are having fun with the cookies, […]

Writing Through the Suck

There are times in every writer’s life when life gets in the way. (Like when you have seven million obligations during the holidays.) Then there are the times when the stars are perfectly aligned–you have a writers’ retreat or you’ve carved out an entire week just for writing or the husband has taken the kids […]

Announcing the Ruby Holiday Cookie Exchange Hop, Starting December 8!

Join us this coming Thursday through Monday for the Cookie Exchange Hop!! Rubies will be posting cookie recipes (plus some secret bonus giveaways!) on their websites and Facebook pages. Play along, and have a chance to win the Grand Prize: a $150 Gift Card!!

Don’t Be A Professional Holiday Victim.

Not a post on craft or writing advice. This is a reminder to be safe during the holidays.    To find out if you are a professional victim answer these questions. Do you: Leave your car unlocked in the driveway or in parking lots. Carry every credit card known to man when you shop. Leave […]

8 Handmade Gifts for Writers and other Book Lovers

Wondering what to gift the book-loving person in your life this holiday season? Tired of giving all your money to Amazon? Search no more! Here is a carefully curated list of handmade goods hat would delight any novelist / reporter / memoirist / poet / professor / librarian / teacher / essayist / reader. And since I spent a boatload of time ensuring […]

What’s next for the Golden Heart?

In November, RWA released the new schedule for the 2017 RWA Nationals Conference in Orlando. The biggest and most-talked-about change is the separation of the Awards ceremony into two events. The Golden Heart Awards ceremony will be held on Thursday (July 26) during the luncheon, with the RITA Awards ceremony being held that evening. There […]

Keep Calm and… Oh, Hell, Go Ahead and Panic !

The British are well known for their stoicism in the face of adversity. That’s what they called German bombs dropping all hours of the night whilst they huddled in bomb shelters or in their cellars and hoped for the best – adversity. When we were stationed there in the late sixties (I was a child. […]

Last Minute Tips for Finishing NaNo, a.k.a., YOU CAN STILL DO IT!!

If you hit a few speed bumps on your NaNo road this year, and you’re down more words than you reasonably think you can make up before Wednesday at midnight, I’m here to tell you: YES YOU CAN write 10,000 or 12,000 or 15,000 words or maybe even 20,000 words over the course of the […]

Free Advice Small Business: Writing Through The Holidays.

Small Business: Writing Through The Holidays If you Google writing through the holidays, you’re going to find dozens of articles written on the subject, including a great one dated last December by our own Ruby Sister Addison Fox. Many authors offer the same advice, and I’m going to bring up the same points too later, […]

A Writer’s Thanksgiving Prayer

‘A Writer’s Thanksgiving Prayer’ Thank you to the Power that has blessed me with the talent of creativity and for the fortitude to make my imagination take life. This talent gives me confidence in who I am. It has led me to a host of like souls that I now consider loved friends. It has also […]

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  • Mary McCoy: This was a lot of fun, I have gained 10 virtual pounds already just reading these recipes!
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  • Tamara Hogan: Awesome recipes, Rubies! I feel my butt getting bigger already, but sometimes sacrifices must be made....