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Ruby Debut: An Affair of Vengeance

REVIEW BY DOUBLE AGENT NIKKI NAVARRE DECLASSIFIED SUBJECT: Award-winning debut novel An Affair of Vengeance by Jamie Michele. SUMMARY: In this sleek, sexy romantic suspense, glamorously set in the South of France, CIA agent Evangeline Quill goes deep undercover as a barmaid in posh nightclub Le Banque, where her mission is to uncover the Mafia don running guns […]

My Life as a Star: Shooting Your Own Book Cover

Like many writers, I’ve had my share of disappointments along the road to becoming a pubbed author. In my case, I gritted my teeth and kept going through 6 years, 4 novels, numerous “revise and resubmit” requests, and 63 outright rejections before my debut novel—a dark Tudor romance called THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS—was accepted by Samhain […]