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Vivi Andrews was born and raised in Alaska, and still lives in the Last Frontier when she isn’t bouncing around the globe. A life-long travel addict, she's lived in nine cities—on two continents and one tropical island—while pursuing her dream of writing romance professionally.

Vivi has been published in paranormal romance since 2009 and has over twenty novels and novellas currently in print. In 2015 she launched her new contemporary romance pen name, Lizzie Shane. She was honored to be nominated for the RITA(R) for Mid-Length Contemporary Romance in 2016 for two of her Lizzie Shane releases.

Vivi is currently hard at work on her next happily-ever-after. For more about her books or the life of a nomadic romance author, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and at her respective websites: and

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Vivi's Fun Facts

Anchorage, Alaska


GH Year(s)

Completed Manuscript(s)

Contemporary & Paranormal Romance

Started Writing:

Day Job:
Writing full time (since 2009)

For Fun:
READING. Travel, swimming, watching movies, dancing, hiking, skiing, and a hopeless addiction to Reality Television.

Blog Posts from Vivi

Re-Launching an old Series

If you want to make a career as a writer, you will learn pretty quickly that this business has ups and downs.  You will have months where you think “If I make this much every month, I’ve got it made!” and months where you think “If I make this much every month, I’m totally screwed.”  […]

Writing in Series

I love romance series.  Reading them.  Writing them.  It seems even when I set out intending to write a stand-alone, by the time I get to The End I’ve got a cast of characters I can’t wait to come back to.  The good news if you’re obsessed with writing series?  Series sell.  In the Data […]

Writing at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

I don’t really love public speaking.  I like to think I’m not bad at it, but it is something I do with sheer determination rather than any sense of delight.  Last weekend, at the marvelous NOLA Written in the Stars conference, I gave two workshops with the lovely and talented Kim Law – with a […]

Sixth Check-In Day for the Winter Writing Festival!

Happy Festival Check-In Day! We’re getting close to the finish line, but we aren’t quite there yet!  There’s just one more week to go in the annual Ruby Winter Writing Festival, so if you’re on track, keep on pushing and if you’ve fallen behind, there’s still time to finish strong!  We’ve got this!  Whether you’re […]

The Words I Can’t Stop Saying

Apparently, I have a problem. Actually, it’s really more of an addiction. A sickness, technically. So what’s a girl to do when she obviously needs an intervention? Clearly, it’s time to whip out her trusty friend “Find” and figure out how to replace those pesky crutch words. Crutch words.  We all have them.  (Or at […]

What’s Your Process?

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you need detailed outlines and character sketches as a road map or do too many details paralyze you, making you feel like the book has already been written? Currently in the RWR, there are a series of articles about how your Myers-Briggs designation can influence your writing […]

Writing Through the Suck

There are times in every writer’s life when life gets in the way. (Like when you have seven million obligations during the holidays.) Then there are the times when the stars are perfectly aligned–you have a writers’ retreat or you’ve carved out an entire week just for writing or the husband has taken the kids […]

The Day It All Began…

Do you remember the first day you sat down to write a story? The moment when you went from being an aspiring writer or someone who sometimes thought about writing to actually becoming a writer? How old were you? Ten? Thirty? Sixty-five? I think whenever and however we sit down to do it, there is […]

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