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Though she was always an avid reader, Ava Blackstone didn’t discover her love for writing until she’d obtained her PhD in chemistry. As an alternative to the structured world of science, and with a little motivation from her husband, she began writing romance novels. Now she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ava is a winner and two-time finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest and has published five short romance stories in Woman’s World magazine. She is currently hard at work on the next contemporary romance in her Voretti Family series. You can find her on the web at:

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2009, 2011


Started Writing:
In elementary school

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Cook, hike, read

Blog Posts from Ava

The Book Description and Ad Copy are Your Friends

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about why I had (reluctantly) embraced the synopsis. You can read the whole thing here, but the basic idea is this: by writing the synopsis before I started to write the book, I could make sure I had a story that was properly structured, with turning points […]

Writing Books With Overlapping Timelines

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that the same set of events from the point-of-view of two different people can result in two completely different stories. So it shouldn’t have surprised me that I’d end up writing books with overlapping timelines—that way I get to explore the same events from multiple perspectives. But, the […]

Getting to Know Your Characters Through Audio

I’ve been an avid reader ever since I learned to decode strings of printed letters into words, but it’s only now that I have a smartphone that I’ve really gotten into audiobooks and podcasts. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of listening to fiction—it takes me way longer to listen to a […]

Accidental Hitchhiker: The Story Behind the Story

People often ask writers where we get our ideas. Mine come from anywhere and everywhere—a dream, a snippet of conversation overheard in a bar, a walk with my husband. After that initial burst of inspiration, I build on the idea. Expand and improve it as only a romance writer can, making it more. More exciting. […]

The Accidental Series

When I started writing Marriage: Impossible, it wasn’t supposed to be the first book in my Voretti family series. It wasn’t supposed to be the first book in any series. It was a one-off experiment to see what would happen if I threw all my favorite romance tropes into a single novella. It never occurred […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday, and I can’t wait to spend the weekend relaxing with a good book. Today we have TWO new Ruby releases to celebrate–TEXAS ROSE FOREVER by Katie Graykowski and STRANGE BEHAVIOR by Bev Pettersen! And Lizzie Shane’s COURTING TROUBLE is FREE on Amazon for Friday and Saturday only. Read on for all the details. […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday! I hope everyone had a productive week, and is ready to spend the weekend relaxing with a good book. If you like YA, you’re in luck, because Elizabeth Langston’s I WISH is on sale until 3/14!    I WISH by Elizabeth Langston On sale for $0.99! What she needs is a miracle. What […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday again, and we have some great weekend reads for you! The first four books in Heather McCollum’s DRAGONFLY CHRONICLES series are on sale–you can buy them individually for only $2, or buy the whole bundle and save even more. Kim Law’s SUGAR SPRINGS series is on sale in the UK (£1) and Australia […]

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