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Rita writes sexy romantic suspense novels and women's fiction that center around strong heroines. She has lived in several states and traveled extensively outside the US. She resides on a barrier island on the east coast of Florida.

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Ruby Boots


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Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction

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I’ve been a story teller since I could talk. As a child I put on ‘productions’ for the entertainment of my large extended family. Writing began in high school. Wrote a play for the history class to perform for the school. Wrote some other things that no one saw-wish I had them now. Then nothing until about three years ago.

Day Job:
I write full time

For Fun:
Rassel gators

Blog Posts from Rita

Where Do Stories Come From?

In the top five questions authors are asked is: “Where do you get your stories?”  When asked this I quickly said, “the Amazon story store.”  I mean, Amazon sells live lady bugs and rents goats, why not sell stories?  But alas, I had to stop saying that because too many wannabe write-a-book-in-a-weekend writers asked me […]

Self Publishing and the Flu

Yeaph! Self publishing on flu brain. I was beyond nervous to self publish to begin with. But coming down with the flu as I’m ready to up load to retailers? Eeep. For weeks, months, I’d made notes, come to conclusions and decisions, about what I felt was right for me. I had the book edited […]

These Are A Few of My Favorite Holiday Recipes.

These days I always make my favorite thing –Reservations. My best recipes require calling up and ordering what I want then driving to pick it up. But I’m going to share a few very old favorites.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pecan (pronounced pee-can) Pie Beat 1 cup sugar, 1 1/3  cups corn syrup and ¼ cup plus […]

Thoughts On Writing From Authors.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes. Enjoy.  Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way. ~ Eileen Caddy If you […]

How Do I Love Thee

Let’s play, How Do Your Characters Feel About Each Other. Our heroes and heroines love one another. As romance authors, no matter the sub-genre, we build the love between our characters. Sometimes slowly, other times quite rapidly. I’ve learned asking my H&H to describe how they feel about their relationship makes writing their romance much […]

Spin a story in thirty words or less.

Okay I had this really nice craft post all planned and —yawn— it was boring. So now, this is what you get. A writing exercise. In my weird writing world, I take a picture and attempt to tell the story about it in as few words as possible. Why? Crafting a story in as few […]


YOU MAY BE A WRITER IF:   You go to work in your PJs. GMC means something different than a vehicle. You buy chocolate in bulk. You’re at a restaurant brainstorming/plotting and a guy comes to your table, shows you his badge and wants to know who you’re plotting to kill. You visit the White […]

Character Flaws

  Simplistically, a Character Flaw is what keeps your character from moving on. You, the author, have them figure out this flaw isn’t working for them. They make the change and this becomes the character arc. I feel a character’s flaw draws me into their world. Phew! I’m a little nervous talking about this because it’s a subject […]

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