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About me. I write sexy romantic suspense novels that center around strong heroines. I’ve always had stories in me. Some teachers and adults chose to call them lies. But piff, whatever you call them, I’m still sharing them. I married a Marine, a man I’d known since I was fourteen and had actually met when I was eleven. I’m fortunate to have lived many places and traveled to the states and countries I didn’t live. I moved back to the barrier island in Florida where I grew up and now spend time writing, weaving my experiences into my stories. My first books have heroes and heroines in the military or government service. But, I’ve started on a new series of books with collections of short stories.
I’m looking forward to writing more strong heroines and the men they love, and many, many short stories.

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Ruby Boots


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Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction

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I’ve been a story teller since I could talk. As a child I put on ‘productions’ for the entertainment of my large extended family. Writing began in high school. Wrote a play for the history class to perform for the school. Wrote some other things that no one saw-wish I had them now. Then nothing until about three years ago.

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I write full time

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Rassel gators

Blog Posts from Rita

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during March in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As one writer to another I’m asking you to take some time and talk to the women in your family to […]

Writers are Super Heroes.

Their Superpowers are: Imagination, Curiosity, and Creativity. Imagination. Writers are blessed/cursed with wild, vivid imaginations capable of great things.  Imagination is everything to a writer. It’s a way to preview life’s coming attractions. It’s the ability to change the past in our mind’s eye. Writers imagine stories everywhere. Through our senses, into our minds, we ingest […]

Guy Speak

Guy Speak  – Keeping the dialogue real. This is not about a man saying one thing and meaning another. I’m discussing male dialogue in romance books. It drives me bonkers to read dialogue that has a man speaking like a woman. Male and female brains are hardwired different. While the male and female of the species have […]

GMC For The Author

Like successful books, successful writers have  Goals, Motivation, and Conflict. Think about it. We use GMC to build our books. As writers we are no different from the characters we set up in stories. Writers have Goals just as our characters have. We have the Motivation as to why we want to achieve our goals as do […]

Don’t Be A Professional Holiday Victim.

Not a post on craft or writing advice. This is a reminder to be safe during the holidays.    To find out if you are a professional victim answer these questions. Do you: Leave your car unlocked in the driveway or in parking lots. Carry every credit card known to man when you shop. Leave […]

Veteran’s Day

This is a Ruby post from five years ago. Nothing has changed except we’re all a bit older. Please take the time today to give your special veteran a hug.  

Prompts To Get Your Writing Motor Running.

Some fun today to pump your writing hormones. Give me a story with no more than 50 words from one, or each, of these writing prompts. FIRST. One of the last shipments to a U.S. research base in Antarctica before the onset of winter darkness was 16,500 condoms for a crew of 125 people. BTW […]

Writing Romantic Suspense

In Romantic Suspense there are two distinct stories. The suspense and the romance. RWA defines romantic suspense as a romance novel in which suspense, mystery, or thriller elements constitute an integral part of the plot. You need a strong suspense story and a strong romance. Then you weave the two together perfectly. Today I’m only […]

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