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Kate has found historical romance fits her to a tee, since she discovered romance in an era most consider historical these days. A lifelong reader, she began writing when her three children were grown and no longer dragging her away from the typewriter every thirty seconds. Now she writes on a computer, which is faster, except when her very own historical hero calls.

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Back of beyond, NC

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too numerous to count

romantic historical mystery

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retired, thank you, Lord

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boating, swimming

Blog Posts from Kate

2016 Ruby Winter Writing Festival Check-In Monday #3

Wow! We’re almost half way there. Or to put it another way, it’s February, ready or not. Have you been working hard to make those goals you set three weeks ago? Those goals that didn’t seem so daunting then may look like Mt. Everest now. Or if you’re lucky, those lofty goals look easy now. […]

2016 Ruby Winter Writing Festival Check-In Monday #2

Woo-Hoo! We’ve been writing up a storm for the past 14 days with the Winter Writing Festival, and now it’s time to report in. Success? Failure? They’re all relative, since one week’s failure may lead to the next week’s success. We hope you’ve been going from success to success, but even if you haven’t, let […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and our minds have turned to cyber Monday and shopping. First, being a historical romance reader, I have to mention the seasonal historical romance anthology list Madeline Hunter has in her USA Today column HEA this week.   Some of the Ruby sisters have novellas mentioned. Jacie Floyd has this bit […]

Fangirl Friday

The Conspiring Woman by Kate Parker debuted this week. The fourth Georgia Fenchurch/Victorian Bookshop Mystery goes into late-Victorian London in search of a missing child and his mother. Georgia is almost alone as this case begins. Aunt Phyllida is nursing a friend through pneumonia. Emma is on her honeymoon. The Duke of Blackford has traveled […]

Fangirl Friday

Harlequin is holding a huge sale until November 17th. All Jeannie Lin’s Historicals and Undones are on sale for $1.99.       Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo AppleGoogle       Liz Talley has a bunch of books in this Harlequin sale. Check out for the ones selling for $1.99 Anne Marie Becker […]

Fangirl Friday – Early Christmas edition

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Lizzie Shane Only 99 cents! All she wants this Christmas is to get home and put this disastrous year behind her, but when Samantha Whitney boards her flight to Chicago she finds the man in the seat next to hers is none other than Jase MacGregor, her first love who shattered […]

Working Together

While working together isn’t a true collaboration such as you think of when reading James Patterson with (take your pick), an anthology or boxed set takes a lot of coordination and working together. I’ve never done a boxed set, but I’ve been in two anthologies now (Christmas Revels and Christmas Revels II) with fellow Ruby […]

Timeliness is next to Godliness

I’m waiting for a painter to show up for his 8:30 appointment to get a color swatch so he can work on my house. It’s now 10:15. Getting excited won’t do me any good. Around here, we call it Carolina time. Joke: The workman said he’ll be there on Tuesday. He is, but you never know […]

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