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Kate has found historical romance fits her to a tee, since she discovered romance in an era most consider historical these days. A lifelong reader, she began writing when her three children were grown and no longer dragging her away from the typewriter every thirty seconds. Now she writes on a computer, which is faster, except when her very own historical hero calls.

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Back of beyond, NC

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too numerous to count

romantic historical mystery

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retired, thank you, Lord

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boating, swimming

Blog Posts from Kate

The Royal Assassin and Fangirl Friday

Ruby Sister Kate Parker’s newest arrived this week with a pretty cover perfect for a royal bride who is an accomplished painter. Princess Kira, great-granddaughter of Nicholas I of Russia, is engaged to the Duke of Sussex, great-grandson of George III of Great Britain. There will be a royal wedding, if the bride and groom […]

Convention Season

Happy Monday Everyone! This is usually where we Rubies feature something we like to call Real Life Monday. And guess what – I think Kate is having a real life crazy Monday. For some reason, her post hasn’t gone up and we are all checking back to see if her wisdom on the convention season […]

Words in the Refrigerator

It’s no secret that I enjoy food. Different food groups, different cuisines, I love it all. So when Susan Elizabeth Phillips said in a speech that it’s an all too common problem to “look for the next line of our stories in the refrigerator,” it touched my taste buds. There are many authors who deal […]

Choose your poison

For some reason, my husband got nervous tonight when he found me cooking dinner and reading a book on poisons. If only he knew how normal this is in our house… Research is a passion of mine, as it is with many authors. At the moment I’m struggling with Christmastime poisons in regency England. In […]

The Ruby Party

The 2016 Presidential race has begun. The fact that the election is about 590 days away shouldn’t deter anyone wanting to enter the field for the highest elected office in the U.S. So, without further ado, we announce the formation of the Ruby Party! While other politicians throw their hats into the ring, we’re throwing […]

Winter Writing Festival Check in #2

Loud and proud, ladies! Loud and proud! This is the second Check-In Monday for the 2015 Winter Writing Festival, and I want you to put I MADE MY GOALS! at the top of your post. I hope everybody can, but please put it up there only if you did make your goals. That might seem […]

Louisa Cornell’s debut

Ruby Sister Louisa Cornell is having her publishing debut this week in the Regency anthology Christmas Revels with fellow Ruby sister Kate Parker along with Hannah Meredith and Anna D. Allen. Kate asks Louisa: Tell us about your path to publication. Time, awards, manuscripts…. I have wanted to be a writer since I was nine years […]

Back Home Again

Not only does a sense of place permeate our writing, but I believe it’s a draw for our readers. The first place I became aware of in books was Saint Mary Mead, the home of Miss Jane Marple. An English village, it appeared both before and after the Second World War in many Agatha Christie […]

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