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Ruby Release: Perfect Summer by Katie Graykowski

Today, I’m interviewing author Katie Graykowski about her new book Perfect Summer.  Because I am Katie Graykowski and I’m also interviewing Katie Graykowski you can imagine this was a very difficult interview.  We delve deeply into the psyche and some might call psychosis that is a writer.  With my finely honed interviewing skills (in 5th […]

Today’s my birthday!

Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday dear meeeee.  Happy birthday to me. Today is my 42nd birthday.  In my family, birthdays are very special.  My father died at the age of 59 and my sister died at the age of 39, so every birthday is a personal triumph. Every year my […]

Be a Hero Today

When I agreed to take the blog spot for September 11th, I thought it would be easy. I’d do a piece about where I was thirteen years ago today.  The more I thought about it, the harder it became.  I don’t want to remember the horror and the heartache that goes along with where I […]

Frequent Flyer-Seven Deadly Sins

Frequent Flyer-Seven Deadly Sins   In all fairness, I should warn you that this isn’t a writing craft or a publishing business piece and you will learn nothing useful.  But you’re going to laugh…A LOT.  For many years, I was a business traveler and here are my Seven Deadly Sins of airline flight. Lust- Lusting […]

Ruby Release: Jamie Michele, An Affair of Deceit

Congrats to Ruby Sister Jamie Michele on the release this week of her second book, An Affair of Deceit. Her first book, An Affair of Vengeance, was a terrific, taut thriller with a great, sexy love story. Here’s a blurb for the sequel: A father’s sins. A daughter’s loyalty. A lover’s protection. When a charming […]

5 Things Every Contest Newbie Should Know

The Secret Formula of Storytelling Everyone is looking for a shortcut…a secret formula that will turn a flat, boring manuscript into a RITA award winner that makes real men weep and lines your pockets with so much cash you can buy a private jet and a cabana boy. Either there isn’t a formula or it’s […]