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Jamie Michele is a 2009 Golden Heart winner who lives in Maryland with her husband, three cats, and varying numbers and species of foster animals. She's a member of the Romance Writers of America and is the Hospitality Director of the Maryland Romance Writers. With the support of her husband, Jamie writes romance novels full time.

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Ruby Chameleon


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Completed Manuscript(s)
Romance or Retribution; Loving Abandon

Romantic Suspense

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For Fun:
Volunteer at zoo; foster for SPCA; play volleyball

Blog Posts from Jamie

Marketing That Clicks: What Works On You?

I usually ignore Facebook ads that pop up in my newsfeed, but today, I saw one that made my heartbeat quicken. The ad was from the Facebook page of Bulgari, the maker of several perfumes I adore, announcing the release of a new Omnia fragrance. “Omnia Indian Garnet,” it said. “Click to Experience.” Indian Garnet? […]

Foreign Affairs: An Interrogation Report for Suspected Russian Spy

SUBJECT:  Ex-KGB Agent Nikolai Markov, hero of THE RUSSIAN TEMPTATION by Nikki Navarre INTERROGATOR:  CIA Agent James Riley, hero of AN AFFAIR OF DECEIT by Jamie Michele LOCATION:  CIA Interrogation Facility, Washington, D.C. DATE:  Yesterday  RILEY:  Given these anomalies in your travel documents and your, ah, colorful history, you’ll understand why we need to ask […]

Interrogation of Suspected Double Agent: Nikki Navarre

Q&A with Ruby Sister in Disguise Nikki Navarre Interrogated by:  Jamie Michele   DOSSIER SUBJECT: Nikki Navarre ASSIGNMENT: Double Agent COVER: Diplomat.  Playgirl.  Author of The Russian Seduction. Nikki Navarre is the diabolical twin of unsuspecting historical romance author and Ruby Sis Laura Navarre.  Her literary credentials are suspiciously similar to those of her innocent […]

Harlequin Presents: A Master Class in Internal Conflict

Billionaire heroes so domineering, hard-headed, and Alpha that they dismiss all women as silly, dangerous distractions that must be avoided. Ugly duckling heroines so sweet, shy, and virginal that they are actually virgins. You guessed it: I’m talking about Harlequin Presents novels.

Golden Heart Survey Results Revealed!

Last Friday, I posted a link to a survey to gauge reader intentions for the upcoming Golden Heart contest for unpublished romance manuscripts. Today, I reveal the results!

2012 Golden Heart Survey: What are your plans?

What are your plans for the 2012 Golden Heart contest for unpublished romance manuscripts? Many members of our Ruby-Slippered Sister community are ineligible this year (congratulations to you — and you can still take the survey), but I know I’m not the only one still hunting for that book deal. So spill the beans! Click […]

Ruby Release Spotlight: In the Presence of Evil by Autumn Jordon

Today we celebrate Autumn Jordon’s third release, IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL, a thrilling romantic suspense in which the Russian mafia infiltrates the heart of a small Pennsylvania town and forces an independent young banker to accept the help of the strong-willed rogue she loved — and lost — as a teen. In handcuffs for […]

Live Blogging the 2011 Rita and Golden Heart Finalist Announcements

NEWSFLASH! 2011 Golden Heart Finalists, join your new friends at your private Yahoo Group. Visit to request an invitation (I think). Group email: Put on your big-girl (or big-boy) panties and stick by the phone, because today’s the day you might be getting the call that launches your career! In case you didn’t know, every […]

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