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JEANNIE LIN grew up fascinated with stories of Western epic fantasy as well as Eastern martial arts adventures. She started working on her first romance novel while she was teaching high school science. After four years of trying to break into the romance market with an Asian set historical, her 2009 Golden Heart® winning manuscript, Butterfly Swords, sold to Harlequin Mills & Boon. In her writing fantasies, Jeannie inhabits the rivers and lakes of Tang Dynasty China. In the real world, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her wonderfully supportive husband.

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Ruby Dragon

St. Louis


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Historical romance, Women’s fiction

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Healthcare IT consultant

For Fun:
Cooking, Drawing

Blog Posts from Jeannie

Show and Tell Wednesday: Cover Photo Shoots

Romance novel covers are an entity, an institution, icons in and of themselves. So let’s take a look inside cover photo shoots for this week’s Show and Tell. I followed historical author Michelle Willingham‘s series on a Viking photo shoot at the Harlequin office with great interest. Watch how they take a regular looking Joe […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Fonts!

Wait…Fonts? Like the letters? Yup. As writers and readers, we look at fonts all the time, but I bet you never think of them. How very important having the right font is. How it can effect the way you consume, process and enjoy text.

Show and Tell Wednesday: RSS Edible Book Festival

A month ago, we announced the first Ruby Slipper Edible Book Festival. Shortly afterwards, I embarked upon my most ambitious cake journey yet. First I looked up a good vanilla sponge cake recipe. I wanted something sturdy and tasty. Word on the street is the Cake Boss’ recipe is THE ONE. (The secret is to […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: RITA & Golden Heart Edition

Hold all calls, tomorrow is RITA/GH Announcement day! This of course begs for a special edition of Show and Tell Wednesday. Are you hoping for a nomination for one of these pretties? Or perhaps a chance at one of these little ladies? (The statue, not Darynda!) Announcement day is such an exciting time for us, […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Ancient Texts Revisited

When I was at UCLA, I took an honors seminar on the history of medicine that was taught in the rare book room in the library. I imagined there would be old dusty tomes laying about, inscribed by hand with archaic illustrations. Turned out all the really rare volumes were locked away, but it was […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: The International Edible Book Festival

Calling all bakers and food artists! Have you heard of the International Edible Book Festival? It’s a worldwide phenomenon that happens on or around April 1st this year. The concept is simple: Make bookish creations that are edible. The official event is hosted by a French organization that looks rather intimidating: Local libraries host […]

Show and Tell: Lucky Money

Last Thursday (February 19) was Chinese New Year, so first off: Happy New Year! What I’ve brought for Show and Tell today are lucky money envelopes. I think most people are familiar with these pretty red things that are ubiquitous every year around late January and late February. For a bit of background, red envelopes […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Merchandising!

What, you mean like action figures? Romance hero underoos? Well, not quite. But author merchandising is definitely an up and coming….or an already here…thing that’s worth taking a look at, which is why I chose it as the topic of this week’s Show and Tell. I always see Julie Kagawa tweeting about her Etsy store, […]

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