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JEANNIE LIN grew up fascinated with stories of Western epic fantasy as well as Eastern martial arts adventures. She started working on her first romance novel while she was teaching high school science. After four years of trying to break into the romance market with an Asian set historical, her 2009 Golden Heart® winning manuscript, Butterfly Swords, sold to Harlequin Mills & Boon. In her writing fantasies, Jeannie inhabits the rivers and lakes of Tang Dynasty China. In the real world, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her wonderfully supportive husband.

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Ruby Dragon

St. Louis


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Historical romance, Women’s fiction

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Healthcare IT consultant

For Fun:
Cooking, Drawing

Blog Posts from Jeannie

Happy New Year — Take 2!

Are you ready for the Lunar New Year on Friday, January 31st?

The Emerald City Conference & Giveaway

I took my Ruby Slippers up to the Emerald City last weekend…the Emerald City RWA conference in Seattle that is! And yes, my shoes were red. That’s the end of that metaphor, but I managed to “catch” a bit of good luck that I must pass on to you. First of, I ended up going […]

The Lotus Palace Release & My Crazy FB Experiment

Today is the official release day for my first single-title, THE LOTUS PALACE…huzzah!! But what I wanted to talk about–because I can’t just concentrate on what I should be doing for a release….no….I have to come up with some new scheme to try out… What I wanted to talk to you about was my crazy […]

To Swag or Not to Swag?

SWAG=Stuff we all get or insert flashier word for “stuff” AKA: Bookmarks, chotchkies, knick-knacks, giveaways: As we head into the heart of conference seasons, this is an important question. There’s some debate about this, so let’s cut to the chase. All opinions are solely mine: Q: Does SWAG sell books?

My First Time at BookExpo America

I had always looked upon the reports from BookExpo America in New York, the big Lollapalooza of the publishing world, with envy. So this year I filled out the RWA application for authors to sign at BEA. I had two books coming out, first The Sword Dancer pretty much right on the toes of the […]

Zombies and Bite-sized Stories

Bite-sized. *snicker* Count me in on the whole zombie craze thing. I watch The Walking Dead on Sundays and wait anxiously between seasons for the next installment to start (why are those seasons, like, only six episodes long!?!). I’ve read Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide from cover to cover and have had the “what would […]

Does the Golden Heart mean now what it meant then?

It’s been four years since the 2009 Golden Heart nominations were announced and the group that would become the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood came together. When I look back at all the success stories we’ve shared among ourselves, they run the entire length and breadth of the publishing spectrum: from sisters who directly sold their first book […]

Is Blogging Dead?

You know how it goes… You spend hours writing a thoughtful post and no one sees it You’re giving away free books, gift cards, candy and your first born child, and there are only two comments You’re guest blogging somewhere and you have to BEG your friends and family to go over and comment so […]

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