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JEANNIE LIN grew up fascinated with stories of Western epic fantasy as well as Eastern martial arts adventures. She started working on her first romance novel while she was teaching high school science. After four years of trying to break into the romance market with an Asian set historical, her 2009 Golden Heart® winning manuscript, Butterfly Swords, sold to Harlequin Mills & Boon. In her writing fantasies, Jeannie inhabits the rivers and lakes of Tang Dynasty China. In the real world, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her wonderfully supportive husband.

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Ruby Dragon

St. Louis


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Historical romance, Women’s fiction

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Healthcare IT consultant

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Cooking, Drawing

Blog Posts from Jeannie

Show and Tell Wednesday: Infographics

In honor of the Ruby Accountability Group as well as upcoming NanoWriMo season, I thought this infographic was appropriate:  by Anna Vital at They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and never was this more true than now in the age of Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and the list goes […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Baseball. Just Baseball.

At an ice cream social for my twinsies’ school, they had a silent auction. I made a tactical error and bid on two sets of Cardinals’ tickets, hoping to win one. Guess who ended up with two sets of tickets the same week? Things have been so crazy around here with the house stuff and […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Choose Your Own Adventures

Remember these? I used to go through them like candy. I recently learned that they’re now printing new ones and of course had to grab the Tang Dynasty set CYOA: Chinese Dragons. Choose Your Own Adventures are not just for kids. There’s quite a glut of romance and erotic adventures. Don’t you love the alliterative […]

Show and Tell Wednesday – Star Wars Edition

So I learned that last Friday was dubbed “Force Friday”, a special date where a bunch of Star Wars merchandise was released into the wild to drum up a commercial frenzy prior to the release of the next installment – “The Force Awakens” in theaters in December. As I set out for my normal round […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Book Nooks

All my life, I’ve wanted a room for just my books. With the new house, I finally have a study/library that’s all my own. Well, I do share with the twinsies and the cat–it is the best room in the house, after all. But it gets better! Look at what else the room has… A […]

Show and Tell – Back to School

Apologies: The originally scheduled “Star Wars” edition post had to be pulled back due to me not yet having permissions for the images I wanted to post. I present to you instead a topic that is on many of our minds this week: Back To School And the twinsies already have their first assignment before […]

Show and Tell Wednesday – Vintage romance covers

I was looking for public domain romance cover images, as one does, and came across these from, a repository of scanned comic book covers in the public domain. What can I say? I LOVE the titles. I think they’d still work today! The love triangle. A timeless trope indeed. Aww, the classic clinch cover. […]

Show and Tell Wednesday – Coloring Books

There are few things I’m braggish about, but one of them is coloring. I’ve got mad coloring skills. Hubby chuckles whenever it happens. I’ll sit down or kneel down next to my twinsies as they color (which usually to them means a few scribbles before peeling crayons and breaking them). Or I’ll pick up a […]

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