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Being a product of the Midwest, Jacie believes it is the best and most under-rated place to live, except for the crazy unpredictability of the weather. Feeling certain she was an island girl in a past life, she struggles with the bitter cold winters of Southwest Ohio.

From her first Nancy Drew mystery, she's been an avid reader and occasional writer. After marrying the man of her dreams and giving birth to the world’s two best children, she spent many years as a wife and mother with an interesting variety of nine-to-five jobs. Eventually, the desire to create her own stories took over.

As a member of the Romance Writers of America, she took the time to learn the craft and completed more than eight contemporary manuscripts. As an unpublished author, it was her great honor to be named a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist and two-time Golden Heart™ winner by RWA.

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Jacqueline's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Pink

Cincinnati, Ohio

No way

GH Year(s)
2001 (2X!), 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013

Completed Manuscript(s)

Short/long/single title/contemporary

Started Writing:

Day Job:
Full time writer

For Fun:
Travel, reading, cooking, family outings

Blog Posts from Jacqueline


I wake up with dread, knowing I have an ironclad this-is-really-it deadline looming. I’ve delayed long enough. The book is written, but other tasks MUST be completed. Final edits. Uploading files. Newsletter draft. Create ads. Schedule a blog tour. Secure beta readers. Update website. On and on. These tasks are not my strong points, but […]

Heart, Heat, Hope, and Humor

No surprise here, but I have closets full of ‘keeper’ books that go back decades. Crisp contemporaries, crumbling high school favorites, bold and sweeping historicals, witty chick-lit, proper regencies, and romantic suspense. I love them all.               Early in my writing career, I studied my keepers to determine what—beyond plot—had me clinging to this particular […]

Superstitions: Find a Penny, Pick It Up

Hurray! Today is the book birthday of CURSED BY LOVE, the second book in my Good Riders Series. While writing this book, I studied long lists of good luck/bad luck superstitions. And believe me, there are some odd ones out there. In CURSED BY LOVE, the heroine, Molly Webber, is a superstitious schoolteacher who doesn’t […]

What’s Your Favorite Line?

As I prepare to jump into the self-publishing world under the name of Jacie Floyd in the next few days, I’ve been thinking about what makes a book memorable for readers. What makes it stand out? What do I look for when I’m reading? An amazing, creative plot? Sure. Great characters? Maybe. Fast pace? Unusual […]

Conference 411

Been there, done that. Ready to do it all again. From Dallas, in 1996, to New York, in 2011, I’ve attended fourteen RWA National Conferences. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, conference newbie or veteran, your experience in Atlanta promises to be overwhelming and exhilarating, as well as physically and emotionally draining. Today, as […]