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An unapologetic Shoe Slut with a penchant for red, Gwynlyn is married with three grown children, a precious granddaughter, an impatient-to-be-born grandson who scared her silly with his early arrival, another grandson due this May, two molting huskies, two cats (the hurt one found in the yard decided to stay), and despite it all, is still, after 30+ years, living her own HEA with her beloved Hubble. She writes historical romance set in the medieval period, but also has a love of science fiction and has several Sci-Fi manuscripts in the works.

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Gwynlyn's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Good Witch

Philadelphia, PA


GH Year(s)
2007, 2009 & 2011, 2014

Completed Manuscript(s)
The Seer, The Dreamer, The Starship & the Sword.

Historical, Science Fiction

Started Writing:
Neolithic Era

Blog Posts from Gwynlyn

Pipe Dreams, TV, and Random Research

A writer looking out the window is a writer at work.  A writer sitting on a bench eavesdropping on a conversation is a writer at work.  Even a writer crammed into a tiny, cluttered space searching the internet while a cat wiggles his way into more and more of her chair is a writer at work—as you can see.  The […]


I love words.  I love their subtlety, their brashness, their clarity, their obfuscation, their evocativeness, their sass, and so much more. Like people, words are multifaceted, imbued with both brilliance and occlusions, light and dark.  They can be courtesans or prostitutes, elusive and elegant or bold and blowsy, similar but not the same, available to anyone with the […]

Guest Author Kristina McMorris: Writing Dual Timelines

I realized from the beginning writing dual timelines was going to be a challenge; I’d never before attempted to interweave past and present storylines into a single novel. Yet due to the nature of what would ultimately become my latest release, The Pieces We Keep—in which a boy’s dreams are mysteriously linked to family secrets […]

Looking Back, Reaching Forward

It was after 1 a.m on this day several decades ago when I woke my husband to say, “It’s time.” After getting the two other children to the sitter and a comedy fit for the Keystone Cops (Hubble sent my suitcase flying across the parking lot when I couldn’t get out of the car.  He tried to […]


The post on The Power of Words will have to wait for another day.  Recent events made it seem irrelevant.  There’s a time for that kind of post, but that time isn’t now. I don’t have to rehash the news for you.  You know what’s happened and what is happening.  But for some, it’s not […]

Ruby Release–Last Chance Book Club

Savannah White is running from a bad situation, back to the only place she ever really felt loved.  But much has changed since she last visited Last Chance.  For one thing, it’s cold.  Savannah always visited during the summer.  Thanks to the the early spring chill, the town feels different than she remembers.  For another, […]

Who Wants to be a Hero?

Okay, I admit it; I am a Science Fiction geek, and I loved Farscape.  The whole premise excited my imagination —which is normal, considering I write futuristic Sci-Fi Romance when not dealing with lords and ladies.  However, as much as I enjoyed the show, it’s the beginning—available in the music video above—that really spoke to me. “Look, I […]

Sometimes the Mirror Lies

During my teens, Max Factor and Mary Quant dominated the make-up aisles.  Periwinkle-blue cream eyeshadow (looked like silvery-blue foil), Petal Pink lipstick (one drop of blood in a vat of chalk would have had more color), thick, black eyeliner, and blackest-black mascara applied with a trowel to lashes later separated with either a straight or safety […]

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