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Elizabeth Langston was born in Memphis and raised in Tupelo, MS (the reverse Elvis). Elizabeth is a computer geek by day and an author of YA fiction by night. A three-time Golden Heart finalist, Elizabeth now lives in North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. THE POSSIBILITY OF SOMEWHERE (writing as Julia Day), her first YA contemporary romance, releases in September 2016. Elizabeth also has 2 YA magical realism series out, WHISPER FALLS and I WISH.

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Elizabeth's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Ruby Wishes


GH Year(s)
2005 2007 2009

Completed Manuscript(s)
The Possibility of Somewhere, Whisper Falls, I Wish


Started Writing:
fall 2000

Day Job:
software quality analyst

For Fun:
travel, obsess over SYTYCD

Blog Posts from Elizabeth

Demystifying HTML part 3 – tables

With HTML, one of the most fun and versatile features is the table. A table allows you to present all sorts of information in a structured way. Today’s post will demonstrate how to create simple HTML tables. A quick recap of the Demystifying HTML series: The goal of this series to help you understand (and […]

Demystifying HTML – part 2 : Lists

In September, I posted the first article in a series to demystify HTML, which is the language we use to format web content. The goal of the series is to make it easier for you to read and (perhaps) correct the HTML you have in web pages. A quick recap: Part 1 included terminology and […]

Consolation Day: Phone Didn’t Ring Last Friday? We’ve Got Hugs, Prizes, and Lots of Inspiration for You!!!

Several days ago–Friday, to be precise–a few dozen talented romance authors received the happy news that they are RITA or Golden Heart finalists.  Hundreds more waited for a phone call that didn’t come. If you’re one of those talented romance authors who didn’t get “The Call,” we’re so glad you’ve joined us today as we […]

This or that – does your family read your books?

My husband and daughters read a lot of non-fiction. Fiction? Not so much. Young Adult romance? Even less. So Hubs has never read one of my books.  Daughter #1 hasn’t either (although the poor thing has heard me brainstorm enough that she can sketch in the plots fairly well). Daughter #2 will copy-edit (for a […]

Demystifying HTML – part 1

The web has become the medium that most of us use to read just about anything these days. We go to the internet for blogs, newspapers, magazines, websites, and e-books. Since HTML is the standard way to format and present web pages, it helps to have  familiarity with how this “language” works.  Here’s the first […]

This or that – dream or goal?

Earlier this year, I went on a writing retreat with 5 Rubies. (Well, 4 Ruby sisters and 1 honorary Ruby!) One evening, I was listening to 2 of the authors discuss their goals for their careers–and it struck me that their goals had never even entered my thinking. Hitting a bestseller list? Earning enough money […]

This or that – critique groups?

Do you critique with someone or do you go it alone? When it comes to writing, I’m a loner and always have been. No critique groups or partners. I use RWA contests for feedback, though. I like the anonymity of it. Some judges are mean, but usually the judges give comments that are genuinely trying […]

This or that – Chronological order?

Today’s “this or that” question is: Do you write a book in chronological order or do you jump around? I’m in the latter group. I write scenes as they come to me. The first scene is usually first, but I nearly always write the last scene next. This process may go back to a conversation […]

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