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NaNoWriMo Mid-Point Check-In

Whoa. I’ve just had a revelation. Seriously. A big, possibly writing-life-changing revelation. For a few years now, I’ve been reporting my NaNo progress here on the Ruby blog…’cause, you know, I find the threat of public shame to be a really great motivator. This is my sixth annual NaNo, and I’m coming in with a […]

It’s Time to NaNo!!!

Warm up those keyboard fingers, writers, it’s TIME TO NANO!!! It’s all I can do today to keep from bouncing up and down and hugging every stranger I see. And it’s not even because I’m amped up on Halloween candy (though, not in the least surprisingly, I am). Nope, I’m as excited as a twelve-year-old […]

Plan Now for NaNo!

Just before dawn today, when I opened the door to let the dog out, the morning air was crisp and cold. The grocery stores are filled with Pumpkin Spice everything, and my daughter keeps pointing out turtleneck sweaters in clothing catalogs (and reminding me how often she empties the dishwasher without me asking…well, without me […]

Hour-a-Day Challenge: The RECKONING!!

Well, it’s October!!!! And that means the September Hour-A-Day Writing Challenge has come to an official close. How’d we do? Pretty damn well, thank you very much! Enough that a core group of us are re-upping the challenge for the month of October. (WOOOOOOT!!!! I’m so excited about this!!!) Also enough that I’m going to […]

And While We Tabulate the Votes…….

Yesterday, brave–and uber-talented–folks posted dozens of great entries for the Fifth Annual Make It Golden Contest! If you weren’t on the blog yesterday, go read them all right now!!! (Seriously…it’s an amazing mix of funny, poetic, suspenseful, intriguing story openings!) Once again, the wonderful writing community around us has set us a REALLY, REALLY hard […]

“Hour a Day” Challenge Mid-Way Check-In: Want to Join?

At the start of September, I got on the blog to challenge myself publicly: to write for one hour every day this month, no excuses (see the post and my reasons here). I also asked if anyone else wanted to join me. This is a super-fast drive-by check-in, and an invitation to anyone who wants […]

Who’s Up for the One Hour a Day Challenge?

I’ve learned this lesson sooooo many times: if I want to be seriously productive with my writing, I’ve got to do it regularly. Like daily. If I write daily—even just a little bit daily—the story constantly percolates in my head. I can jump right in to the latest section and add anything from a few […]

Meet 2014 Golden Heart Finalist Ellen Lindseth!

Hard to believe, but today we’re welcoming the last of our 2014 Golden Heart Finalist guests!! (Well, conference IS next week.) Ellen Lindseth, who finaled in the Historical Romance category with her book A SOLDIER’S SERENADE, is here to share some wonderful thoughts about what turned her into a writer. But first some background: After […]

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