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as a babe

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write, of course!

Blog Posts from Elisa

Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Julie Glover!

Today we’re welcoming Julie Glover, 2015 Golden Heart finalist in the Young Adult category with her contemporary novel manuscript SHARING HUNTER. Julie Glover grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, Judy Blume, and every Nancy Drew book she could get her hands on. Although she’d always dreamed of writing a novel, she didn’t write her first […]

Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Brynn Kelly!

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming another Dragonfly guest blogger: 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Brynn Kelly, whose book DECEPTION ISLAND is nominated for best Romantic Suspense. Brynn Kelly is an award-winning novelist and journalist, and bestselling non-fiction author from New Zealand. She could well be setting a RWA15 record for the longest non-stop journey […]

Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Jen Gilroy!

Today we’re welcoming another Dragonfly, Jen Gilroy, 2015 Golden Heart nominee in Contemporary Romance for PORT FAIRLIGHT SUMMER. Jen Gilroy lives in a village in Berkshire, England with her husband and tween daughter, but she grew up in Canada, which is still her heart’s home and writing inspiration. She loves cats and dogs (which find […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Priscilla Kissinger!

We’re thrilled to welcome back Priscilla Kissinger, four-time Golden Heart finalist and newly-minted Dragonfly, whose book HIS PERFECT PARTNER has been nominated for the 2015 Golden Heart in Contemporary Romance! Priscilla writes romance with a Latino flavor. In addition to being the President of FCRW, she works full-time in marketing & publicity and, since earning […]

Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Seana Kelly!

Today we’re welcoming another Dragonfly! Our guest is the lovely Seana Kelly, 2015 Golden Heart Finalist in Short Contemporary Romance with her book WELCOME HOME, KATIE GALLAGHER. Seana is a high school English Teacher-Librarian who writes in the wee hours of the morning when her husband and daughters are sleeping. She was born and raised […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Alice Faris!

Today we’re welcoming another Dragonfly, 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Alice Faris, whose book, GOOD GIRL’S GUIDE TO TALKING DIRTY is nominated for Contemporary Romance. Alice Faris grew up in a small community in Northern California that proudly boasts of having more cows than people. She raised Guide Dogs for the Blind, is dyslexic, and can […]

Meet Golden Heart Finalist Elle Mason!

Today we’re delighted to welcome another Dragonfly, Elle Mason, a Finalist in the brand-new Erotic Romance category with SORTING OUT THE KINKS. (As Elle says, the category is “probably obvious by the title alone!”) Elle is a wife, mom of a preschooler and terrier, social worker, the person people seek for advice when visiting The […]

Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Kimberly MacCarron

Today we’re delighted to welcome another Dragonfly, 2015 Golden Heart nominee Kimberly MacCarron, who’s racked up a very impressive FIVE Golden Heart finals over the past few years, one in Paranormal, and four in Young Adult. Her newly-nominated book MAPPING FATE is a New Adult mashup of magic and murder/mystery. When local girls are found […]

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