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Elise Hayes brings the kick-butt heroine to the medieval world. A two-time Golden Heart Finalist, she explores a different aspect of medieval life in each manuscript, from medieval medicine, to adulterine castles, to illuminated manuscripts.

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Elise's Fun Facts

Ruby Nickname:
Maiden of Oz

Texas. Virginia. Oklahoma. Florida. Switzerland. California. France. Washington, DC.


GH Year(s)
2002, 2009

Completed Manuscript(s)
two (not including one that I hand wrote as a teenager, back in the age before computers)

Long Historical (medieval)

Started Writing:
In Switzerland as an exchange student at age eighteen. Books in English were too expensive to buy, so I wrote one instead. It was hand written, using a cartridge pen, in two large notebooks. What no one (other than the Swiss) will ever notice about the book–it’s all written in the same color ink (purple)! Trust me, that took some effort. When I came back to the States, I got an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. I didn’t really write again until I was living in Paris (‘97-’99), where again English books were too expensive to buy (notice a pattern here?). I finished my first 400-page book in time to enter the 2002 GH contest–and finaled! I finished the second in time for the 2009 GH contest–and joined my Ruby Slipper Sisters as a finalist!

Day Job:

For Fun:
Cooking and eating great food–my husband and I are definitely foodies. I’ll watch anything directed or produced by Joss Whedon. And, of course, I love reading and writing romances!

Blog Posts from Elise

Free-For-All Friday!

Welcome to Free-For-All Friday! This is where you can ask the Rubies any questions you might have about writing, from craft issues (what is POV, anyway? what’s a “scene arc”? how can I increase the emotional punch of my black moment?), to motivation issues (how do you keep writing after you get that rejection letter??), […]

The Absentminded . . . er, Focused Writer

I once left a book I was reading in the refrigerator. Really. Not kidding. The grapefruit juice was in the back of the fridge and I needed both hands to get to it. I swear I only meant to put the book down for a second. My mind was on the story, not the juice. […]

Forget the Muse: Setting Up Your Own Writing Retreat

Writers who wait for the muse to inspire them usually end up taking a loooong time to finish a book–if they ever do. But you can set up conditions that make the muse more likely to appear–and that make you more productive as a writer. My own strategy? Go on a writing retreat. What is […]

Celebrating Kate Duffy: Invitation to a Cyber Wake

Like so many of you reading this blog, yesterday I was sitting at my computer, checking email, when I received a post with heartbreaking news: Kate Duffy, Editorial Director at Kensington, has passed away.

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