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Ruby Rouge



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contemporary and historical romance

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writer and mom

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fish, read, facebook, eat out and drink margueritas

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It’s Easy to Give Advice

So the other day after killing myself in Zumba class, I headed toward the exit of my gym. To the left of me is an area where several older people gather to have coffee and donuts (I know!) after they work out. It’s a busy area and they never fail to make me smile. Well, […]

What I Really Want to Say on Twitter

is buy my book. Truly. I’ve tried being witty. I’ve tried joining conversations. I’ve tried book blurb tours, giveaways, blogging six ways to Sunday, and going to reader conferences. I’ve bought book marks, reader trading cards, given away books, giftcards, and a kidney (okay, not an actual kidney but lots of heart-shaped things). I’ve advertised, […]

Give Me Just One Reason

Ah, as I pen this post I’m surrounded by the sights, smells and sounds of the holiday season. Several weeks ago my husband and I climbed into the attic and trudged down with a bajillion boxes of Christmas decorations. There were wreaths, two trees, outside lights, centerpieces, stockings and fancy trappings of a holiday that […]

From Superromance to Novella: Learning to write short

Ah, writing long…I’ve become most familiar with the idea (and in my head I’m accomplished at it).When I sold my first Superromance, the word count was a doable 65K. That particular length is perfect for writing a tight single storyline romance. Secondary characters can make appearances and there can be plenty of internal and external conflict. I loved […]

Ruby Release: His Brown-Eyed Girl by Liz Talley

Today marks the release of my eleventh Superromance – His Brown-Eyed Girl. I know. Doesn’t seem that long ago and it was just my very first book. Time flies when you’re busy writing Rather than talk about the book, I’m going talk about some of my favorite ways to make my writing pop…or rather deliver […]

I’ve Got the Hiccups

When I was younger, I hated getting the hiccups. Who am I kidding? I still hate them. They are annoying…and sometimes hurt. I can remember trying all the supposed fixes for getting rid of the hiccups – standing on my head (yes, I tried this), spoonful of sugar, gulping a whole glass of water. I […]

Ruby Release: His Uptown Girl (with a side of flawed character)

When I set out to write this blog post, I had a million things racing through my head I wanted to say, but as I sat down and faced the blank page, all the brilliance faded.  In its stead was “Whaaaat?” Which is the thought I’m often left with after long days of donning too many hats. I […]

Uptown New Orleans, September 1, 2005

Confused by that title? Well, this is how my upcoming June release begins. Notice it doesn’t begin with Chapter One. Yep. That’s right. His Uptown Girl starts with a PROLOGUE. Ah, the dreaded prologue. Bain of editors and agents existence. Most hate it. Call it lazy. Unnecessary. Boring. But… a reader I love them. Yes, […]

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