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I’m a quiet nut with the earned middle name of trouble. I've earned it. As a reporter for my high school paper, I wrote a few controversial articles concerning the teachers’ lounge, the cafeteria lunches and Mickey Mouse and thus spent a few hours speaking to the principal. Later became the editor of the paper and the story continued.

My parents wanted me to be a teacher. I didn’t. So life took me in a different direction and I put my writing to the side. One day, after twenty years of PTO and team mom duties under my belt, and with the empty nest symptom on my horizon I decided it was time to fulfill my dream. I found RWA, started typing, submitted, got rejected, cried, blew nose, learned some more and repeated the process more times than I care to admit. Then BINGO, I found judges and editors who loved my voice. Now I have four books published. My newest release is an romantic suspense titled SEIZED BY DARKNESS. I hope you'll check it out at

I’m married to my hero who aspires me. I have five great kids and five adorable grandchildren with two more on the way.

With God’s blessing, I hope to have decades more with my DH by my side, a dozen more grandchildren so that I can spoil them, and a hundred published novels .

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Ruby Sly

Rural, NE PA

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Romantic Suspense & Fun contemporaries

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I’m a full time writer now.

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Traveling w/ DH. Sunday drive, daytrip or over the road, we love discovering new places and making new friends.

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Closet Writers

CLOSET WRITER Closet writers break my heart. Any reason a writer keeps their writing a secret is just wrong, unless the writing is extremely personal and not meant for other’s eyes. I was a closet writer. There are many reasons why writers remain in the closet and the Rubies have had discussions concerning them. At […]

A Noun Is A Noun

We all know that a noun is the subject of a sentence and used to name a person, place or thing. And, in any line, the noun holds the main meaning. But nouns also have another function. They make the picture a writer desires to covey vivid.  Let’s look at a few examples where I’ve […]


We’re ten days into the Winter Writing Fest and I want to talk about stress. Appropriate? I think so. Stress affects every level of our lives, including our writing. I don’t know about you but the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning until sometime in the late evening I’m on the go. […]

Down But Not Out

How the heck do you write when you’re down? Yes, it’s the happiest time of year, so why have I asked this question? Not to bring you down. I asked because the Rubies are all about helping other writers and because while the holidays are pumped up by the advertising industry as being the happiest […]

It’s Because Of You

It is because of you that I am. The above line sounds like a perfect line in a romance novel, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is. I’m sure there are probably hundreds of lines that are similar and hold the same meaning, like the Jerry Mcguire line “You complete me.” Anyway, it just came to me […]

We Wish You….

It’s the festive time of year and the world, preparing for a celebration, is in a spin. The Rubies thoughts are turning to the priorities of our hearts. Letting the holiday come and go without telling our readers Happy Holidays would be a sin. We cherish your support and wish you the merriest of days […]

Don’t Let Your Savvy Reader Down

Romantic suspense readers are savvy.  They know their stuff. Some RS readers enjoy reading stories set on foreign soils. The unfamiliarity of the setting might add to the reader’s intrigue. Or, this reader feels more comfortable knowing the danger the characters face is far away from their safe world. Others, on the other hand, might […]

PERFECT. Why Would You Write That?

Last Thursday, Ruby sister June Love started the awesome, lively discussion on how writers handle writing through difficult times, and many writers offered great advice. I stated that my writing was an asylum for me during difficult times, which was indeed true. My life has been in a funk, to say the least, the last […]

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