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Addison Fox can’t remember a time when words weren’t a part of her life. An avid reader, her love of the written word started at the tender age of 1 with “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear (a poem she could recite by heart to any family member who would listen). Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Judy Blume and a host of others quickly followed until she discovered THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR by Jean M. Auel while writing a paper at the library in the 7th grade. Although not a classic romance, Ayla and Jondalar’s love story moved her firmly to the romance section of the bookstore and she hasn’t looked back!

Her debut novel, WARRIOR ASCENDED was published by NAL in March 2010. WARRIOR ASCENDED launches her series, The Sons of the Zodiac, about an immortal band of Warriors, granted the powers of their astrological signs and charged with protecting humanity. The series blends sizzling paranormal romance with the myths of the ancients.

Addison lives in New York City. You can find her at her home on the web at

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Ruby Fox


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Adult Paranormal, Adult Contemporary, Young Adult

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Reading, writing, going to the movies, Starbucks (does that count?)

Blog Posts from Addison

When the New Year’s Not So New Anymore

Well…it’s here. 2018 is in full swing. New Year’s resolutions have likely gone by now, swept away by the surge of life that always manages to interfere with our good intentions. For those of us who opted for a weight loss goal, there’s been the torture of the food festivus that is Superbowl Sunday and […]

It’s Time for the Winter Writing Festival WEEK 4 Check In!

Happy check in and welcome to Week 4! How are we already here – a month into the festival?! We’re at that stage where we’ve had some wins and some hiccups, some forward progress and some maddening slow downs. That’s normal!! And the reality of the job. The important thing is to keep our eyes […]


I’m feeling rather melancholy today – we buried the matriarch of our family after being fortunate enough to have her on this earth for 96 years. She was my grandfather’s sister and she embodies so much of the good, loving happiness I equate with my family, both immediate and extended. I spent so many years […]

Welcome to Week 2!

Welcome to week 2 of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival! We’re now a full 5 days in to the Winter Writing Festival and the excitement and enthusiasm that pushed us over the starting line has begun to even out a bit. We’ve had a few sprints under our belt and a few days […]

The Pendulum

I’ve read several articles lately that suggest the pendulum of publishing is swinging once again. The rush of opportunity over the past few years has begun to level out and authors are again recalibrating and reconsidering their careers. In lockstep with this discussion is another one – the subject of speed.

Assume Positive Intent

I had a wonderful boss a few years back. Not only has she become a dear and treasured friend, but she gave me a piece of advice at a moment I genuinely needed to hear it. Assume positive intent.

The Blender

I talk a lot about my day job relative to my writing life. The two subjects are inextricably linked for me and, at this stage in my life, I have to do both. More than that, I choose to do both. I’m a better writer because I don’t have to worry about pesky things like […]

The Drips and Drabs Add Up

As I sit here writing this, I’m on a train headed back home at the end of a weekend. The ride is short enough not to be a drag but long enough I can actually get a few things done and it’s with that in mind that I’m writing this blog post. I’m hoping to […]

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