Are You At RWA National? This Contest Is For You.

Shhh. My sisters didn’t know I did this, but I thought if you’re at the RWA National conference you should know Rubies there too.  Find them. Take a selfie with them (ask permission first) and post it at and be entered into a contest for three digital Ruby books, your choice, from Amazon. (Sorry. USA only) 

The winner will be announced on this thread Monday, July 31, 2017, at noon EST and will have three days to claim the prize.


Now go, find my lovely sisters and snap away.  I’ll grab your pics and post some of them here.

Attending Rubies:

LIZZIE SHANE also a.k.a Vivi Andrews Up for a RITA in the Long Contemporary Category   

Elisa Beatty

Tina Beckett

Liz Bemis

Jennifer Bray-Weber

Jacie Floyd

Addison Fox

Katie Graykowski

Darynda Jones

Elizabeth Langston

Kim Law

June Love

Kate Parker

Sara Ramsey

Liz Talley


If I missed a Ruby in the list, I apologize to my sister. But, readers take a picture with her too!

Enjoy the conference!


And if you’re not going to RWA National, join us in the Ruby chat room for writing sprints and company.  We’re there Monday-Friday as early as 7am (EST) until we finish for the day. And sometimes on Saturday and Sundays.

Kim Law at Brenda Novak’s breakfast.


                                        Elisa Beatty a.k.a Lara Archer Wins Daphne du Maurier award.

                                                                            Congrats, sister!



5 responses to “Are You At RWA National? This Contest Is For You.”

  1. Vivi Andrews says:

    What a fun idea, Autumn! FYI – Sara Ramsey is here too. She and Kim Law and I are presenting a workshop together on Friday! (So folks know they can catch us there.) Also, those of us who are signing are easy to find on Saturday afternoon!


    • Thanks, Vivi. I added Sara to the list. Sorry, Sara. My bad.

      I’m glad you like my idea, Vivi. Have fun and good luck. Wish I was there.


    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I saw Sara, but didn’t get a picture of her!

      But I did get a picture of one of Diane Kelley’s books on a big stand-up poster (I know there’s a fancy publishing world term for those, but I can’t remember it) in one of the ballroom hallways! I’ll go try to post it.


  2. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    What a great idea:)! Am sure there will be some fun pics posted.

    As for the chat room, DO come join us for those sprints, company and brainstorming as needed!


  3. Looking forward to seeing those pics. Great idea, Autumn!


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