Two book debuts this month!

Debut Number One: Why murder a dying man?

kateparker_deadlywedding800Young widow Olivia Denis finds herself forced to investigate another murder, this one involving her noble relatives, in DEADLY WEDDING, by Kate Parker, out now. The sequel to DEADLY SCANDAL takes place in London in the spring of 1938, where Olivia’s cousin is marrying a rich commoner. The bride is still living at home with her mother, the wife of a lord, and her grandfather, a very elderly earl, in a mansion in the far suburbs of London. Olivia rides with her father to stay in the mansion and help organize the festivities.

Olivia would rather give the party a miss. The cousin has always bossed Olivia around, considering her titled background a reason to always have her way. And Olivia would rather be at her flat in London in case Captain Adam Redmond gets a weekend pass from his secretive army work.

What Olivia can’t tell Adam is that she also has a secret assignment. Not only is she a women’s features reporter for a large daily London newspaper, she also carries out special tasks for the newspaper’s publisher in Nazi held territory. And since Germany just swallowed Austria without firing a shot, Olivia knows more overseas travel is looming.

The last thing Olivia expected was to find the old earl murdered moments before she and her cousin leave for the church. The mourning ritual for an earl would demand postponement of the wedding. The bride insists Olivia not mention finding the victim until she has left on her honeymoon for fear her oft-postponed wedding would never happen.

Olivia agrees, never realizing the consequences of this one act.

DEADLY WEDDING, available in print and ebook from online retailers.

Debut Number Two: Christmas Revels III by Hannah Meredith, Anna D. Allen, and Kate Parker

cr3cover2Three Christmas novellas set in Regency England, where beyond a great deal of snow, you’ll find an overlooked spinster, a corpse under the skating pond, and a bored married couple. Everyone gets a Happy Christmas (except the corpse – guess who wrote that one) in these new stories, out October 30th in print and ebook from online retailers.

I’ve never had two debuts in a month before and I’ve found it exciting. Have any of you had two debuts in a month, and how have you kept straight the social media for the two? Wish me luck.

I hope you enjoy them both. 


Cast Away with The Intern

I’ve seen a few movies lately that have stuck with me. I think that’s the hallmark of a good story – those words and images and feelings you can’t quite shake, long after the lights have gone back up or, in the case of a good book, when the last page has turned. In my […]

October Chills & Thrills

The tang of wood smoke hangs in the Autumn-crisp air. Geese honk overhead, and pumpkins are showing up on everyone’s door steps. Halloween is just around the corner, and it brings out my love for chills and thrills. I’m talking about suspense – ghost stories, campy horror flicks, full-moon walks, and romantic suspense books. When […]

5 Tips for a Successful Multi-Author Collaboration

A few months ago, fellow Ruby Liz Bemis and I went out for a night of country music and mechanical bull riding (as you do).  Midway through our margaritas, Liz told me a story about the awesome author goddess Erin McCarthy getting mixed up with another Erin McCarthy and a similar event in Liz’s own […]

Planning to NaNo? Get Ready NOW!!!

It’s October, and that means it’s time for NaNoWriMo!!! Silly Elisa, some of you may be saying right now. National Novel Writing Month is in NOVEMBER, honey. You’re jumping the gun. But nooooooo, my friends. I’ve learned through trial and error (lots and lots of error) that waiting until November 1 to get started is […]

Serendipity: A Spooky (and Inspirational) Story for Halloween Month

This is Halloween month and while what happened to me this week might be serendipitous, it’s also kinda spooky! And whatever else, I absolutely love it and was inspired by it, and  you’ll see why as you keep reading! I’ve got to love social media and the Internet these days because I learn the most […]

Poltergeist Anyone?

Hello everyone! I write light paranormal romance, both historical and YA contemporary. I love the idea of magic in the world, especially the kind that exists right under our noses where everyday people, too wrapped up in their idea of reality, miss it. I am a relatively average mom of three, ovarian cancer ass-kicker, creative […]

MAKE IT GOLDEN Winners Announced!!!

All the votes are all in, and it’s time to name our winners! Every year, the ten finalists make our choice very, very, very difficult, and this year was as tight a race as we’ve ever had. The expanded entries were AWESOME, and we wish we could just keep reading the entire books! For those […]

7 Crucial Items to Bring to Conference

Hello everyone! Today I am packing for the Moonlight & Magnolia Romance Writers conference in Atlanta this weekend ( Georgia Romance Writers puts on a fabulous three-day conference, which brings in a couple hundred romance writers, editors and agents, as well as readers for their grand book signing. I love this conference, because it is […]

MAKE IT GOLDEN Finalists Announced!!

It’s time to announce the top ten finalists for the 2016 MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST!! Finalists: be sure to post your EXPANDED entries in the comments below (a maximum total of 250 words, starting with the exact opening lines you showed us already, plus what immediately follows) by 12:01 a.m. September 27 to stay in […]

It’s ENTRY DAY for the 2016 MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest!!!

Welcome to the SEVENTH Annual MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest!! **The 2016 Contest is now officially closed to entries!!! Entrants, be sure to come back here ASAP on Monday Sep 26 to see if you’re a finalist!! Finalists will have until midnight Monday to post expanded 250-word (max) versions of their book openings!! Thanks so much […]

Happy SEVENTH BIRTHDAY to the Ruby Blog!!!

It’s Our Birthday!!! Our Lucky SEVENTH!! You heard right—the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog has been rolling for a full SEVEN YEARS!!! We’ve been here with our regular posts (2,227 so far!!) offering inspiration, advice, and support. Plus we’ve got the Winter Writing Festival, the Make It Golden Contest (entry day is tomorrow!!!), our annual Rita […]

Announcing the 2016 MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST!!!

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood will celebrate our SEVENTH blog birthday tomorrow!! On Thursday, we’ll be opening our seventh annual MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST, and giving our Golden-Heart-eligible readers a terrific chance to shine (plus have a chance to earn more great prizes!!) The MAKE IT GOLDEN contest is designed for unpublished authors who are polishing […]

Sometimes All You Need is a Good Shove

When we were kids, my brothers and I were horrible. I mean, how many children can say they were so bad, other trailer trash would not let their children play with them? That was us. As is often the case with horrible children, one of us caught the brunt of every wild idea that ever […]

DIY Tiny Book Swag

What is it about tiny things that captures our attention? From doll furniture to miniature horses to tiny houses, small items, especially those with precise details, make many people stop and smile. As I was searching for swag ideas for an upcoming writer’s/reader’s conference (Moonlight & Magnolias Conference in Atlanta), I came across tiny books. […]

Filling in the Paragraphs

One day while I was wandering lost in some byzantine sub-sub-basement of the internet (okay, when I was on Tumblr), I stumbled across this hilarious bit from Steve Hely’s How I Became a Famous Novelist. In case the image is frustratingly small on your phone, here’s what it says: “Writing a novel–actually picking the words […]

Fangirl Friday

Happy Friday!  Next week we’ll be changing it up with a new Friday feature, but this week we’re having one last Fangirl Friday – our chance to talk about book deals, new books, and books we’re newly discovering.  No new Ruby releases this week, but I do have a book coming this Tuesday.  Always a […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness & Pushing Past the Worry Monster

September. School’s back in, there’s a hint of cooler weather in the air. Fall decor is popping up in the stores. And… And it’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month! Before you close out of this post because this doesn’t have anything to do with writing, please at least view the symptoms. Because when I turned 40, […]

HOT Reads Edition of Fan Girl Friday

Welcome to Friday! Can I get an AMEN? And we have a long weekend. I can almost hear a gospel choir in the background. Yes, we get an extra day and that means more time for….READING! So what do we have on tap for you this edition? Well, a few sales from two Rubies and […]

The September Hour-a-Day Challenge starts TODAY!!!!

AND WE ARE SOOOOOO READY!!!!! As predicted, the first three teaching weeks of the new school year have knocked me back onto my sizeable patootie, and it would be all too easy to let my writing stay down for the count until school’s out in June again. But I know from experience that carving out […]

Shine Theory

So I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that I love the Olympics.  They can be examples of some of the most beautiful human moments – and not just the victories.  From the two runners who became iconic for helping one another across the finish line to the swimmer who gushed excitedly (in Chinese) […]

RED HOT READS – Fan Girl Friday Edition

Hola, Rubies and Ruby friends – TGIF! Am I right? It’s been a loooooong week in the Talley family hacienda and I need a few things this weekend – a margarita, a morning in my PJs and, of course, a good book. I just finished up Colleen Hoover’s latest (as mentioned last week) and it […]

Announcing the 2016 September Hour-a-Day Challenge!!!

Happy End of Summer!!! Oh, ugh. I can’t even say that with a straight face. I love summer–I’m a sunshine and beach girl. And for my writing, summer’s also the best time of year because I’m a teacher, and the start of school means long, intense days in the classroom, plus nights and weekends full […]

What Mama didn’t tell me

…OR IF SHE DID TELL ME, I WASN’T LISTENING Never lug a rolling suitcase full of books to a signing. No matter how rosy your forecast, if you bring that many books, you will sell one. Okay, I sold one. The best thing I brought were my cute business cards that link to my website […]

HOT READS Edition of Fan Girl Friday

Well, it’s Friday again. How did that happen? Rolls around quite regularly, doesn’t it? And since that means the weekend is here, we’ve got some recommendations for you for some RUBY RED HOT READS! First Elizabeth Langston has a recommendation our first FROM THE TBR STACK: I’ve always been fascinated by Thomas Jefferson. So smart, […]

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