Show and Tell Wednesday: Infographics

In honor of the Ruby Accountability Group as well as upcoming NanoWriMo season, I thought this infographic was appropriate: 


by Anna Vital at

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and never was this more true than now in the age of Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and the list goes on…. And in this fast world of information overload, the power of the infographic cannot be denied.

Infographics can educate and inspire:


Illustration created by Evelina Yatselenko, via Funders and Founders.

Creating infographics requires a combination of visual art and information science–an awareness of how to present data in a way that gives an immediate read on first glance and then draws viewers in for a more detailed read.

While researching this topic, I found entire companies such as Funders and Founders exist that focus on creating infographics and designing how to represent data for company’s, speakers, and media outlets. And you know what? They have workshops!


by Anna Vital of Funders and Founders

Now I totally want to take this class. Thinking of data in infographics really is a paradigm shift. A rewiring of your brain, so to speak. And in this day and age, a powerful tool and skill to have.

I started Show and Tell Wednesday because I had a fascination with studying internet visual culture. What next? Novel writing via infographic? I’d love to see some favorite plots broken down in this way. And just try to search out some writing tool infographics–you’ll be amazed at what you find. Happy hunting!


Celebrating Release Day with Jennifer Bray-Weber

I am absolutely thrilled to celebrate the release of Ruby Sister Jennifer Bray-Weber’s fifth book in her Romancing the Pirate series, DEAD MAN’S KISS. Jenn’s known for writing some incredible pirate romances (which there are FAR too few of in this world!!) and has written another incredible entry into her series with Valeryn and Catalina’s […]

Our Hour-a-Day Writing Accountability Group Lives On for October!!

I’m going to make this short and sweet, since time is very short for me today (as I’m sure it is for many of you). A hardy band of Rubies and Friends of Rubies started a Writing an Hour a Day Accountability Challenge for September, and just like last year, there’s interest in carrying on […]

Fangirl Friday

Okay, so it’s only October, but I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving and winter break, when I’ll have tons of time, in between wrangling children and cooking, to read (hey, a girl can dream). Here are some Ruby books I can’t wait to dig into: JAGUAR’S KISS (Lone Pine Pride #1)  by Vivi Andrews FREE […]

Make It Golden 2015 Winners Announced!

All the votes are all in, and it’s time to name our winners! Every year, the ten finalists make our choice very, very, very difficult, and this year was probably the hardest yet. The expanded entries were AWESOME, and we wish we could just keep reading the entire books! For those of you who may […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Baseball. Just Baseball.

At an ice cream social for my twinsies’ school, they had a silent auction. I made a tactical error and bid on two sets of Cardinals’ tickets, hoping to win one. Guess who ended up with two sets of tickets the same week? Things have been so crazy around here with the house stuff and […]

Demystifying HTML – part 1

The web has become the medium that most of us use to read just about anything these days. We go to the internet for blogs, newspapers, magazines, websites, and e-books. Since HTML is the standard way to format and present web pages, it helps to have  familiarity with how this “language” works.  Here’s the first […]

Announcing the Finalists for the 2015 Make It Golden Contest!

It’s time to announce the Top Ten Finalists for the 2015 Make It Golden Contest!! Finalists: be sure to post your EXPANDED entries in the comments below (a maximum total of 250 words, starting with the exact opening lines you showed us already, plus what immediately follows) by 12:01 a.m. September 29 to stay in […]

Fangirl Friday

The Rubies are proud to share some awesome discounted books as well as some upcoming new ones (now available for preorder): I WISH (I Wish #1) by Elizabeth Langston Discounted to 2.99! What she needs is a miracle. What she gets is a genie with rules. Lacey Linden is hiding the truth of her life—a depressed […]


The letters started coming across the internet.  Someone in one of my writer’s loops was depressed.  After almost a year of waiting to hear back from an editor who had her manuscript, she received the package in the mail with a form letter rejection.  “But I spoke to her,” this writer said.  “She said I had […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Choose Your Own Adventures

Remember these? I used to go through them like candy. I recently learned that they’re now printing new ones and of course had to grab the Tang Dynasty set CYOA: Chinese Dragons. Choose Your Own Adventures are not just for kids. There’s quite a glut of romance and erotic adventures. Don’t you love the alliterative […]

Entry Day for the Make It Golden Contest 2015

**update: The 2015 contest is now closed to entries. Thanks to everyone who entered!! Remember to check back ASAP on Monday, September 28 to see if you’re a finalist!!**   Welcome to the SIXTH Annual MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest!! The MAKE IT GOLDEN contest is designed for unpublished authors who are polishing up their entries […]

Happy Sixth Birthday to the Ruby Blog!!

It’s Our Birthday!!! Believe it or not, the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog has been around for SIX WONDERFUL YEARS!! We’ve been here with daily posts (1,989 so far!!), the Winter Writing Festival, the Make It Golden Contest, our annual Rita / Golden Heart Announcement Day Party, the September Hour-a-Day Challenge, interviews with each new class […]

Fangirl Friday

With summer coming to a close (yikes!), some of us are already looking ahead to the holidays (double yikes!). Here’s a Ruby release that’s up for preorder that’s sure to warm your bed on those cold nights… A WRONG BED CHRISTMAS (Featuring 2 great Harlequin Blaze stories in one book!) Releases November 1, 2015! The Wrong Bed—But […]

Release Party: Lara Archer’s Wild at Heart!

Hey there, lovely Readers! Lara Archer here….the just-a-bit-more-scarlet secret identity of one of the Ruby Sisters. A little less than three months ago, I launched my first book, the historical erotic romance BARED TO THE VISCOUNT, and now I’m back for more: this time with a contemporary erotic romance, WILD AT HEART, which launches today!!!! […]

Show & Tell – Cover Similarities

In this era of stock art, cover similarities seem to be popping up more and more often.  You want your cover to have a certain feel… and so do authors of similar books, so there are bound to be some accidental crossovers.  In some cases, it might actually be a good thing (your cover will […]

We’re Halfway Through the September Hour-a-Day Writing Challenge: Want to Join?

At the start of September, I got on the blog to challenge myself publicly: to write for one hour every day this month, no excuses (see the post and my reasons here). I also asked if anyone else wanted to join me. This is a super-fast drive-by check-in, and an invitation to anyone who wants […]

Announcing the Make It Golden Contest 2015

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood is about to celebrate our SIXTH blog birthday!! Our official Birthday Bash will be Monday, September 21st, and as always, WE’LL be the ones giving away the gifts! So be sure to join us here one week from today for the festivities!! Right after that, we’ll be holding our annual MAKE […]

Fangirl Friday

There aren’t many sales and new Ruby releases to post this week, but I’m looking forward to some fabulous upcoming releases currently available for preorder…   Temptation and Tequila (The Tremont Sisters Trilogy, Book 2) by Elizabeth Bemis Releases September 15th!  Never trust tequila on your birthday. She loved him. She’d always loved him. And it took just […]

A Cautionary Tale

It’s been said that, in a courtroom, the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Something similar can be said for a writer who does his or her own editing. In an earlier blog, I mentioned fine-tuning my SFR and that it became a cautionary tale in and of itself. Here’s what […]

Show and Tell Wednesday – Star Wars Edition

So I learned that last Friday was dubbed “Force Friday”, a special date where a bunch of Star Wars merchandise was released into the wild to drum up a commercial frenzy prior to the release of the next installment – “The Force Awakens” in theaters in December. As I set out for my normal round […]

Timeliness is next to Godliness

I’m waiting for a painter to show up for his 8:30 appointment to get a color swatch so he can work on my house. It’s now 10:15. Getting excited won’t do me any good. Around here, we call it Carolina time. Joke: The workman said he’ll be there on Tuesday. He is, but you never know […]

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all our lovely readers!! The Rubies are taking the day off to spend some relaxing time with our loved ones, and hope you’re doing the same! See you tomorrow for a brand new post!  

Fangirl Friday

Welcome to Fangirl Friday! We have several listings for you this week, and hope you’ll include your own recommendations in the comments below. Lara Archer has two books on sale for just 99 cents as part of Zoey Derrick’s SUMMER BLOW-OUT EVENT, which features lots of super-hot romances for $1.99 or less (some free), and […]

Prologues: Yea or Nay?

–Previously published on my personal blog– Warning: This blog is being written in the No Edits Zone. Grammar and Spelling Nazis, proceed at your own risk! After months spent fine-tuning the SFR (a cautionary tale in and of itself), I’m finally back to my Merlin Series. Gotta say, making the transition has been difficult. Worse, […]

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