Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Tosha Sumner!

Today we’re delighted to welcome another YA-writing Dragonfly: Tosha Sumner, 2015 Golden Heart finalist in Young Adult Romance for her manuscript THE CULLODEN IMMORTALS.

Forever optimistic and easily amused, T.L. Sumner is the author of magical stories about strong, athletic heroines chasing their dreams on and off the playing field. She holds both a B.S. and M.S. in business from Villanova University where she ran cross country and track on a full athletic scholarship. When not hiding in her writing cave, T.L. works in healthcare information technology, and enjoys running and being the number one fan for her kids’ sporting events. Her work has garnered several awards, including being named a 2015 Golden Heart® finalist for her YA novel THE CULLODEN IMMORTALS. Sometimes you can find her hanging out on Twitter or in TL’s Dreamworld.

Here’s a blurb for THE CULLODEN IMMORTALS:

Focused on getting a full ride to run track in college, seventeen-year old Kyra Siefert doesn’t have time for distractions like the daymares tormenting her since she was mugged; or Aidan MacGregor, the über chivalrous guy who sits next to her in Calc. As Kyra and Aidan spend more time together, a romance between them quickly develops. But bound by a strict code of honor, Aidan hides a powerful secret from Kyra; he is the son of Scottish immortals, guardians of ancient Templar treasure.

In this Romeo and Juliet meets Highlander, Kyra becomes the pawn for one rogue immortal pursuing a sacred artifact and another seeking to settle a centuries-old blood feud. Aidan must betray his family to protect the girl he’s forbidden to love; but haunted by visions of Aidan’s death, Kyra’s secret may cost her everything – including the boy she loves.

Awesome!!! Culloden and Scottish warriors are all the rage right now with the success of Outlander–may you book ride that wave!!

Okay, folks, it’s time to lace up your track shoes and grab a water bottle—Tosha’s going to take us for a couple laps around the track while she tells us about the connection between her life as a writer and her life as a runner.

Take it away, Tosha!


TLSumnerRunning has always been a big part of my life.

I started running in high school and attended Villanova University where I was on scholarship for track. Post collegiately, I ran professionally for a couple years, tried out for the Olympics in 1996, and got to travel the world representing Goldwin Athletics, a Japanese clothing company.

Being a professional athlete was a lot of fun, and I learned so much about dedication, discipline and perseverance. All qualities I’ve segued into my writing life.

I still run mostly to stay fit, but also to try to keep up with my kids. It’s very humbling when you realize your child is as fast, if not faster than you. L

I run. A lot. So of course, I find a lot of parallels between writing and running. I think it comes down to four basic things:

Finish It. Prove It. Better It. Win It.

Let me elaborate…

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