Fangirl Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and our minds have turned to cyber Monday and shopping.

First, being a historical romance reader, I have to mention the seasonal historical romance anthology list Madeline Hunter has in her USA Today column HEA this week.   Some of the Ruby sisters have novellas mentioned.

Jacie Floyd has this bit of wisdom for us I found helpful.  How To Give an eBook as a Gift:

Do you know how to give an ebook as a gift on Share books by your favorite authors and let someone on your gift list know you’re thinking of them. It is a really easy and fun way to send a small token of appreciation to someone you care about—from teachers and neighbors to co-workers and friends. After you’ve selected an ebook on, instead of pushing the Buy-With-One-Click button, scroll down a little bit to the Give-As-Gift button. You’ll be asked for the recipient’s email address and invited to send a brief message. The recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to download the gift from you to their Kindle app. Easy-peasy!

Jacie's Golden Heart Book & Debut

Jacie’s Golden Heart Book & Debut

Jacie also has two books on sale.  MEET YOUR MATE, the first book in the Good Riders series is FREE for Black Friday! Can’t beat the price!

Good Rider Max Williams is not your average bad-boy. Living on the edge is the only way the larger-than-life investigative reporter knows how to roll. He’s known around town for partying with strippers, riding a Harley, and standing up for the little guys. With New York calling, he’s ready to move up and on in his career.

While longing to break free from a lifetime of responsibility, Annabel Morgan has never ventured away from the corners of Straight and Narrow. With her stepdaughter heading off for college, now might be the time to pursue her dreams of going to film school, traveling to Paris… dating guys with tattoos.

As wary acquaintances and rivals for a local media award, they deeply disapprove of one another—except for that zing of attraction they can’t quite ignore. When they’re matched up for a date on a television talk show, can Mad Max convince conventional Annabel to take a ride on the wild side?

CURSED BY LOVE, the second book in the Good Riders series, is just $0.99 for Black Friday. Get it at this hot price!

Gabe Shaw is not your average bad-boy biker either. As a Harley enthusiast and owner of a failing family business, Gabe takes a jade carving to an antiques appraisal show in Cincinnati. He learns the oddly-shaped carving is half of a piece of Chinese erotica known as the Sleeping Lotus. If paired with its companion piece, it’s worth half-a-million dollars. Unfortunately, the other half is owned by Molly Webber, a superstitious third-grade teacher.

Ancient Chinese legend says that when the two pieces are joined together, the Sleeping Lotus will make the owners lucky in love and bring them great wealth. But with the object divided, the owners will be cursed with unrequited love and untimely death. A history of misfortune in both of their families is enough to confirm the validity of the curse for Molly, but Gabe dismisses the notion. He believes people make their own luck.

Gabe and Molly try working together to research their carvings, but passion continually overwhelms the mismatched couple. While wrestling with unseen forces and evading the pursuit of unscrupulous collectors, they must reach a decision about the carving’s ultimate fate and their own destiny.

The Memory of You GH  coverLaurie Kellogg’s book The Memory of You will still be FREE on Friday.








Lizzie Shane’s Marrying Mister Perfect is FREE until the end of the year. 

“Sometimes it takes a reality television show to show you the love that’s right in front of you…”





Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today the Rubies are spending time with families and loved ones, feeling grateful for the many blessings we have, even in these complicated, unpredictable times. If you have a moment, please share in the comments below about one thing you’re grateful for in your life.

Tis the Season for Reading!

Happy Thanksgiving (a few days early)!  I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge sucker for holiday traditions.  Right now I’m off over the river (Pacific Ocean) and through the woods (rain forest) to my grandmother’s house to begin the holiday merry-go-round.  I know it may be early to be talking about Christmas, but […]

Fangirl Friday

The Conspiring Woman by Kate Parker debuted this week. The fourth Georgia Fenchurch/Victorian Bookshop Mystery goes into late-Victorian London in search of a missing child and his mother. Georgia is almost alone as this case begins. Aunt Phyllida is nursing a friend through pneumonia. Emma is on her honeymoon. The Duke of Blackford has traveled […]

Love Between The Covers Documentary

For the last five years, documentary film maker Laurie Kahn and crew have been following players within the romance industry, culminating in the Love Between the Covers documentary which released earlier this year. This last Saturday, the film showed at the St. Louis Film Festival followed by a panel of published romance authors from the […]

NaNo 2015 Midway Check-In

Fate has a way of making us laugh at ourselves. Hard. Last year at the NaNoWriMo mid-point check-in, I was exulting in my new-found revelation that if I worked consistently every day (no binge-writing days, no completely off days), I could stay right on target with my word-count progress. Look at this beauty of a […]

Fangirl Friday

Harlequin is holding a huge sale until November 17th. All Jeannie Lin’s Historicals and Undones are on sale for $1.99.       Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo AppleGoogle       Liz Talley has a bunch of books in this Harlequin sale. Check out for the ones selling for $1.99 Anne Marie Becker […]

Excuse Me, This Is NOT the Life I Ordered !

Guiding Light Foy Vance Well the road is wide,and waters run on either side,and my shadow went with fading light,stretching out towards the night. ‘Cause the Sun is low,and I yet have still so far to go, my lonely heart is beating so,tired of the wonder. But there’s a sign ahead,though I think it’s the […]

Decoupage Your Promo

As authors, we are creative people. Some feel that their creativity lies only in the written word, but I believe that creativity is broader within people. It just takes a little teasing to bring it out and a willingness to risk, mess up, and learn. It is a great way to exercise the far reaches […]

What I Learned Writing Short Stories

You may have heard before that switching up formats — from novels to short stories, for example — can help you grow as a writer. The reason I’ve most often heard cited for this is that it teaches you to write more concisely. To say more with less. I whole-heartedly agree, but in my own […]

Fangirl Friday – Early Christmas edition

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Lizzie Shane Only 99 cents! All she wants this Christmas is to get home and put this disastrous year behind her, but when Samantha Whitney boards her flight to Chicago she finds the man in the seat next to hers is none other than Jase MacGregor, her first love who shattered […]

NaNoWriMo 2015 Has Begun!

WOOOT!!!! It’s that wonderful time of year again, when over 300,000 writers around the world make a crazy pledge to each write 50,000 words of a novel during the 30 days of November! “Winning” NaNo ( means averaging 1667 new words every day, which isn’t easy if you have pesky things like a day job […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday, and we have some amazing weekend reads for you! Christmas Revels II, with novellas from Ruby Sisters Louisa Cornell and Kate Parker is out now. For shifter lovers, don’t forget to enter Vivi Andrews’ Goodreads giveaway. If you’re looking for YA, Vanessa Barneveld’s This is Your Afterlife is on sale in the US. […]

Writing Through the Holidays

On Sunday, the annual NANO challenge begins. 50,000 words in one month. Or, broken down, 1,666 words per day for 30 days.   I don’t know about you, but 1,666 seems a heck of a lot more do-able than 50,000. That’s 5-7 pages depending on font, font size and how much dialogue you’ve got in […]

Working Together

While working together isn’t a true collaboration such as you think of when reading James Patterson with (take your pick), an anthology or boxed set takes a lot of coordination and working together. I’ve never done a boxed set, but I’ve been in two anthologies now (Christmas Revels and Christmas Revels II) with fellow Ruby […]

What’s In Your Bookmarks?

A credit card might be What’s in Your Wallet, however, that’s not what I’m interested in today. This inquiring mind would like to know What’s in Your Bookmarks Manager and how do you keep it organized? Here’s the deal of the day—I’ll show you some of mine, if you’ll share some of yours. 😆   Like […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday, and we have some amazing weekend reads for you. In Christmas Revels, you can read Ruby Sister Louisa Cornell’s debut, prize winning novella for 99 cents and get Ruby Sister Kate Parker’s regency murder thrown in for free! Can’t get enough Christmas? You’re in luck, because Ruby Sister Kim Law’s Hot Buttered Yum […]

This or that – does your family read your books?

My husband and daughters read a lot of non-fiction. Fiction? Not so much. Young Adult romance? Even less. So Hubs has never read one of my books.  Daughter #1 hasn’t either (although the poor thing has heard me brainstorm enough that she can sketch in the plots fairly well). Daughter #2 will copy-edit (for a […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: On one hand…

  An idea stolen, ahem, borrowed from the “Hand in Hand” photo series created by Wofford College for  SharedWorlds 2013. I know I tell this story often, so please excuse me if you’ve heard it: I was about to sign up for my first fiction-writing class, a course that met once a week on Tuesday […]

How to Make Excerpt Booklets at Home

Hello, everyone! Not to stress you out, but it’s October, a slippery slide to the holidays and the new year when we make resolutions about conferences and promo. In an effort to prepare and plan, I have perused swag sites and read views on author swag to increase sales.  Although there are a lot of […]

Taking the Slow Road

When I originally scheduled this blog post some months ago, my plan was to celebrate the release of my fourth Underbelly Chronicles novel, ENTHRALL ME, and to extol some of the merits of taking the slow road to publication. Well, unfortunately, ENTHRALL ME’s road to publication is going to be even slower than I anticipated. […]

Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday, and we have some amazing weekend reads for you–two new Ruby releases, as well as some amazing sales and a Goodreads giveaway. Read on for all the details!   WISHING FOR YOU by Elizabeth Langston New Release! She’s a girl who can’t remember. He’s the guy she can’t forget… It’s her final semester […]

Party On!!

With my book coming out, I started to Google “launch parties” and everything I found dealt with large venues that were rented and inviting the businesses in town with the town’s officials. It was all about sales and presence. And that is not what I wanted. I didn’t want an “event”. I wanted a celebration […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Graphic Inspiration

Seeing the illustrations on Heather’s Monday post (“What Makes Readers Close Your Book”) reminded me of my own little collection of inspirational images for writers. Most aren’t even images, strictly speaking. More like graphics. But something about seeing wise words crystallized in a nice bright square makes the meaning pop. When I’ve been staring at […]

What Makes A Reader Close Your Book?

“I loved your book. I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up all night reading it.” As writers, these comments are music to our ears.  If creating a book that readers can’t put down is the blue ribbon, we need to understand what makes a reader close a book, so we can avoid it. So […]

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