Show and Tell – Cake in NYC

I was in NYC last week for RWA and while my friends visited Liberty Island and Central Park, New York was all about the eating for me. *pokes squishy middle* As a result, this week’s Show and Tell Wednesday features a bit of food tourism: Momofuku Milk Bar’s Bake the Cake class.

I’ve had Milk Bar on the brain from watching Masterchef. Pastry chef and Milk Bar founder, Christina Tosi, is the new guest judge on there. When I found out that Milk Bar was within walking distance of the Marriott, I decided to make a field trip of it. 

As I was doing reconnaissance, I discovered there were cake baking classes RWA weekend. Sign me up! Oh, wait….the classes were in Brooklyn, not in Manhattan. Oh well, nothing a cab ride couldn’t fix.

I was able to talk the author of the Amour et Chocolat series, Laura Florand, to venture out with me. She, in turn, convinced food and book blogger Elisabeth Lane. It was a party!

In case you aren’t familiar with Laura Florand’s books, there’s one on sale currently on Amazon:


We arrived a little early, ready to bake:


Once inside, I was a little disappointed to see the cake was already made. I suppose it made sense. Two hours wasn’t enough time to bake a cake from scratch and also decorate it. (But they do it on Masterchef all the time!)


That’s okay, I wasn’t bummed for long. I got this fashionable head scarf for starters.


They provided us all of the ingredients pre-made: chocolate malt crumble, frosting, charred marshmallows.


Our job was just to assemble. I learned some great techniques. Apparently I’d been doing it wrong using cake rounds to bake circular cakes. The horror! With cake rounds, the outside edges are always more baked than the center. On top of that, the shape is never quite round or level.

In the class, we used a circular cutter to create perfect rounds which we then stacked with a layer of frosting, crumble, marshmallow and fudge drizzle between each round.


And the bendy spoon for spreading frosting was pretty cool too.

Here’s the finished product!


What was I going to do with a decadent three layer chocolate malt cake?

With a couple of spoons and a laptop, we had RITA night all set. Do you know what’s better than watching the RITA ceremony live? Watching it live while wearing your pajamas and eating chocolate cake. With a plastic spoon.


Life is good.

Have you had any interesting foodie vacations? Do tell!

Show and Tell is a weekly feature on the Ruby Slipper blog. Contact Jeannie Lin if you’re interested in doing a guest spot.

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