Fangirl Friday (3.6.15)

Welcome to another edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now.

New Ruby Releases This Week:

This weeks we have a new paranormal release by Shea Berkley and we’re also featuring the previous book in the series (which had a very quiet release last month):

Dark Secrets: Edge of Evil by Shea Berkley

DarkSecrets_EdgeofEvilWhat if nightmares, best kept in the dark, refuse to stay hidden?

Dr. Maya Kelbeck believes no matter how unusual her patients’ delusions, she can help. When billionaire Alden Caldwell seeks her counsel to escape a controlling relationship, she’s intrigued by his unusual diagnosis, lycanthropy—her patient actually believes he is over 600 years old and a werewolf.

Alden Caldwell’s life is not his own and hasn’t been since the middle ages, not since he was transformed into a werewolf. The once noble knight now finds himself no more than a slave to a female vampire who is without morals, without conscious, without a soul.

Maya promises Alden she can help him, and at first it looks like she can, until the supernatural world in which he lives wants him back. Can Alden convince Maya his delusions are real in time to save her, or has he just sentenced a woman who cares for him despite his past transgressions to a fate worse than death?

Amazon :: More About Shea

Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead by Shea Berkley

DarkSecrets_StoneColdDeadA brand new series from award winning author Shea Berkley. Step into the world of Dark Secrets for unparalleled paranormal action, adventure and romance.

When an ancient curse brings Anara to Boston, she must choose between standing by and watching the city suffer, or join a daring mortal in his fight to protect the innocent.

Death stalks the dark streets of Boston, but even death has enemies…

Being a hero is Ryan diTaro’s job. Eradicating the city of vampires and other monsters that hide in the dark is how he got the title. When an unknown woman appears and saves his life and then disappears, he’s not sure if he’s made a friend or enemy. Should he accept her help in hunting down the undead, or is she part of an elaborate plan the creatures of darkness have created to end his quest to see evil eliminated for good?

“Reading Shea Berkley is like watching magic unfold before your eyes.” — Darynda Jones, New York Times bestselling author

Amazon :: More About Shea


Also new this week we have the second book in my Lizzie Shane Reality Romance series…

Romancing Miss Right by Lizzie Shane

RMR2They aren’t in it for love… but love has it in for them.

Marcy Henrickson isn’t looking for love as the latest Miss Right on the reality dating show Romancing Miss Right. She’s realistic enough to know the odds of finding true love on national television are astronomical–but the chance that the exposure will boost her next book onto the New York Times Bestseller List? That’s a risk worth taking. And if she’s the one picking from the handsome Suitors, how can she possibly get hurt?

The last thing Craig Corrow wants is to fall in love. San Diego’s Favorite Bad Influence is looking to transition from local radio shock-jock to national television host and a reality dating show is his ticket to fame and fortune. He’s there to stir things up and Miss Right is just another pawn in his game plan…

Until he meets Marcy and she isn’t the fake reality princess he was expecting. She’s all too real–and so is the way he feels about her. But when he’s faced with a choice between love or money, can this bad boy give up his villain ways and get the girl?

Amazon :: B&N :: More About Lizzie


Ruby Books Discounted or Free in the Coming Week:

PasDeDeathPAS DE DEATH by Amanda Brice will be FREE for Kindle on March 6-10 for the first and only time ever This is a young adult mystery best suited for teen girls aged 12-16.TemptingAcquisitions

Also FREE for Kindle right now is Addison Fox’s first book in her Boardrooms and Billionaires trilogy: TEMPTING ACQUISITIONS. Get it while it’s HOT:



Share In the Comments!

Did you have a new release this week? A book on sale in the coming week? Have you read something that blew your mind? Sound off in the comments! We want to hear from you! We only ask that you are courteous to other commenters and that authors do not post the same book more than once. Thank you!

This week I started the epic undertaking that is reading Outlander.  Just a little light reading.  ;)  Are you a fan of the series?  Have you seen the Starz show?

Reflections on the Fifth Winter Writing Festival

Wow, the Fifth Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival went by like a microsecond blip…. or it feels that way. But I know lots of us got huge amounts of writing done, despite a brutal winter that probably had many of us longing to crawl under blankets and hide. YAY to everyone who participated, […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: The International Edible Book Festival

Calling all bakers and food artists! Have you heard of the International Edible Book Festival? It’s a worldwide phenomenon that happens on or around April 1st this year. The concept is simple: Make bookish creations that are edible. The official event is hosted by a French organization that looks rather intimidating: Local libraries host […]

Guest Annabeth Albert Talks About How the WWF Changed Her Writing Career!

Today the Rubies are welcoming a special guest, Annabeth Albert, a longtime Friend of the Rubies who first found her true writing groove during a Winter Writing Festival a few years ago. She’s here today to share some important writing lessons she’s learned that launched her professional career. Annabeth grew up sneaking romance novels under […]

2015 Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival Closing Ceremonies

It’s always hard to believe, but DAY FIFTY of the Winter Writing Festival has arrived! This is our Final Check-In Monday and Closing Ceremonies rolled into one. You still have ALL DAY today to work towards your goals–nothing ends until midnight your time. (As always, the Festival is always about YOU.) After that, though, the great Writing […]

Fangirl Friday (2.27.15)

Welcome to the last FANGIRL FRIDAY of February! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now. New Ruby Releases This Week: This weeks I’m thrilled to announce the release of the third book in Shelley Coriell’s romantic suspense series, The […]

A Sure-Fire Formula For Falling in Love?

In a recent, much ballyhooed article in the New York Times, writer Mandy Len Catron shared the story of how she fell in love—by following a formula laid out more than 20 years ago by the psychologist Arthur Aron. In the writer’s view, Aron’s method was powerful enough to make two strangers fall in love […]

Show and Tell: Lucky Money

Last Thursday (February 19) was Chinese New Year, so first off: Happy New Year! What I’ve brought for Show and Tell today are lucky money envelopes. I think most people are familiar with these pretty red things that are ubiquitous every year around late January and late February. For a bit of background, red envelopes […]

Share ANOTHER Snippet Day!!

Back on the 17th Day of the 2015 WWF I revived a tradition from previous years of asking Festival participants to share a little snippet of something they’d written during the process. As usual, the results were wonderful, diverse, funny, moving, and inspiring in all sorts of ways. Quite a few others who enjoyed the […]

Winter Writing Festival Check-In #6

Hard to believe, but we’re down to ONE FINAL WEEK in the 2015 Winter Writing Festival!! Just before the Festival started, I offered advice about goal-setting by comparing the Festival to running track and knowing how to pace yourself for a race. Some folks who started out strong in this writing mini-marathon may have come […]

Fangirl Friday (2.20.15)

It’s time for FANGIRL FRIDAY again – the day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now.  It’s a light week for Ruby news this week, but don’t let that stop you from sounding off about books you love in the comments! […]

What’s Your One Thing?

My family and I spent this past New Year’s Eve on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s next to Aruba. We’ve been to Bonaire many, many times and enjoy the scuba diving, but this last trip was different. As we drove through the town of […]

SHOW AND TELL: Read My Lips!

Amanda Brice here. Today I’m stealing the “Show & Tell” feature away from Jeannie Lin to talk about a cool experience I had last week — lip print reading. I first heard Ariana Lightningstorm (Anna Snodgrass) on the radio a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t catch the whole interview — just the tail end of […]

Books That Put Up a Fight

We’re deep in the heart of the Winter Writing Festival, pushing toward the final stretch and if you’re still going strong GO GO GO!!!  You’ve got this!  But for some of us, what started out with wonderful momentum and the piling up of beautiful new words may have started to fade into drudgery.  (If it […]

Winter Writing Festival: Check-in #5

We’re on the other side of halfway now, and I’m still feeling the inspirational, high-energy vibes I was feeling back in the first week. Thank you all for keeping me motivated to meet my daily, weekly, and festival goals. I hope you’re continuing to find the support and enthusiasm you need to meet your goals, […]

Fangirl Friday (2.13.15)

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the Valentine’s Edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY!!! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now.  Have you bought a book for your Valentine? Looking for something romantic to read over the holiday weekend? Read on […]

Put a Little Love in St. Valentine’s Day

As writers of romance, some might think that we have St. Valentine’s Day all planned out and perfected. Rose petals and candles, sentimental handmade cards exchanged while we listen to memory-filled songs from a specially created playlist. Sexy lingerie and of course steamy ruby-colored stilettos. After all, we have “written the book” (or many books) […]

Show and Tell – Cover Reveal for I WISH 2

Last March, I wrote a post to describe the cover design process for my Ruby book I Wish.  Since then, the cover designer, Lisa Amowitz, has become my friend, my co-author on a YA project–and a fellow fangirl of Brit actors, although she’s a Cumber-babe who doesn’t seem to realize that Michael Fassbender has the […]

Once a Month…Cooking?

I know what you’re thinking: “Amanda, this isn’t a recipe blog.” And although I do enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I freely admit that there are plenty of chefs, mommies, and lifestyle bloggers out there who are infinitely more qualified to write on this topic than I am. But this post is totally on […]

Winter Writing Festival Week #4 Check-In!!!!

Hard to believe, but just a few days ago, we passed the halfway mark of the 2015 Festival. (And, look, I brought cupcakes!!!!) We hope you’ve hung in there with the challenge, and have continued working powerfully despite the worst that snow and ice and hail (and laundry and day jobs) have tried to throw […]

Fangirl Friday (2.6.15)

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of FANGIRL FRIDAY!!! The day when we gush about books. New books, cheap books, free books, or books we’re just excited to be reading right now.   New Ruby Releases This Week: This week is a good week for lovers of contemporary romance and romantic suspense!  […]

So Who is Mr. Darcy?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called “Using Archetypes to Find Your Story” in which I talked about an archetype system developed by Caroline Myss, and a cool set of cards that I use for character development. I was a little stunned at how popular this particular blog became, not only among […]

Show and Tell Wednesday: Merchandising!

What, you mean like action figures? Romance hero underoos? Well, not quite. But author merchandising is definitely an up and coming….or an already here…thing that’s worth taking a look at, which is why I chose it as the topic of this week’s Show and Tell. I always see Julie Kagawa tweeting about her Etsy store, […]

What Was Your First Romance?

As readers, we have lots of memories of the books we read. Swoon-worthy heroes. Great kisses. Heroines we root for. We all have books we love and scenes that strike us in a particular way. I was thinking about this recently when I was discussing favorite romance novels with a friend. I’ve been reading romance […]

Winter Writing Festival Check In #3!

Gooooooooooood morning, WWF participants! Enjoy the big game last night? Or maybe just the commercials, at least? It’s that time again — Check-in Monday! It’s the day we get to ‘fess up. The day to spill our guts. The day to tell others how we did. It’s also the day to win prizes. Yes, I […]

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