When did you know you wanted to be an author?

All authors have stories about receiving The Call. For some of us, that big, memorable call might have been about the Golden Hearts or the Ritas. Others may have a call story about getting their agent or first sale. Or maybe it’s the first time they hit a best-seller list.

But The Call that we’ve all experienced is the moment we knew that we were called to write stories–that magical moment we scratched a pencil across paper (or put our hands on the keyboard) and knew this is what I was born to do!

Saying Sayonara to a Series

Congratulations to the book winners: Crystal Kendle, Sheri Supena, and Barbara Marquart!  Have a great weekend everyone! *************************** Though fictional characters live primarily in our minds and on the pages we read or write, they find their way into our hearts as well. And when characters have spanned a long-running series, it can be especially hard […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Kari Cole!

I can hardly believe it, but we’ve reached the end of our series of guest blogs and interviews with the Rebelles, the 2017 Golden Heart Finalists!! Our final guest is the lovely Kari Cole, whose manuscript CONSTANT CRAVING has been nominated for Best Paranormal Romance two years in a row!! Kari is a two-time Romance […]

Let’s Get those Manuscripts Ready

Next week, many romance writers will be convening in Orlando for RWA’s annual conference.  Authors will be pitching their work to editors and agents, and a lucky few will be asked to submit full or partial manuscripts. And that’s when the panic hits. It’s a wonderful feeling to have an agent or editor request your […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Tracy Brody!

Today we’re welcoming the second-to-last of our Rebelle guests, 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Tracy Brody, whose manuscript SHOT DOWN is nominated for Best Romantic Suspense!! Tracy Brody lives in North Carolina where she and her husband are about to be semi-empty nesters. She has a daughter heading to college and a son who’s graduated and […]


NOTE: This blog might seem like a me blog but there are important lessons to learn. If you would ask any of my elementary, junior high or high school classmates, or teachers for that matter, to describe in one word what I was like in school, you’d probably hear the words quiet, nice, shy, friendly, […]

Three Perspectives on Your Writing

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on the RSS and I’m happy to be back. Late 2016/early 2017 was rough for me, but I made it. Right? That’s the perspective you must take sometimes when you drive through the rain. Hey, I’m going to talk about perspective today. This month […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Jennifer Camiccia!

It’s hard to believe, but the Golden Heart Awards Ceremony will be taking place at RWA Nationals just TWO WEEKS from today!!! And the Ruby blog has just three more Golden Heart Finalists guests before they all fly off to conference! Yay, Rebelles! Today we’re welcoming 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Jennifer Camiccia, whose manuscript BIRDY’S […]

Body Language

     I recently had a conversation with someone who said using body language to express the emotions of a character was lost on them.  Really? Wow!  Me: “So, if, I made a fist and extended my arm in the direction of your face you would not know what was coming or how I was […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Pamela Ferguson!

Today we’re welcoming another Rebelle, 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Pamela Ferguson, whose manuscript WINGS OF LOVE is nominated for Best Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements. Pamela Ferguson is the author of sweet romances set in small towns. Specializing in gossips, meddlers, matchmakers and happily-ever-afters, Pam loves dreaming up complications that wreak havoc in the […]

Journeying to Wild Places for Inspiration

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m writing this post from the deck of our house on the coast of Maine. We inherited my husband’s grandfather’s vintage home and property in this small lobster-fishing village ten years ago and have been fixing it up. It is beautiful up here and cool in the summer, in complete contrast to […]

How Physical Traits Influence Character

Confession: I forgot what day today was. Literally forgot it was Thursday; thought it was Wednesday and I’d have another day to write a blog post. And since I spend the bulk of Thursday night (and Wednesday morning) at the animal shelter, I didn’t have much time to think of fresh content. Luckily, I found […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist A.Y. Chao!

Today we’re welcoming another Rebelle, A.Y.Chao, who’s a 2017 Golden Heart Finalist for Best Paranormal Romance with her manuscript SOUL AFFINITY. A.Y. Chao is a recovering lawyer and expat Canadian. After a somewhat nomadic path from Calgary to Paris, Stockholm, Beijing, London, and Hong Kong, she’s settled (for now) in London, England with her husband, […]

Let the Countdown Begin!

Happy July!  And you know what that means… in just three weeks two thousand romance authors will be descending on Disney World for the epic awesomeness of the Romance Writers of America National Conference!  Wheeeeeee! The last time conference was at Disney, I wasn’t able to make it, but I was cheering from afar.  (Shout […]

Happy Independence Day!

We hope you’re all having a fabulous Fourth of July today! The Rubies are off celebrating with friends and family, but we’ll be right back tomorrow with a new post.  


We’re gearing up for a very long holiday weekend, so we’ll have a lot of time (HA!) to read, write and think about the important things in our lives. And what is more important than our families? Not a thing. Since many of us have children or grandchildren heading into the world on their own, I thought […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Melonie Johnson!!

Today we have a return guest, 2016 AND 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Melonie Johnson, whose manuscript SOMETIMES YOU NEED A SEXY SCOT is nominated once again for Best Contemporary Romance! Melonie—aka #thewritinglush—loves dark coffee, cheap wine, and expensive beer. And margaritas…always margaritas. She met her future husband in that most romantic of places—the mall—when they […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Alexis Daria!

Today we’re welcoming another Rebelle, 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Alexis Daria, whose manuscript TAKE THE LEAD is nominated for Best Contemporary Romance! Alexis Daria is a romance writer, artist, and native New Yorker. She has a BFA in Computer Arts, but her most fulfilling job was as a group facilitator for a women’s empowerment community, […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Jennifer Henderson!

We’ve got another big Rebelle week, with 2017 Golden Heart guests today, Wednesday, and Thursday. Today we’re welcoming Jennifer Henderson, whose manuscript THE GOVERNESS’S GLANCE is nominated for Best Historical Romance! Jennifer Henderson’s addiction to romance novels began at a young age when she would sneak peeks at her mom’s Harlequins while the rest of […]

How readers can give back to authors

Loyal readers are an author’s greatest asset–and not just because you buy our books. Any time you share your enthusiasm with someone else, you’ve given back! Here are seven suggestions for how readers can help their favorite authors–and most of these ideas are free.

Redefining Success

In 2013 – wow, four years ago! – my traditional publisher and I parted ways, and the career I thought I was going to have took an unexpected turn. My contract for an Underbelly Chronicles paranormal trilogy was cancelled after two books. My publisher loved my work, but with over a year elapsing between book […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist C.R. Grissom!!

Today we’re welcoming our third Rebelle this week, 2017 Golden Heart Finalist C.R. Grissom, whose manuscript MOUTHFUL is nominated for Best Young Adult Romance. C.R. Grissom lives in San Jose, California—in the heart of Silicon Valley. She works for a high-tech company by day, and at night she writes sports romance featuring young adults as […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Suzanne Turner!!

Today we’re welcoming the second of our three Rebelle guests this week: 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Suzanne Turner, whose manuscript THE LOST CHORD is nominated for Best Historical Romance! With a degree in anthropology, Suzanne Turner inevitably ended up in law school, where she was voted Most Likely To Start a Cult without Knowing It. […]

Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Christina Britton!!

It’s another big week with the Rebelles, with Rebelle guests today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Today we’re welcoming 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Christina Britton, whose manuscript WITH LOVE IN SIGHT is nominated for Best Historical Romance! Christina Britton developed a passion for writing romance novels shortly after buying her first at the tender age of thirteen. […]

How Do You Find Your Characters

Many years ago, I was like a shaky legged fawn stepping into the world of writing. I had written before, for myself and for my school newspapers, but this new world was totally different and scary as hell. I knew if I was going to survive I would need a strong man by my side […]

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