Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday, and we have some amazing weekend reads for you! Our own Liz Talley has a new release featuring a sexy cowboy. And Ruby Jacie Floyd’s first two Billionaire Brotherhood books–both Golden Heart finalists under different titles–are available with special offers this week at Amazon. Read on for all the details!



by Liz Talley

New Release!

Cowboy for hire  

Pro bull rider Cal Lincoln is back home in Coyote Creek, Texas, recovering from an injury and bored out of his mind. Then she walks in—a stunning brunette with sinfully kissable lips. She was definitely not a local. Suddenly things are lookin’ up… 

Maggie Stanton can’t let herself—or her starved libido—get distracted by a broad-shouldered cowboy with a sexy-as-all-hell smile. She needs to fix up the dilapidated ranch she’s inherited and sell it fast. If that means hiring Cal to help, she will—temptation be damned. But she and Cal can’t deny their attraction and agree to work hard on the ranch during the day and then play hard at night. Even knowing that every wild rodeo ride usually ends with someone getting hurt.

Writing Difference with Roxane Gay

Last week, I took a day off from security guards, sex demons and assassins (the WIP) and joined a group of undergraduate English majors, MFA students, and other writers on the University of Minnesota Mankato campus, where we had the pleasure of listening to the amazing Roxane Gay talk about writing difference. Though Gay is […]

2016 Ruby Winter Writing Festival Check-In Monday #3

Wow! We’re almost half way there. Or to put it another way, it’s February, ready or not. Have you been working hard to make those goals you set three weeks ago? Those goals that didn’t seem so daunting then may look like Mt. Everest now. Or if you’re lucky, those lofty goals look easy now. […]

Fangirl Friday – January 29th Edition

Happy Fangirl Friday!  I hope you’re still WILDLY productive in the writing sprints and stacking up lots of words (or edited pages).  When you need a break and are ready for some reading time, we’re here for you and so are some of our Rubies with new releases this week.  (As always, feel free to […]

Fun with Revisions

The Winter Writing Festival is underway and if you’re writing a first draft, I hope the new words are piling up higher every day!  Me?  I’m working on revisions.  My New Year’s resolution for this year was that I was finally going to revise my old Golden Heart-winning manuscript and turn it into something that […]

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

I’ve been writing novels for a long time now. I can say that I’ve learned how to write a novel and I’ve learned how to meet a deadline. But I get stuck. I lose my way even though I have an outline. I have to rewrite. I struggle sometimes with imagery and just plain bad […]

2016 Ruby Winter Writing Festival Check-In Monday #2

Woo-Hoo! We’ve been writing up a storm for the past 14 days with the Winter Writing Festival, and now it’s time to report in. Success? Failure? They’re all relative, since one week’s failure may lead to the next week’s success. We hope you’ve been going from success to success, but even if you haven’t, let […]

Fangirl Friday – January 22nd Edition

Hello and welcome to another week of Fangirl Friday, when we gush about new books, discounted books, and free releases!  I hope the festival is treating you well – if you’re looking for a good read to reward yourself, we’re here for you. (As always, feel free to share your own book thoughts/news in the comments, […]

WWF Share a Snippet Day

We’re 10 days into the 2016 Winter Writing Festival, and participants have spun out  hundreds of thousands of new words, whether in the writing sprints or working on their own.  I love hearing folks in the Chat Room come back after  20 or 30 minutes of sprinting and say, “I wrote 673 new words!” […]

Death & Then There Was Rebirth

I’ve come to the conclusion that death mirrors birth. From the moment we’re conceived, we fight to grow into a whole person.  Then we take enter into a new world where again we strive to develop into a unique person. At some point, we struggle again, leaving behind love ones, and again take passage into another […]

It’s Check-In Monday #1 for the Winter Writing Festival!!

The Sixth Annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival is really rocking, with the Ruby Sisters and dozens of their always-talented friends writing their hearts out! Today we complete our FIRST FULL WEEK, and it’s time to officially check in! If you’re reading this on the Festival website (the blue site), jump on over to […]

Fangirl Friday – January 15th Edition

Happy Fangirl Friday!  I hope you’re enjoying the Winter Writing Festival and getting lots of words piled up.  Keep on writing!  But if you’re looking for a great read to reward yourself when you need a break, check out these awesome new releases! (Including a Ruby Debut this week!!!) Fangirl Friday is the day when […]

Marketing Your Book: Play to Your Strengths

Long before I decided to self-publish, I attended my first workshop on marketing at an RWA national conference. After an hour of PowerPoint slides about engaging with readers on social media, I wanted to hide in a dark, quiet corner with no computer or internet connection. (Have I mentioned that I’m the introvertiest introvert in […]

Opening Ceremonies: 2016 Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival!

***To anyone checking in January 12 or later, YES!!! YOU CAN STILL JOIN THE FESTIVAL!! Just declare your commitment (and your personal point-earning system) below and jump right in!!*** Oh, how we adore saying these words: We now declare the Sixth Annual Winter Writing Festival OPEN! Let the Games begin!! To get your BONUS point […]

Fangirl Friday – January 8th Edition

Happy Fangirl Friday! Today we celebrate new releases, freebies and discounts.  If you know of new releases or discounts, please feel free to add them in the comments.  Our annual writing festival starts on Monday, but today is all about READING!  And now, to the releases! New Releases: I’m thrilled to present two new Ruby […]

Goal-Setting Advice for the 2016 Winter Writing Festival

The Festival starts next Monday! The Festival starts next Monday!! (Monday, January 11, to be exact.) I’m so darned excited, I could spit. Not very ladylike, but true. To help you get ready, I’m re-posting a blog from previous years about how to get ready and set workable goals: One of my favorite parts of […]

Creative Minds: Scott Weiland (1967-2015)

This is the third post in an occasional series about how I find inspiration in other artists’ creative processes. Read the first, about Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the second, about Trent Reznor. I was on vacation in warm and beachy Key West when I saw the news that former Stone Temple Pilots and […]

Fangirl Friday – Happy 2016 Edition!

Happy New Year!  I hope 2016 brings you happiness and good fortune.  Here at the Ruby site we’ll be starting our annual Winter Writing Festival soon (and I couldn’t be more excited!), but in the mean time get your goals ready and take a peek at the new releases from the Rubies this week.  As […]

Fangirl Friday – Merry Christmas Edition!!!

Today we’re having a modified/shortened version of Fangirl Friday as we celebrate with our families.  Wishing you and yours the merriest and most joyous of holidays!  And if you’re unwrapping an ereader or tablet and you’re looking for a book to break it in, be sure to check out Laurie Kellogg’s Baby, I’m Back which […]

The Stories We Tell

We’re all storytellers and in this holiday season, when events that will become family lore are taking place, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the stories we tell and how they shape us. Not just the big stories – the books, the plotlines – but the little stories. Spending time with the Hawaiian side […]

Friends by Choice.  Writers by Committal.

           I look at the clock now and wonder how it all went by so fast.  It was spring of 1996 when I answered an on American Online—then the premier internet service–and met up with two writers who would define the concept of “writing partners.”             It started fairly typical: “I’ll […]

Downton Does DC

In just under two weeks, America will embark on the sixth and final season of everyone’s favorite period drama, Downton Abbey. Our friends across the pond have already seen it (well, except for the series finale, which they’ll be seeing on Christmas night), but us Yanks have to wait until 2016. Except for some of […]

Fangirl Friday – December 18th Edition

Welcome to another edition of Fangirl Friday!  We’re here to talk new releases, freebies, discounts and whatever we’re fired up about reading this week.  If you have new releases, discounts or freebies of your own, please share them in the comments – we’d love to hear about them! And now… without further ado… this week’s […]

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I used to love that Saturday Night Sketch from the 80s called “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman”. Just thinking about it gets me verklempt. Essentially it was a spoof on Mike Myer’s Jewish mother-in-law, and her infamous catch phrase “like butter” or rather “like buttah” was something I used often. If you’ve never seen it, you […]

Crafts for Authors: Making a Tote Bag

This is the first in a series of blogs I hope to write about crafts for authors.  This is not to be confused with writing craft, that’s an entirely different subject.  So take your hands off the keyboard — this blog is about sewing a tote bag. Author’s note:  the tote I’ve used as an […]

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